Best WordPress Portfolio Themes 2020

An online portfolio is an efficient tool to impress potential customers and reach a large number of people. A professionally-looking website will convince people to address you or your company. To create an impressive quickly, take advantage of our WordPress portfolio themes. First of all, our templates follow current web design trends to make your site look modern. Secondly, the assortment of personal page themes comprises numerous designs, so you can easily find a portfolio WordPress theme that will suit your requirements. Explore the collection to find your perfect theme and build your website easily!

WordPress Themes for Any Portfolio

With the WordPress functionality, you can easily build outstanding portfolios both for individuals and for companies. No matter how specific your demands are, we can take care of your needs. Our specialists can help you choose a suitable WordPress portfolio template to satisfy your desires. We know that the needs of different companies and specialists differ depending on the field they work in. Thus, the collection of themes by TemplateMonster comprises various designs that meet the specifications of different business niches. So, you will be able to add content to your page easily and create an appropriate online page quickly.

WordPress Templates for Personal Pages

First of all, an online portfolio is beneficial for people who work on their own. No matter whether you are just looking for your first job or you are an experienced specialist working freelance, a website increases your chances of finding new clients. Notably, our templates will be suitable for:

  • fashion designers and models;
  • artists and writers; 
  • stylists; 
  • photographers and videographers; 
  • web designers and developers; 
  • teachers and educators; 
  • doctors and nutritionists; 
  • trainers and life-coaches, etc.

In fact, this list can be endless. No matter what your purpose for creating a website  is, our designs can help you reach your aims.

Online portfolios are not only a tool for presenting your services or experience. Designing your personal page, you give your visitors an idea about your personality. Thus, you can pay attention to different elements that will be displayed on your page. Browsing a huge variety of our templates, you are sure to find the one that appeals to you most of all.

Portfolio WordPress Templates for Businesses

Secondly, online portfolios are useful for companies who wish to improve their online presence and thus reach new customers. Our portfolio WordPress themes are designed to help different businesses to demonstrate themselves to the best advantage. Particularly, you can find different portfolio themes for such businesses as:

  • web designing and developing companies;
  • hosting providers;
  • beauty, spa, and relaxation centers;
  • creative studios;
  • law companies;
  • health and nutrition center, etc.

Make a Remarkable Website with WordPress Portfolio Themes

If you want to make sure yourself that creating a portfolio with our WordPress templates is really easy, you can watch different videos. You will find out how to create an astonishing online presentation in several steps. Particularly, you will also learn how to use Elementor Page Builder and JetElements Add-on to empower your profile with various useful features.

Create Websites to Stand Out with Portfolio WordPress Themes

Our professionals carefully create each template to make it a firm ground for a modern website. With portfolio themes WordPress functionality, you can launch online pages that will clearly illustrate everything that you or your company wants to share with the audience. Moreover, we have a diversity of themes to match different styles. Use our WordPress portfolio templates to implement your ideas about an ideal online portfolio.

Explain Your Vision and Benefits

You can start the presentation of yourself or your business by explaining to people who you are and what your aims are. It is possible to clarify the visitors to your site what your vision and missions are. Moreover, with a portfolio WordPress theme, you can start persuading your audience exactly from the moment they open your website page. To be precise, you can add the block that explains the benefits of cooperating with you. In other words, you can fill in the information in the Why Us section, and encourage people to establish a connection with you. To make this presentation beautiful, you can utilize specially designed icons and icon lists included in the template.

Present Your History and Achievements

Whether you are creating a personal page or whether you want to launch a company’s portfolio, telling your visitors a few words about your history is a great idea. With a WordPress portfolio theme, you can demonstrate the stages of your company’s development, marking its milestones. When website visitors see your gradual success and achievements, they will trust your business more.

Similarly, on a personal page, you can showcase the employment history and awards you have got. A personal portfolio is, in fact, a place to boast of your prizes in order to acquire new customers. Our portfolio themes will make the process of adding information about your achievements really convenient. For instance, if you are a freelance web developer, you can use the Devling template to create an astounding profile and demonstrate your experience.

To make the information visually attractive, our WordPress portfolio templates contain different widgets and plugins. Particularly, if you need to present your results in numbers, you can get use of counters. Moreover, if you add animation to these counters, your information will look engaging.

Showcase Your Services and Projects with WordPress Portfolio Themes

Portfolio WordPress themes by TemplateMonster include specially designed pages to meet the requirements of different people and companies. Particularly, if you need to present your companies’ services, there are different layouts of services pages in our themes. Moreover, you can create individual pages to tell people about each service separately with the help of a single service page. The variety of our portfolio themes lets you showcase services of any kind, including:

  • web designing;
  • landscape and interior design;
  • housekeeping, including painting and cleaning;
  • massage, spa, and relaxation;
  • financial or marketing;
  • legal or judicial services, etc.

