Gutenberg Templates: How to Use Them Successfully

Technologies are developing quite rapidly. We see these trends in the field of website development. Additional enhancements are coming to make editing sections easier by giving you a perfect, cool, modern look. One such product is Gutenberg templates. Buyers will receive a smart, updated, user-friendly website right after installation. With the help of a simple, useful and technological plugin included in the purchase, you may edit pages and their content quickly and efficiently. Find a lot of interesting and useful information in this article and buy from TemplateMonster.

About Gutenberg WordPress themes

As mentioned earlier, the products include a special plugin allowing anyone to create real design masterpieces from the site's sections. They look modern, technological, and stylish.

The plugin has many important features:

  • The ability to see the page look in the editor itself.
  • Dividing text content into ready-made blocks that you can easily center or swap.
  • You can choose ready-made block types where you add your version of texts. Therefore, no editing and complex work is required to get the cool page's look. You need to select a ready-made option from those offered.
  • Simple moving of blocks within the layout. Move blocks up or down in a section. Create the appearance you want. There is no limit to fantasy.
  • Additional useful and interestingly designed elements. For example, tables, codes, columns, and buttons.
  • Correct display of tables. Thus, there is no need to write CSS styles. The inserted table never goes beyond the borders. Therefore, you won't lose important columns.
  • Easily publish videos from YouTube, Reddit posts, and tweets. About 34 sources are available from which you may copy the content to the personal portal. For this purpose, there is no need to go into the HTML site's code or install additional plugins.

This plugin is completely different from how you edited the portal before. The steps are simple, understandable, and very convenient.

Working with WordPress Gutenberg Themes

All Gutenberg-сompatible products come with a handy builder to style your project. Depending on the Gutenberg templates you buy, it can be:

  • Elementor,
  • WPBakery,
  • WP Page Builder,
  • HTML editor, etc.

These are intuitive content editors anyone can work with in practice. They provide users with a powerful admin panel, responsive/ Retina-ready web design, and free regular updates. Whether you download a landing page or a professional multi-page Gutenberg theme, it would be easy to customize. All WP-ready items work on drag & drop, making the website building easy and fast.

How to Edit Content

There are several popular actions that WordPress users or marketers can do with the help of the plugin discussed in this article. Note, all steps are very simple to make:

  • Install the plugin. Buyers don't need to consider this issue when ordering Gutenberg templates from TemplateMonster. After all, web developers added the plugin to the theme. If you want to install it separately, you should know that installation and activation are no different from other WP plugins. So, there'll be no problem coping with the task.
  • You can add a new record by clicking the Records section and the Add New button.
  • To add text to a Record, you should copy it from the file where you have it stored and paste it into blocks. Remember, the plugin provides for the division of the page into separate blocks. Therefore, you may think about how to fill the texts in individual parts. For example, divide them into subheadings.
  • There are two ways to add one more block. It's necessary to press the button with a plus sign, which is located under existing blocks. The second option is to click the same button at the screen top. In this case, a new block appears at the very end.
  • To move a block, select it by simply clicking once. You'll see an arrow on the left side; by clicking that, you choose the option to move - up or down.
  • Adding a button to an article is also possible. To do this, you need to insert an additional block Button. At the same time, be sure to fill in the fields where you enter the text displayed on the button and the URL where the visitor goes by clicking on the button.

As you can see, creating pages is quite easy. You just need to take some time to learn the process.

Who Will Benefit From Gutenberg Templates?

It's a revolutionary instrument that was meant to ease the publishing and editing process. The tool initially contained different blog essentials, but now it's a feature-rich eCommerce add-on. When buying WordPress Gutenberg themes, users of all skill levels can showcase their business online. The appearance variety is wide, so you find professional Gutenberg templates to run websites related to those activity areas:

  • Restaurant, bar & cafe.
  • IT company.
  • Online movie & TV show.
  • Photography studio.
  • Spa, beauty studio, and barbershop.
  • Church & charity.
  • Real estate, interior, and exterior.
  • Tour, travel, and hotel.
  • Sports & equipment.
  • Car repair, etc.

You can find premium Gutenberg website templates to launch such personal projects as the next:

  • Creative artist.
  • Travel personal blog.
  • Photographer portfolio.
  • Designer portfolio.
  • Author or freelancer projects.
  • Unique recipe website, and more.

Reasons to Buy a Theme

You have already understood from the information above that many companies want our goods. It's not significant matter what business type you work for and try to develop. A cool, modern, easy-to-manage plugin helps every company and site administrator. Now let's figure out what people usually think about purchasing themes on TemplateMonster.

