Pro-Designed HTML Gallery Templates & What’s Inside

From the appearance of the first websites, the gallery remains one of the vital features of any online project. It betters your online presence with a magnificent visualization. Business people all around the world are ready to spend big money on unique pics they can showcase. It attracts viewers; attention and allows one to guide people through their business and services beautifully.

Different HTML gallery templates offer different styles and options. The good news is that you have various pre-designed galleries to select from. Everything is code-free and easy to navigate via a powerful admin panel. What features do the themes contain? How to choose between them? Who and why needs gallery HTML templates? Let’s figure it out together!

Main Features of Top-Notch HTML Gallery Templates

When it comes to professional website building, any part of the project matters. One can purchase a progressive HTML5 gallery template with the following features:

  • Valid, semantic HTML code you can use the way it is or edits with the basic coding skills in a pre-build code editor.
  • Quick-start package.
  • Search Engine Optimization.
  • 100% responsive design that makes the website look and works fantastic on different gadgets.
  • Retina-ready design that adds quality and beauty to your website images.
  • Cross-browser compatibility - makes the site work amazingly in any browser.
  • Comfortable drag-and-drop builder with intuitive editing and numerous pre-made design components.

Trendy features of pro HTML gallery templates

  • Mobile-first design.
  • Slider Revolution.
  • User registration and login.
  • DropDown Menu.
  • Parallax scrolling.
  • Social media optimization.
  • Smart content sorting.
  • Accordions, carousels, isotopes, and grids.
  • MegaMenu.
  • Hamburger menu.
  • Click-to-Top button.
  • CTAs.
  • Downloadable CV.
  • Customer testimonials.
  • Background video.
  • Visuals with previous progress, like completed projects.
  • Attractive gallery.
  • Lazy Load effect.
  • CSS animations.
  • Core company values showcase.

SEO HTML5 gallery template checklist

SEO content is a must. It brings 70% more clicks for business and personal sites. Google, Yahoo, and other useful search engines always prefer sites with fast-loading pages. It is especially important for multipage projects, like portals, stores, portfolios, catalogs, and so on. Thus, better WP performance should become a #1 task in case you want to improve the website position in the SERPs. That is why all modern HTML gallery templates are SEO-ready. Please, take into consideration the next points to make your content even more SEO-friendly. Here is the checklist:

  • Smart keyword research.
  • URLs optimization.
  • Attracting organic search traffic.
  • Using the right keywords.
  • Prioritizing your content.
  • Improving the website speed.
  • Tags analysis.
  • SEO-ready titles.
  • Proper meta descriptions.
  • Translation-ready content.
  • Images optimization.
  • Website speed optimization.
  • Social media integration.
  • SEO-improving elements, like MegaMenu.
  • Quality link-building.

AMP-Ready Product Landing Page Templates

Next to responsive design, cross-browser compatibility, and Search Engine Optimization, mobile-oriented design is what makes the end website popular. People often look for new products and services using their smartphones. Why would you lose this chance to get more sales and visits from mobiles?

High-quality and mobile-optimized HTML gallery templates with AMP would help. They are great for beginners to set up mobile-friendly content once and have it load instantly everywhere. Aside from the awesome visual appearance, the feature focuses on the project's speed. It is typical to bring more conversions with AMP as it makes the landing load rapidly without compromising creativity and brand expression. It makes the website fit the viewer's screen, converts texts and pictures to the needed size, and works on buttons and forms to be comfortable. Accelerated Mobile Pages are perfect for a worthy mobile promo.

Topics Gallery HTML Templates Showcase

We offer multiple products for a top-notch HTML template gallery. People of different skill levels can manage their bright websites quickly and without having previous site-building experience. What is the secret? You have everything and anything pre-designed and available just out of the box.

Who can work with our HTML gallery templates? Here are some of the topics the products cover:

  • Animal and pets.
  • Building, construction, and real estate.
  • Medicine and health.
  • Electronics and repair.
  • Beauty, cosmetics, and hair.
  • Art and culture.
  • Design and photography.
  • IT services and computers.
  • Books and education.
  • Food and restaurant.
  • Cars and motorcycles.
  • Home and family.
  • Fashion, gifts, flowers, and holidays.
  • Travel.
  • Sports and outdoors.
  • Society and people.

We also offer many examples of business and services gallery themes and templates. These products cover various business niches. One can also try working with multipurpose templates.

Multipurpose gallery HTML CSS templates

Multipurpose HTML gallery templates contain several or multiple layouts for various design solutions. They come with professionally styled pages made for favored businesses. There’s no need to limit yourself to a simple website. You can set up a wide range of websites, like e-stores, portfolios, galleries, portals, blogs, magazines, personal and business websites, resumes, CVs, forums, etc. What is more important, the products with multipurpose design offer lots of web design solutions for different business topics. You could use the same product to manage a site presenting services related to technologies, sports, medicine, children, food, style, IT, beauty, finances, and so on.

7 Reasons to Purchase Multipurpose Templates

How to select the exact product? What is inside, and who might need the templates? A modern gallery template HTML CSS would contain various ready-to-publish topics and UI elements. You only need to select the right license, and voila! You can manage several sites with a single product. The option is ideal for devs, designers, marketers, and others who want to build more than one project. Besides, multipurpose themes are good for big companies that need multiple websites showcasing different topics. Below are the main reasons to purchase multipurpose templates.

