Best WordPress Portfolio Themes For Your E-Portfolio

If you're a professional who offers some kind of service, you've probably struggled with whether to display your work or not. You want to continue doing business and put your best foot forward. The good news is that there are now more options for site-building with less hassle. You require a portfolio website, which is an online representation of your completed work and demonstrates your expertise across a specific industry. It can include your resume, photos, projects you've finished, and more. But what if you're not a developer or web designer? What if you just need a place to display your work? Well, we've got you covered! This page examines the available WordPress portfolio themes to assist you in selecting the most appropriate one.

By the way, WordPress is credited with having fueled the expansion of the internet, being one of the most well-liked website creation and content management tools amongst web admins. In light of this, it makes sense why this CMS is excellent for showing a flourishing firm with a portfolio of recent work. After all, millions of websites use this platform globally. Additionally, it is currently the most used blogging platform.

What are WordPress Portfolio Themes, How Do They Work, and Why Should You Care?

Your e-portfolio is outdated and in need of a facelift. Everyone has their unique style, but no matter how much time you spend, you can't make your site look like it came straight out of a magazine if you're not code-savvy. With the best WordPress portfolio themes, customization becomes as easy as editing a picture. Why is that?

A theme (template) is a set of visual components that make up your pages. It contains the source code and stylesheets needed to create a site with a polished, appealing look and feel to stand out from the crowd. Additionally, it is compatible with plugins that let you alter the colors, fonts, layout, and other aspects of an online resource.

Why use a pre-made sample for a portfolio? Above all, it saves you from spending hours creating your personal page from scratch. Designing with ready-made samples is easier, faster, and less risky. You'll get a high-quality layout crafted in minutes—no coding or special skills are required. Simply download a demo from this list, edit it to suit your requirements, then post it to your site. Thus, you may avoid paying a designer or programmer and waiting for your resource to be built.

Why are Ready-Made Solutions Worthy of Attention?

TemplateMonster is a marketplace that offers various design essentials. It has become a significant source of revenue for many people. This includes freelance designers, developers, small businesses worldwide, and those who want to start their e-businesses.

There are many multilingual and feature-rich WordPress portfolio themes available. Additionally, they are fully editable, enabling you to design a singular appearance to meet the demands of your business's identity. WordPress portfolio themes are also available for the handiest CMS, which has many configurable features.

These WP samples are among the most reasonably priced options and are simple to install and personalize. Their starting pricing for a single bundle is $29. Additionally, the collection grows weekly, providing you with a wide range of options. This makes WP the perfect platform for:

  • Developers who build custom sites and want to save money on website production and maintenance;
  • Small businesses who want to refresh the appearance of their resources periodically.

Who Will Benefit from an E-Portfolio Theme for WP?

The struggle to create an electronic portfolio is real. Holistically speaking, a new website often takes hours of research on the latest trends and styles, the right brand identity, and the perfect aesthetic and layout. By that time, you might have lost the momentum and ideas for your project altogether. Don't let this happen to you! With the best WordPress portfolio themes, all these problems will soon be a thing of the past. TemplateMonster authors have taken all the features you require for your next project and made them accessible to you. Besides, they are suitable for anyone who needs to demonstrate their skills and attract customers. For example, copywriters can use any of these samples to showcase their writing skills, while artists use them to show off their artwork.

Here's the entire list of topics in this category:

  • Foodservice;
  • Fashion & beauty;
  • High-tech;
  • Sports & travel;
  • Design & photography;
  • Auto & motor services;
  • Medicine;
  • Education;
  • Society;
  • Information technology;
  • Real estate market;
  • Entertainment;
  • Art & culture;
  • Animals;
  • Home improvement.

For a more advanced search, look at the left filter bar and narrow your search by selecting the desired topic. You'll see various subtopics, among which you can choose those that interest you.