What’s more, our themes include special pages for presenting projects. Furthermore, if you choose from Retina-ready templates, you can upload photos of the best quality to illustrate your projects. Also, it is possible to experiment with the page layout and apply various gallery scripts to your images. Mainly, you can use sliders, carousels, and grids to draw attention to your projects. If it is necessary, you can also take advantage of the theme’s blocks and demonstrate your recent works.

Display Reviews with Portfolio WordPress Themes

In persuading people to choose you or your company, it is essential to show the thoughts of customers who have already used your services. You can easily do this with the Testimonials templates included in our WordPress portfolio themes. You can provide your website visitors with real reviews, placing them in specially crafted sections. Thus, your site will increase its credibility. 

Additionally, our templates give you the possibility to demonstrate your partners. If you have different connections and business relations that you are proud of, you can show this on your online portfolio.

Experiment with Portfolio Styles

If you feel that you wish to change certain elements of a WordPress portfolio theme, you are free to do this. All our themes are highly customizable, so you can adjust as many elements as you wish to achieve an incredible look of your profile. It is possible to customize the template’s:

  • layout,
  • background;
  • fonts;
  • buttons;
  • icons, etc.

To be precise, you can start by personalizing the flexible layout of your theme. You can choose the necessary headers, footers, and page blocks that you need.

After that, to match your portfolio with your brand’s style, you can decide on background colors. Due to different background options, you can customize the color scheme of your WordPress portfolio theme as much as you prefer. In addition, you can emphasize your style with typography. With Google fonts integration options, you can decide on the fonts that will suit your portfolio best. In short, you will create a unique portfolio effortlessly and enjoy the process of launching your website.

Increase Your Online Presence

We have taken care of the possibility to improve your presence online. Our WordPress portfolio templates feature social integration options. Due to them, you can add social buttons to your team member’s pages. Also, your website visitors will be able to share information on social networks with ease. Thus, spreading the word and advertising your portfolio becomes a comfortable experience.

Portfolio WordPress Website Templates - Awesome Features


Individual Portfolio

You can choose a WordPress portfolio template to create your personal online website.


Company Presentation

It’s possible to present your company’s services effectively with a business portfolio template.


Pre-made Pages

You can use pre-designed template pages to insert the content of your profile quickly and easily.


Team Profiles

You can introduce your company’s professionals, indicating their skills, expertise, and specialties.


Projects Presentation

Impress your website visitors by your projects, displaying them appropriately with portfolio themes.


Flexible Layout

Add, remove, or change any blocks and elements to create a stunning portfolio for your purposes.


Responsive Design

Stay assured that your portfolio will look amazing on any device, both PC and mobile gadgets.


Multi-Language Support

With WPML-ready portfolio WordPress themes, you can translate your profile into different languages.

FAQ about WordPress Portfolio Themes

How difficult is it to customize a WordPress portfolio theme?

If you are a novice to building websites, creating your pages with website templates can seem to be a time-consuming process. Still, you don’t have to learn to code or hire a professional developer. Our WordPress portfolio templates have a visual builder that will let you choose your site with the help of drag-and-drop functionality. Additionally, with the Live Customizer, you will see all the changes you make without having to reload your page each time.

Can I add videos to my portfolio?

Yes, of course, you can. Our portfolio WordPress themes allow for adding content of various types. Using the content modules of our themes, you can upload not only videos but also images and audios. Similarly, you can add or remove such elements as buttons and icons if you think they are nor appropriate.

Is it possible to create blog posts with portfolio WordPress themes?

Yes, it is. The majority of our portfolio website templates feature blog functionality. So, you can integrate a blog into your portfolio with ease. It doesn’t matter what you want to represent on the main pages of your portfolio. The blog will give you a chance to reveal more information and specific details about yourself or your business.

How can I show the location of my company easily?

The simplest way to show the location of your company is to show it on the map on your site. Due to Google Maps integration, our portfolio WordPress themes let you indicate the position of your company on Google Maps directly on your website.

Are there any special effects included in portfolio WordPress themes?

As our WordPress portfolio templates follow all current design trends, they include various special effects to entertain your website visitors. Mainly, you can choose from a variety of themes that have animation. Additionally, you can opt for portfolio themes with the Parallax effect, such as Visity, a landscape design theme. These effects will engage your visitors and make your site more attractive.