First, you must buy a layout if the old website appearance is obsolete. The portal no longer copes with its tasks of attracting customers. After all, by going to the old-fashioned sections of the portal, a person is less likely to order something. This design doesn't inspire confidence, and using outdated functionality is inconvenient visitors. Searching for goods and sometimes even contact information creates difficulties for a potential audience. You only need to choose a cool and modern appearance for your website from those offered.

Secondly, when launching one more direction or retraining a company, you should buy a stylish, customer-oriented design. After all, if you change the assortment of goods in the store, sometimes you are required to add other functionality for successful sales. For example, an online shop selling auto parts also began to offer car repair services. In this situation, you must add a price list and an additional important information section focused on selling services, not products (its look should be different).

Thirdly, during rebranding, ordering new Gutenberg templates is necessary. After all, the process involves changing the logo, even other corporate colors, and the overall style. All this is easy to organize with quality Gutenberg templates purchased from our marketplace.

Cool Benefits for Buyers

The product is old compared to the time when web developers made it. It's been popular for a long time. Ready-made layouts have won the love of people for many reasons:

  • Easy transition from the old style to the new, modern and functional. It's enough to install the theme, edit it, and upload your pictures and texts to get a great result.
  • Variety of manufacturing companies. Every web designer has their own style. Different specialists make unique items to satisfy demand but use the perfect technologies from their point of view. Therefore, you may compare the work of various companies and choose the one you like more.
  • Additional benefits, not just a new design of Gutenberg templates. Useful improvements include an SEO-friendly feature, drag-and-drop content, a responsive layout, and more. We'll cover these benefits in more detail later in the article.
  • A simple, inexpensive, and fast solution for your website. Please note that the purchase is usually affordable. Every business owner can afford to improve the portal without significant investments, thanks to reasonable and low prices. If you ordered a similar service from a web developer directly, it would cost a lot of money. In addition, the goods on TemplateMonster are already ready to use. And when creating a new unique appearance, a fairly large amount of time is spent.

Thus, you see that Gutenberg templates greatly up the abilities of your business. Let's read and find the main features among the characteristics described on TemplateMonster. This way, you'll find out what else web developers propose besides the cool and stylish look.

Discovering the Main Features

As mentioned above, the suggestions you see above this article are very useful. Their main task is to change the site's look. However, there are other cool, useful, and popular items that all buyers get. Let's discover each of them in more detail to receive important knowledge.

Extensive Editing Options

Lots of possibilities to create a unique design. Yes, you won't be the only customer. However, thanks to advanced editing options, everyone can make certain changes to the layout and thus receive a unique look. By adding your banners, pictures, and texts to the site, the appearance will completely change beyond recognition. Please read all the characteristics of a particular offer you see above and find out exactly what and how you may edit it.

Responsive Layouts

Now it's not significant what kind of business a person is engaged in and what items they sell. In any case, you require an official portal so potential customers easily find you. It would help if you also thought about the future. Customers now make purchases from mobile phones. Consequently, it's necessary to reach the audience of smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets. Since the share of such a potential audience is increasing every year. The web developers have added responsive design for Gutenberg templates so that the pages of the site and their appearance adapt to any screen size. This process happens very quickly, in a split second. As a result, the visitor opens and sees the same sections fully adapted to his gadget. So, there'll be no reasons not to buy your services.


Not a single marketer leaves his project without competent promotion in search engines. Whether to run a Google ads campaign isn't a question but a necessity. Thus, you can start a new business project much faster and get the first customers. However, a lot of work needs to be implemented to achieve results in search engines.

Web developers have already implemented several important tasks in this direction. After installing the product, the site becomes ready for further SEO promotion. Sections and information on them are organized so that search engines quickly understand the information on them and, accordingly, promptly assign a position in the ranking. A unique meta title and description are also made, and a simple code is used in the creation. Web developers also remember the bread crumbs. These and other tasks have already been implemented. You can proceed to the next step to achieve top results in Google search.

Google Fonts And Maps Integration

The services of this search engine are popular with almost everyone. You'll get the opportunity to put all your branches and offices on a convenient map and choose the most modern and readable fonts. This opportunity emphasizes the special style of the portal in detail.

Ajax Search

If you have an online store, pay close attention to this characteristic. It helps a potential customer quickly find the right product by name and proposes alternative items.

The principle of operation is that without adding the whole product's name to the site's search bar, the visitor will see a list of search results for the site in the drop-down line. Therefore, check the function's availability if you have an online shop.