Features of Portfolio Website Templates for WordPress

Not everyone likes traditional web designs. For example, they may prefer something more modern and trendy, easier to read on a mobile device or have 3D effects when scrolling. Don't worry because these web templates have a lot to offer you. They vary in style, colors, typography, and technical compatibility, but they are all fully customizable to give users access to the most personalized experience possible. Besides, they have different features and options that help you create a good-looking e-portfolio without hassle.

Some of the features that these WordPress portfolio themes have:

  • Responsive. This option allows layouts to adapt to the device they are being viewed on—from desktop computers to tablets and smartphones.
  • SEO-friendly. Web search tools, like Google or Bing, love these types of designs because they're easy to read and have valid HTML/CSS code.
  • Unlimited typography alternatives. You are free to alter the colors, icons, and fonts to make your website stand out.
  • Social media integration. Feel free to add Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram icons to help share your work with others.
  • Blog. You'll be able to write informative posts about your products or services to increase awareness of your company or brand.
  • Drag-n-drop builder. It is easy to change your pages by simply dragging and dropping elements and forgetting about coding.
  • Retina-ready. These samples are optimized for high-pixel-density screens, so they look good on MacBook, iMac, and other retina-supported devices.
  • Parallax scrolling. This feature creates a 3D element that moves in front of the background image.
  • Live demo. Before purchasing, buyers may use the online demonstration mode to see how a future project will appear on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop.
  • Advanced features include contact forms, sliders, galleries, Google Maps, etc.

How to Choose an E-Folio Template

Before you start site-building, you need to pick a template. On the TemplateMonster marketplace, this is easy-peasy.

WordPress portfolio themes have become popular for those who want their personal pages to look professional and modern. But, with so many samples available on the market, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you.

  • One of the first steps to finding a good option is looking at what other people buy and think about this or that product. Therefore, reading reviews is never a waste of time.
  • It also has to work with the CMS version you are using. Go to the WordPress Compatibility section in the left sidebar to accomplish this. Alternatively, you may see this option on the right sidebar on the product page itself.
  • Paying attention to a page builder supported by a theme is also significant. Fortunately, this platform works with many editors, for example, Cherry Framework, Elementor, WPBakery, Gutenberg, Visual Composer, MotoPress, WP Customizer API, KingComposer, etc.
  • It would also be great to consider factors like style. Choose from corporate, minimalist, dark, 3D, futurist, cartoon, etc. The left sidebar will also help you there.
  • Online forms also make a difference. They allow visitors to register, log in, contact you, search, make reservations, sign up for your newsletters, etc.
  • By the way, perhaps you are interested in the product's popularity, rating, or price. Then be sure to use the sorting above to sort the list of WordPress portfolio themes. The marketplace offers the ability to sort by the following parameters: trending, bestsellers, newest, lowest/highest price, and top-rated.

Additional Perks That Affect The Choice

Note the plugins offered by the authors. Just answer the following questions to see if you need these add-ons.

  • Do you want your site to support multiple languages? If so, consider WPML and PolyLang compatibility.
  • Wish to focus on e-mail campaigns? If so, check for compatibility with MailChimp.
  • What about e-commerce compatibility? Perhaps WooCommerce or Ecwid are your choices.
  • Maybe you're looking for an effective scheduling tool for your business. Then the Booked plugin will be your salvation.
  • Do you plan to launch online training courses? Some samples are compatible with LearnPress and will be useful in your endeavors.
  • If you want individual blocks to be animated and beautiful, Revolution Slider is your choice.

What to Pick—Premium or Free Portfolio WordPress Themes

There are 150+ free WP themes with a portfolio feature on TemplateMonster. However, these are not as effective as premium ones. They don't come with the author's support and are provided for testing or informational purposes.

In contrast, premium WordPress portfolio themes include a vendor's support and come with licenses that you may use for personal and/or commercial purposes. For instance:

  • Personal—A license that enables the development of a single non-profit project. You cannot sell and distribute the final project from a purchased demo.
  • Commercial—This license lets you develop up to five projects (under your or clients' name) for commercial purposes.
  • Business—This license allows you to distribute and sell up to 50 different projects.

