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Responzivní Joomla šablona Inligra #58321 - Obrázek funkce 1Responzivní Joomla šablona Inligra #58321 - Obrázek funkce 2Responzivní Joomla šablona Inligra #58321 - Obrázek funkce 3Responzivní Joomla šablona Inligra #58321 - Obrázek funkce 4Responzivní Joomla šablona Inligra #58321 - Obrázek funkce 5Responzivní Joomla šablona Inligra #58321 - Obrázek funkce 6Responzivní Joomla šablona Inligra #58321 - Obrázek funkce 7Responzivní Joomla šablona Inligra #58321 - Obrázek funkce 8Responzivní Joomla šablona Inligra #58321 - Obrázek funkce 9Responzivní Joomla šablona Inligra #58321 - Obrázek funkce 10Responzivní Joomla šablona Inligra #58321 - Obrázek funkce 11

7 Recenzí k tomuto produktu

Great Template! I used it to create a website for an organization that takes care of autistic children. Easy to install. This Template can be used for various projects, depending on your needs. I didnt need authors assistance to customize it. There are different colors you can use to give it the look you want. I did it in blue with the color of the organization logo. The pages (testimonials, portfolio, FAQ ...) offer the possibility of doing professional work for the client.
A little harder to use unless you are proficient in joomla. The calendar scroll is in the modules and not in the articles area.
It is best if you know Joomla, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL. But if you do not know those technologies, not a problem because TemplateMonster will help you with the installation of the product. This product was beautifully designed. It is well worth the purchase. Once your product is installed, the posts are easy to manage. You can easily edit images and texts. For Small to Medium websites, Joomla is an excellent choice. Joomla is also more flexible than WordPress. It uses MVC which can be used independently from the CMS.
Jeden z ciekawszych szablonów z jakimi miałem do czynienia. I jak wszystkie szablony TemplateMonster działa bezproblemowo i bezawaryjnie. Mnóstwo pozycji modułów, ciekawe preinstalowane moduły, w pełni responsywny, ładnie wygląda zarówno na desktopie jak i urządzeniach mobilnych. Warto skorzystać ze wstępnie skonfigurowanej wersji instalacyjnej, bardzo fajnie i łatwo konfiguruje się potem cały szablon. Polecam!
Im a designer / webbuilder at a small company. We use the templates from TemplateMonster very often because of the quality and service. This time we have used this template for a small charity organization which donate some money and support to families who needed it. Families that must go very often to hospitals or something... they can do a request and this charity will support them an pay some things such as parking costs, etc. The template is high standard and very different from most other templates. The way it is set up is very nice. Through the great photos you can attract very much people. And the template has very much options. All with all is this one of the best templates Ive seen yet and the support / service of TemplateMonster is more than good. Keep up the good work!
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