Multiple Layouts in One Product

This multi-offer is especially true if you represent an advertising or marketing agency. By purchasing a special license type, you get one template to create several sites at once on different topics. Such a product has several completely different appearances for different types of businesses. A very profitable purchase.

There are also options for offers, with several options for a ready-made home page and other sections for the client to choose from the list.

Adjustable Color Schemes

This point is of particular interest. There are situations when the Gutenberg template you like suits every detail, except for the color of the buttons. Here, ready-made color schemes from a web developer come to the rescue. Usually, the manufacturer prepares 3-4 options for our customers. This feature helps to adapt the portal to corporate colors, company logo, and brand book.

How to Use TemplateMonster Search?

If we have already dealt with the main product, it's worth discussing the basic search rules. After all, it depends on whether you're satisfied with the result.

Firstly, rely on the personal feeling of watching the Demo. If you don't like the look or haven't been impressed, at first sight, it's just not your style or option. There are no bad offers. Some are just not right for you.

Secondly, study the Demo in as much detail as possible. Imagine that you are a real client and have visited an existing site, not a preview. Try to go to the right section for the client, press the buttons, test the scrolling banners in the slider, and look for some goods on the site. How do the Gutenberg templates meet the requirements of your customers?

Thirdly, discover the Demo for different gadgets. At the top of the Demo, three small white buttons symbolize a laptop, tablet, and smartphone. By clicking on each, you'll get a preview and will be able to evaluate all the amenities, the element's arrangement, etc.

Fourth, read the description carefully. Features, additional bonuses, and functionality may vary. Check if all the functions are important to you and if the goods are compatible with your version of WordPress CMS.

Main Benefits of TemplateMonster

Pay attention to such important points and distinctive features of the marketplace:

  • TemplateMonster presents the work of various development companies. You can see the company's name by going to the offer page. Among web developers, there are both time-tested companies and new creative firms with a fresh look at design. You may conduct a comparative analysis of the market and conclude which style you need.
  • There are different types of license. You see three separate tariffs when you go to the product page. The first is for personal use and at the most affordable price. The tariff provides installation of the layout once for one portal to get the finished website. The second one is for advanced users, advertising, and marketing agencies. Not much more expensive than the previous one. But you may create up to five ready-made websites. And the advanced tariff allows you to use the purchase and create modern online stores up to 50 times.
  • You should try a convenient filter to create the most relevant list of offers for your site. You see this filter on the left. Set restrictions on the CMS WP version or wanted color scheme and got a selection of goods just for your needs.

As we can see from the information above, TemplateMonster proposes to any director the option of cooperation and the most needed and useful offer. Thanks to the breadth of choice and the number of items on our marketplace, you can easily create your dream online store.

Web Services by TemplateMonster to Complement WordPress Gutenberg Templates

Another advantage of cooperation with our marketplace is other services anyone may order. Cooperating with TemplateMonster, you can solve many issues at once. So, it's convenient to decide on a few tasks in one place.

Among the popular ones are the following:

  • Installing and configuring the purchased layout. You will receive a ready-made version that you can use and start ad campaigns for the finished site.
  • Creation of a portal and an online store from scratch. We take care of all the important issues regarding the domain name, the choice of CMS, hosting, and the appearance of pages. You have no reason to study all the technical issues for long. You may trust a professional with many years of experience.
  • Content creation. If you decide to save on installation and editing, it's better not to spare money on texts and pictures. A lot depends on the quality of the content. Not all people know, but even for SEO promotion, this is critically important. The purchase of such services doesn't require huge budgets. However, the result will please and cope with its tasks for a long time. These are prospective promotion costs.

To find out more about the proposed services and prices, click here.

Useful Video on The Topic

Still don't believe it's easy to work with Gutenberg templates? Check out this video to know how all the elements work in action! There are some modern tips for your would-be website.

WordPress Gutenberg Templates Q&A

What are Gutenberg templates?

These products already have a pre-made design and a useful WP block editor. It means you can further the content-creating process by getting more visual options. There'll be many options for sections in WordPress 5.0 and WordPress 5.5.

What does Gutenberg-ready mean for the Gutenberg templates?

It means that the product is compatible with the plugin. You may lightning-fast content building or editing, play with additional color palettes, try trendy block styles, etc.

Why do I need Gutenberg templates?

You will require it if you want a progressive and catchy website. It would speed up your work and provide new editing possibilities. Our goods make web design a pleasant and affordable process for anyone. Just try!

Do Gutenberg templates have support?

Every customer on TemplateMonster receives this important service for free. The free period lasts for six months. Then the buyer orders the support on the TemplateMonster marketplace. Web developers provide the service and make it a bonus for every client.