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Bus and Coach Hire modèle web adaptatif #57680 - Image 1Bus and Coach Hire modèle web adaptatif #57680 - Image 2Bus and Coach Hire modèle web adaptatif #57680 - Image 3Bus and Coach Hire modèle web adaptatif #57680 - Image 4Bus and Coach Hire modèle web adaptatif #57680 - Image 5Bus and Coach Hire modèle web adaptatif #57680 - Image 6Bus and Coach Hire modèle web adaptatif #57680 - Image 7Bus and Coach Hire modèle web adaptatif #57680 - Image 8

Journal des modifications

Version 1.2 (Oct 21, 2019)

  • - UPD: Updated Bootstrap v4.1.1 to Bootstrap 4.1.3;
  • - UPD: jQuery Cookie;
  • - UPD: jQuery Easing;
  • - UPD: Google Map updated;
  • - UPD: Copyright Year Plugin;
  • - UPD: Header navigation plugin ( Superfish menu => RD Navbar );
  • - UPD:RD mailform updated;
  • - UPD:UI To Top plugin;
  • - UPD:Pug;
  • - UPD:SCSS;
  • - FIX: Markup fixes;
  • - FIX: Other minor bug fixes.

Version 1.1 (July 11, 2018)

  • - ADD: core.min.js;
  • - UPD: Bootstrap updated to versiton 4;
  • - UPD: RD parallax changed to Material parallax;
  • - UPD: RD Mailfrom updated;
  • - UPD: Google Map updated;
  • - FIX: Optimizing scripts, styles;
  • - FIX: Other minor bug fixes;

19 Avis pour ce produit

Terrific layout and I really appreciate the designers attention to detail with workflow and coding descriptions. Very easy to implement!
Got it. Excellent job of design ! Everything works perfectly! Thanks!
Nice Template. I have been asisted with a wonderfull support group who helped me to choose the exact template which I was looking for!
Another good surprise with that amazing template from template monster. I did choose this one for one simple reason: easy to modify, and pretty fast to upload. My customer was very happy to see the final results after I personalized it with his several requests. And what about the image quality that come with! I saved few bucks instead of buying pictures from other sites. The only annoying thing is not from Template but from Google rules. The API key is necessary now to see the map working online. I know it is part of new technology and I will have to work with it now, but it just take times to get it the first time you have to insert the API key code at the right place. For the work on programming, thanks to the team that did a great job!
Very professional look, sleek and fresh. Coding seems to be well done too.
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I need to purchase the wordpress version of this theme but haven't heard back from you after I left a message a couple of days ago. How long does it take to get the Wordpress version and does it include the demo content as well?
Hello Mike. Thank you for comment. It will take 5-7 business days to complete the convert into WordPress from the moment when you specify all details with assigned Project manager. It will include dummy content. Also you could get free installation as a bonus. You can also join our live chat at http://chat.template-help.com/ to get immediate assistance. Thank you and have a nice day!
I need this template in Wordpress format. If I purchase the "Converting to WordPress" option, will I get a full website with dummy content similar to your Live Demo?
Hello Mike. Thank you for comment. Conversion to Wordpress includes adding Wordpress admin panel. You will get the same design with dummy content similar to live demo + user's friendly Wordpress admin panel. Have a nice day!
How I can do to change the coordinates of the map, which file to edit in the js code? Thanks
Thank you for your question. Please check our titorial "How to change Google map location in HTML-based template using Google Maps API v3": http://www.templatemonster.com/help/how-to-change-google-map-location-in-html-based-template-using-google-maps-api-v3.html
If I buy it, I I get the html source?
Thank you for your comment. Yes, each of our templates come with a source folder that includes the files created to make the design. You will get HTML , CSS , PSD files with this template.
Hi my client is interested in buying this theme for this website. But i have a question, we have couple of video's and was wondering if this theme supports video files? Does it support Video's and will it make it responsive for all the view?
Thank you for commtent Using our tutorials you can easy add Videos in the template - http://www.templatemonster.com/help/js-animated-how-to-add-video-to-the-home-page.html Video will be Responsive too. If you have any issues , you can always contact our Support Department and we will assist you. We provide Support 24/7
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