However, none of the above licenses allow you to use a theme commercially in its original form (e.g., selling it as-is). The rules for using WordPress portfolio themes and others are described in detail in Web Licensing.

Unlimited Downloads of WordPress Portfolio Themes with a 35% Discount

Want to download ePortfolio design samples much cheaper? If you are a regular customer or are planning to become one, downloading the best WordPress portfolio theme by subscription from a TemplateMonster partner is more advantageous.

It is the MonsterONE membership, and here is what it gives you:

  • Unlimited downloads;
  • Free access to 250,000+ digital items;
  • 35% OFF;
  • New arrivals weekly;
  • Lifetime end-product license;
  • Free 365-day product support and general assistance.

The subscription has two plans for your case: "Creative" and "Lifetime." They include hundreds of demos for your personal page or resume on different topics. The difference between the two is that the latter comes with lifelong options, such as general assistance, a product license, and access to exclusive items.

How to find MonsterONE-based samples? Just tick "One" in the "Marketplace-membership" section of the left sidebar, and you will see all demos that support the subscription (marked as "ONE").

How to Download a Company Portfolio WordPress Theme

So, you've already chosen the right theme. The next thing to do is download it. The download process differs depending on whether single purchase or a subscription.

One-time purchase:

  1. Go to a product page and choose a license. Also, if necessary, add offers from the list of the most popular ones to your order and click the "Add to Cart" button.
  2. When placing an order, there is a full list of recommended services for the product you are ordering. Why do we offer these extras along with the product? The answer is to speed up all your requests. We'll respond faster to the services you order and contact you.
  3. Once you've added everything you require, click "View Cart."
  4. Double-check your shopping cart. Also, note the notice about the $2 handling fee for all orders over $10. Then continue with the "Checkout Now" button.
  5. Lastly, provide your contact details, select a payment method, and complete your order with "Pay Now."

MonsterONE subscription:

  1. Go to an item page and click the "Join to Get This Item with 35% OFF" button.
  2. Select the preferred data plan.
  3. You'll be redirected to the MonsterONE checkout page, where you must provide your contact information and select the payment gateway.
  4. Finish with the "Pay with PayPal/Card" button.

How to Install WordPress Portfolio Themes

Your next step is installing a site sample on your WP platform.

  1. Log in to /wp-admin/.
  2. Go to Appearance > Themes.
  3. At the top, there is the "Add New" button.
  4. Click "Upload" and choose a .zip file on your PC.
  5. Wait for a sample to load and activate it to complete.

For more details, please check out our complete how-to guide on installing a WP template.

After installation, customization comes next. This process depends on a website builder being compatible with a template. Visit our Help Center for more details on how to modify a WordPress-powered design. Additionally, when designing your website, consider the difficulty of your project and the length of time needed to finish it.

Services Recommended for Your E-Portfolio

You already have the desired design and are prepared to market your website, but you are unsure where to begin. Well, TemplateMonster is a well-known brand in the web design industry. The company has various services to maximize your business's marketing goals. You can be sure that with so many options, you'll find something that meets your requirements exactly and generates buzz online.

The following service types are available for your platform:

  • Development: installation, customization, necessary plugins, ready-made web resource, SSL certification, GDPR compliance, multilingual support, e-shop integration, hiring a developer, maintenance, Android app creation.
  • Optimization: speed improvement, color scheme change, on-page search engine optimization, website audit, protection from hackers, hacker protection, malware removal, and technical assistance.
  • Graphic: stock images, custom logo creation, site-building from scratch, hiring a designer.
  • Advertisement: branding on social networks, e-mail marketing, Facebook campaign, marketing package for small-scale startups, local search results optimization.
  • Writing: content writing, social media post writing, blog post creation.

What Hosting To Choose with WordPress Portfolio Themes

Many companies provide hosting solutions, and each company has its strengths. Right now, we will highlight the best WP hosting providers by comparing them on features, support, security, and more.

