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Hi There, we're using your theme on a Shopify site, we are wondering if there is a way to change the mobile menu layout? Currently it displays all menu's & sub-menus automatically which makes it look a little messy when you have quite a few sub-menus. Is there a way to change it so it only shows the main menu with the sub-menus dropping downs after clicking?
Thank you for your comment! We have created a ticket for our technical support team, that will contact you as soon as possible, TICKET IDZQZ-633-96402. Thank you. Andrea Gonzales
Using your template on a Shopify site we are building and need to customize the logo area container to accomodate larger image. Is this easaily doable?
Thank you for your comment. Yes, you will be able to change the logo and its size. Please check our tutorial [How to manage logo dimensions](
Hi, Can this template be modified to suit just one animal (i.e. dog products) with a particular theme (i.e. surfing)? Thanks
Thank you for your question. Sure, it can be modified up to your needs.
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