Convenient Multilingual WordPress Themes

By default, WordPress works in English. But if you wish, you can switch it to one of eighty available languages. You can do it without any problems through the default admin panel. But how do you get a fully multilingual WordPress website, not just translated core components? It is the question that many people have probably been asking lately. It so happened that developers did not initially create WordPress as multilingual CMS. Therefore, in any case, you will have to add a multilingual function to the site by purchasing a plugin or using proxy translation tools. But to make it simpler, you can also use multilingual WordPress themes.

Why Choose Our Multilingual WordPress Themes

Our multilingual WordPress themes are modern multipurpose solutions with almost unlimited customization possibilities. They have a perfect stylish design and clean code, combined with the versatility of options and a broad set of ready-made layouts. They are suitable for websites of any type and purpose. For example, you can create a powerful agency website, a blog, a designer portfolio, an e-commerce website, a web developer portal, and more. WPML WordPress themes' responsive design will also make sure that mobile visitors will appreciate your website's looks as well. Our WPML compatible WordPress themes are also suited for e-commerce websites. You can create a furniture store, clothing store, children's store, accessories store, and more. Our WordPress themes also come with different ready-made page layouts. By importing any of the demo content, you can save a lot of time and not resort to using the code. WooCommerce add-ons can enhance the robust functionality of our themes. Our solutions also feature support for various plugins to provide the best experience when creating a website.

Multilingual WordPress Themes Main Features

  • Easy setup using live customizer.
  • Multipurpose. Most of our multilingual WordPress themes can fit various niches.
  • The content of the pages is easily customizable.
  • Adaptive design.
  • Compatible with WooCommerce and other popular plugins.
  • Modern and beautiful slider.
  • Compatible with pricing table plugins for menu items.
  • SEO friendly.

Multilingual WordPress Themes Related Videos

This video will provide you with information about new trends in website typography. It significantly expands the creative scope. Take a look at how to make the typography of your WPML compatible WordPress theme more stylish.

Multilingual WordPress Themes Questions and Answers

What multilingual modules do our Multilingual WordPress Themes use?

They use the WPML plugin. The plugin is premium and has all the necessary functionality to implement a full-fledged website in several languages. For each WPML WordPress theme, we make individual edits to the plugin. The advantage of the solutions on this module is the ability to create duplicate pages, the functionality of which doesn't differ from the original ones.

How to make WordPress theme multilingual?

There are several ways to do this, four of which are the following:

  1. Using a ready-made multilingual WordPress theme with an integrated multilingual system.
  2. Installing the multilingual plugin like WPML.
  3. Website creation in Multisite mode.
  4. Using proxy services for localization and translation.

The choice of a solution depends on many factors:

  • Affordable budget and acceptable cost.
  • The need for technical support.
  • Site size.
  • Whether it is necessary to translate all pages and make linking between translated articles as in the original.