  • BlueHost is the go-to hosting solution with an unbeatable price and features. Its basic hosting plan includes unlimited bandwidth, 50 GB of storage space (SSD), and free SSL. The provider also offers a guaranteed 30-day refund, which means you can try out their service risk-free.
  • A2Hosting is one of the leading web host providers with various packages. But the best value for money is a lite plan. It offers unlimited storage, limitless bandwidth, encryption security protocol, and free website transfers with no downtime. A2Hosting also has 25 parked domains to choose from and guarantees 100% hassle-free money back at any time.
  • Kinsta is an affordable option for web admins searching for a trustworthy host with top performance and speed. The starter plan includes free SSL certificates, site transfers, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Besides, the company has a 24/7 support team to help you get started and answer your questions.
  • Dogado is another web hosting company that offers reliable hosting for WordPress-driven resources. It provides limitless bandwidth, 25 GB of storage, let's encrypt SSL, and website transfers with zero downtime. It also has 100 e-mail accounts for each subscriber of the WordPress S plan. By the way, the first month's subscription is only $0.01.

Read more about TemplateMonster's current special pricing for all hosting offers here.

Ten Tips for Creating Your E-Portfolio

  1. Be prepared. Select the best samples of your work. They should be well-photographed and/or have good quality.
  2. Know your audience. Do your research and include examples specifically connected to the end user's demands.
  3. Begin and finish strongly. Include compelling, distinct imagery. Stay upbeat at all times.
  4. Make it coherent and simple to navigate. Ensure your audience can quickly and easily find what they're looking for. In particular, use tabs with descriptive names, integrate your social channels, and include contact info.
  5. Seek feedback. Ask experts to review your photos and provide insightful feedback.
  6. Make frequent updates. Examine the effectiveness with which your e-portfolio showcases your skills.
  7. Track your progress. Remember that it's beneficial to demonstrate not just your most recent work but also how your talents have changed over time.
  8. Stay up to date. To keep your information current, keep an eye on market trends.
  9. Create two versions. Consider having a client-facing e-folio (or one that you will share with employers) and another version with all your samples.
  10. Promote your brand. Think of driving in traffic. Add the URL to as many of your online profiles as possible.

How to Earn More: Video

Want to get more from your online business? Not only templates, graphics, plugins, fonts, and customization services are available on TemplateMonster. The company also has a program for affiliates who can earn money by referring people to the marketplace.

The first step to becoming an affiliate is to sign up for the TemplateMonster Affiliate Program. After filling out the form, managers will review your application and send you a welcome e-mail with instructions on how to get started with their affiliate marketing.

The program lets its partners earn a 30% commission on referral purchases. What are your steps:

  1. Sign up for the program, verify your e-mail address, and agree to the terms.
  2. Share your referral link on social networking platforms, e-mail, or a blog.
  3. Track the traffic and your sales.
  4. Get your well-deserved 30% share.

See how it works.

WordPress Portfolio Themes FAQ

Does TemplateMonster provide lifetime support with WordPress portfolio themes?

No, it doesn't. All TM's premium products come with six months of support. This includes updates, bug fixes, installation guidelines, and other technical assistance you might require to launch your website successfully.

Could I demand a refund for the WordPress portfolio themes I bought?

Refunds are possible under exceptional circumstances. Due to the nature of digital products, money-back is available if an item was not delivered, does not match the description, or has significant defects. Refunds are given within 14 days of the purchase.

Do I have to be a specialist to edit WordPress portfolio themes?

Customizing layouts is not necessary to be a jack-of-all-trades. Knowing the fundamentals of the CMS would be beneficial, though. These tutorials could be useful if you need to brush up on your WordPress knowledge.

Why buy pre-made WordPress portfolio themes?

They are a great way to start an online presence. They are easy to edit and customizable. In addition, they are developed by professionals who put in the time and effort to create them from scratch. You'll also access premium features like custom widgets, responsive layout, and SEO optimization.