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Once again a perfect template from TemplateMonster, although the first one in OpenCart (previous very positive experience only in Joomla). Installation was fast an easy and it is well documented so that we can easily adopt it on our needs. Just perfect!
Great template with easy to use back end admin page. Great choice for beauty stores
This is the most flexible template I have ever got to deal with. Ergonomic and beautiful design. Fast in loading and clean code.
I love this template for my new store. This is second time Im using TemplateMonster and for the second time its awesome.
I bought this as my client requires, The template was so nice, smoothly scrolling and also transitions are also nice. Installations was also easy, I didnt get any harder at all, fully customizable. The price is highly affordable! And also responses are fast! Responsive layout and responsive staff. Also this template monster are also very good, they verify and deliver our order in lighting speed. Ill use this site again and again. love


I noticed that this is only compatible for old version of OpenCart, I&#x27;m wondering if there will be an update for this. Also, the Slider Revolution and Visual Builder would be compatible to this? Thank you.
Thank you for your comment, Raleigh. This template compatible with Opencart 2.0.x. You can update it by yourself or we can do this for additional fee. Also you can use our live chat http://template-help.com/chat . Our senior operators work 24/7 and will gladly provide you with fresh templates based on Opencart and detail info. Thank you. Kind Regards, Jenna Bennett.

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