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The template is pretty and looks the way I want. The fact that you cant upgrade the jquery version is BAD. I never did get a response from the author, I got more help from Holly who I know wasnt the author. I spent 20+ hours working on getting the site to work. Most of it was the template malfunctioning. It is working now, appears that it will continue that way but the fact that there are no updates to it to keep it working with newer versions of jquery is POOR. I would only recommend this product to someone that has the time, the energy and the fortitude to keep looking for the answer and testing every single thing in it. Ended up chucking the idea of any slider posts in the post section because the function doesnt work at all. Had poor Holly work on that one a while before I just said, enough, I dont really need them I can use galleries and other ways to place images and videos. So I cant rate this at all great other than I liked the look and the way it engaged the kind of user I have.
Stworzenie strony dla stadniny koni. Instalacja w Wordpress była bardzo szybka. Przygotowanie szablonu było bardzo dobre. Co prawda musiałem przerobić go na wersję w czystym HTML, jednakże pliki CSS oraz załączone grafiki pozwoliły na szybką realizację w pełni responsywnego szablonu. Ogólnie jakość wykonania całości, zarówno styli CSS oraz kodu html pozwoliło na łatwe przejrzenie i dostosowanie szablonu do potrzeb mojego klienta.
Nice template, very proffesional design, great support, all super !
Client loves the design & functionality. We are tweaking it a bit for a horseback trail riding company. I like the documentation and layout. Would recommend.
All is OK. Very simply a powerfuul templates. Only slider doesnt work correct.
Thank you for your feedback. The problem can be caused by your server. Please visit our live chat -, where our specialists will check it for you.
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