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Garrick Pattenden

Great Layout! Easy to Edit. So many great design ideas within this Theme. Well worth the purchase!

Charles Voda

This template is much like the other templates, the mail functions are hooked up to a overly complex mailing script, the google maps does not work and provides no documentation on how to add the API key and all of the telephone links are call:# which is depreciated and needs to be tel:# links


Dear Customer, Since June 2016, Google maps require a special Google maps Javascript API (browser) key. You have to generate and set this key in order to display Google Maps on your site. Make sure to have a Google account to create a key for Google Maps Javascript API. Open the js/script.js file on your server and locate the Google map script , add your code: Please, check the following links: https://zemez.io/html/support/knowledge-base/troubleshooter-google-map-not-show-api-key-issue We are going to show you how to activate contact form created with the help of a RD Mailform plugin. Please, check the following link: https://zemez.io/html/support/knowledge-base/activate-contact-form-based-rd-mailform-plugin/ Open the bat/rd-mailform.php file with any code editor on your computer (we usually recommend using NotePad++ or Sublime Text). Locate the $recipients variable using search tool (Ctrl + F). We should specify e-mails in the $recipients variable: $recipients = '#'; replacing # with your email.

Roman Stodůlka

I bought a template for my upcoming web site. The template is beautiful and contains all my ideas for my site. Simple, clear and professional. I still need to buy Conversion to WordPress. Template Monster template is perfect for commercial use of real estate websites. In the future, I am going to purchase additional templates at Template Monster for my other websites. So far I am happy to wish the Template Monster good luck in their work. Thank you

Matthew Santacroce

This template includes a lot of layout options for the pages which I really appreciated. It's very responsive and scales the large scrolling images on the home page for many device sizes and orientations. Not all templates scale this images properly.

Advwebstudio 2.0 Srl - P.iva 01217280864

Excellent Template. Also, I needed support for help and support was very helpful. I am very satisfied with the purchase made and I consider templatemonster very serious and professional portal. I will definitely be back to buy products and services on templateMonster.

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Additional Features

Language support


Gallery Script


Web Forms

Anforderungen an die Software und das Hosting

  • Apache 2.0 oder höher

    Apache 2.0 oder höher

  • PHP v. 5.4 oder höher

    PHP v. 5.4 oder höher

  • Sublime Text2 or later, Notepad++ or any php-editor

  • For uncompressing a template ZIP package: WinZip 9+ (Windows); Stuffit Expander 10+ (Mac)

Zusätzliche Dienstleistungen für dieses Produkt

Das ONE-Mitgliedschaft kostet $229/Jahr $199/Jahr.

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