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Update (November 26, 2018):

  • - Updated Joomla to version 3.9;
  • - FIX: minor bugs.

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Sehr gut aufgebautes Template, mit guten integrierten Erweiterungen
I liked this template a lot because of its design, it looks sober and modern. I am a webmaster and the client was very attracted to this template monster template and proceeded to install it and start the production of the website. The installation of the template is simple and quick, modifying your style sheets and changing different items of the template is easy and allows you to customize it very quickly. All the resources of the template: modules, plug ins, zones, menus and the configurations are very accessible and easy to locate. Of course I have always the support and technical support of the support staff of template mos = nster and that is what gives me so much security and confidence in their products. In any query or technical detail template template monster always helps me and advises.
Great Style and pro looking Template. With a bit of CSS engery it fits perfect to our Projekt!
A very clean and professional looking template that perfectly suits our requirements. The back-end is well laid out and catalogued for ease of editing. There are lots of features that can be disabled if not required but it always helps to have this amount of choice for various page layouts. Some changes need a bit of scripting or CSS updates but this is normal for a template. All in all, a very nice design.
Very appropriate for the specific business organisation, easy to customise and re-configure.
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Is there an issue with the Breadcrumbs setup on this theme? I notice on the demo site that it only shows Home and Last page. For example, a blog post should show Home - Blog (or Category) - Post Name but it just shows Home - Post Name.
Thank you for your comment, Jonty! I have created a ticket ##LAO-328-25074 for you.Our senior technicians will gladly check this issue for you. You can also join our live chat at to get immediate assistance. Thank you. Kind Regards, Jenna Bennett
Does this theme have an option to display a Masonry Portfolio on the Homepage? Thanks
Hello, John! Thank you for your question. You can add portfolio to the homepage, please use this tutorial For more details please join our live chat at Have a nice day! Best regards, Michelle Lambert
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