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Abbiamo trovato più difficoltà che con altri temi di Template Monster a configurare e installare: una volta capito le particolarità si può usare con profitto.
We were invited to develop the website of one of the Laboratories of the University of São Paulo, onde of the most important Universities in the South America and during briefing and plaining what to do one important point was to define the language for the site. Since this client had already contracted us to develop the website for a Symposium a couple of years ago and we bought one template from Template Monster, we decided there would be the right place to look for another template. In contact with support we were presented to Monstroid that fit exactly our needs. We bought Monstroid and started the first part (1/3) of the project, that has the perspective to be huge and to be a great way to get known in the academic environment, so it needs to look great. The most important of all is that the layout correspond to the client expectations in its functionality and design. Monstroid is a very stylish design with great capabilities, intuitive and simple navigation. Other major strength of Montroid/Template Monster is the great team providing support for the developers, all well qualified professionals available to help us user at any moment. We are really pleased with the results of this project and our plans include the development of other laboratories`s websites with Monstroid and other templates. We do really recomend Template Monster as your primary source of templates, we had never regret our aquisitions in Template Monster. Congratulations to the whole team of developers and consultants that create great templates making it easier to work with high quallity tools and resources.
I am a web developer and needed to find a template for my clients new business. They run a property tax consulting agency for high end corporate clients who wish to dispute their property tax assessment. The reason I chose this template was: 1) The template fit the theme of my clients new business 2) WordPress CMS makes it easy to make changes and add important plugins (e.g. appointment calendar). 3) Not only looks clean and modern but maintains responsive design. Having a fully responsive design was very important to my client, My client is now using this template (after my changes and additions) and is quite pleased. I would recommend this to whomever is reading this review. Additionally, when I had coding queries, questions about WordPress shortcodes, or possible template bugs, TemplateMonster live support (chat and support ticket) was eager to help with my issues. Im sure there are those who have bought templates elsewhere, discovered bugs only to find the author unresponsive. Well, not so at Template Monster. Their technical support is unparalleled in this industry. They are available 24/7 and will not only help you with any problems but with minor coding as well. example: CSS how-to questions. For both templates and support, I will always recommend Template Monster!
This template has everything we were looking for. I saved a lot of time because the design was perfect for my needs. My content fit perfectly into it without tweaking the theme. Easy to change the main color of elements. (change green to red). My client already loves his new website and show it to everybody. I recommend it, top quality template and top quality design, very appreciate working with this one.
Compré esta plantilla hace unos días y funciona perfectamente. Estoy satisfecho con la compra. La plantilla funciona que monstroid y es fácil de instalar y de configurar todo. Estoy seguro que volveré a comprar más plantillas de este en template monster y también más plantillas del autor. Gracias por todo.


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