  1. Product flexibility to launch projects of any style and use.
  2. Compatibility with numerous plugins, including necessary and specialized ones.
  3. Feature-rich packages with all the important components pre-built.
  4. Cost-effective: HTML gallery templates with multi-purpose designs are reasonably priced and pocket-friendly.
  5. Ability to use eCommerce layouts with cart styles, icon fonts, and many pre-made layouts.
  6. Time-saving website building process.
  7. Possibility to use the same theme for several websites by purchasing the needed license.

Niche VS multipurpose website gallery template

Niche-based templates provide perfect solutions for beginners and users that value simplicity. The products usually come with specific functionality covering the needs of a chosen industry. It means you have all the multi-check features in a single pack with a niche-oriented design.

What is better to choose: niche or multipurpose templates? The main difference between these items is that niche templates and themes are dedicated to a particular kind of business. For example, a medical niche theme would offer you to work with layouts for the doctor, medical equipment, online consultations, pills, drugs, medical drinks, etc. Aimed to be used for a specific field, niche template options and web design elements usually come for the selected business topic. It is a ready-made option for companies and people who require a website showcasing their deals online. You would have layouts pre-styled for topic-related needs. Just what the doctor ordered if you don’t want to spend much time editing the HTML gallery template code.

Selecting your multipurpose or niche template

How to decide which template you need? It depends on the next aspects:

  • What kind of website complexity are you looking for? We recommend one choose multipurpose themes if they are going to build a big feature-rich website with multiple pages and plenty of business-related sections.
  • What skill level does a user have? It is better to start with niche templates if you have never owned a website before. Still, TemplateMonster's website gallery templates are fully creator-friendly. It makes them simple to work with for beginners.
  • What design and functionality possibilities are you looking for? Multipurpose products contain tons of tools to enrich a project's functionality. One could choose from numerous plugins both for the visual website’s part and its functionality. However, niche templates contain must-haves and niche-specialized features inside the packs too.

To sum up, niche products are perfect for beginners and those who value simplicity. Usually, the templates come with specific functionality covering the needs of a chosen industry.

Please, use the left-sidebar filters to further your decision-making. The filters allow you to select the right template by product, topic, or plugin, feature, creator, color, builder, popularity, and so much more

License options

TemplateMonster offers several license options. It allows running multiple websites with the same product. Let's take Intense as an example. The business style of the template keeps visitors focused on evaluating your services. It contains the following:

  • 120 HTML files;
  • 2 complete demos: a classic and a new one;
  • 100 reusable components;
  • 20 blog templates;
  • 15 header and footer styles;
  • 10 portfolio templates;
  • 10 eCommerce shop templates.

Here is how you can save on website building:

  1. Personal license - allows creating a single website with full-fledged design.
  2. Commercial license - allows the creation of up to 5 projects with your HTML5 gallery template. It is possible to transfer and resell the end products, which is lucrative for young designers and developers.

You can see there’s no need to be a coding guru to launch a hip business website or personal online gallery. The modern market is full of different supporting items, including plugins, add-ons, modules, etc. Editing online pages and styling them with different features has never been as easy as it is now. So, what are you waiting for

Downloading HTML Gallery Templates

Did you already choose the very product? To get access to the download file, make sure to go through a few steps to complete the purchase:

  1. Pick up your gallery HTML CSS template and click the 'Add to Cart' button.
  2. Think over if you need to add any additional services, like personalized design.
  3. Click 'Checkout Now'.
  4. Complete the checkout process.
  5. Check your email for the download instructions.

Enriching HTML Gallery Template

Perfection has no end or limit! Modern HTML gallery templates are flexible enough to create a customer-oriented design. However, it is always possible to become better and better. Please, check the video below. It would help you to select the right template or theme. Here are 10 top web design trends to look for this year.

HTML Gallery Templates FAQ

How do I add a plugin to my HTML gallery template?

All of today’s templates already have basic and niche-specific plugins in the pack. However, if you need to add a plugin, it won’t be hard. Just check the compatibility and follow the instructions below.

  1. Go to the plugin’s official website where you can download the product.
  2. Navigate to your WordPress admin panel.
  3. Complete the log-in process.
  4. Go to the Plugins section and select ‘Add New’.
  5. Click the ‘Upload Plugin’ button and choose your item’s zip file.
  6. Click the ‘Install Now’ button.
  7. Activate your plugin.

Do I need my HTML gallery template to be SEO-friendly?

Search Engine Optimization improves Google's rankings and automatically increases the audience. It is critical to get SEO-ready content to put the website in the top positions in search engines. One would also attract their foreign target audience with international SEO. It is the right way to enter the global market and promote high-quality content online. That is why pro HTML gallery templates are SEO-ready.

What features to look for in HTML gallery templates?

The product should contain a responsive, SEO-friendly, and Retina-ready design that offers layout creation. Besides, it should be shop-ready in case you want to add an eCommerce feature to the web design. Check the variety of custom blocks and pop-ups to enrich the pages. Your HTML gallery template should also contain a creator-friendly builder with visual editing. Among the other must-haves are:

  • Ajax-based elements.
  • MegaMenu.
  • Hamburger Menu.
  • Translation-ready design.
  • Parallax, animation, and other visual effects.

Can I sell and resell HTML gallery templates?

TemplateMonster is always happy to meet new creators. To sell your templates with us, please join the TemplateMonster community. Create and verify your account, upload your work, and wait for the experts' approval. We have a simple product approval system with higher commission rates, and you can also set author-driven prices. On the other hand, you can resell our HTML gallery templates with a Commercial license.