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This Pet Shop Shopify Theme is the most responsive e-commerce solution. There are various unique design options for the site and many page layouts with different types of headers, footers, and many...
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Top Collection of Best Animals Pets Shopify Themes

Making a living by working with animals may sound like a dream for many people. Yes, we always aim to put our money where our hearts are. The pet industry develops rapidly, and starting a business here can be highly profitable. There are so many opportunities to explore. So, if you are involved in this sphere or want to launch a related project, our animals pets Shopify store themes are at your service. With them, creating a fully-fledged website from the get-go is a reality. Select the direction that would lead you to success and start expanding your business with TemplateMonster right now.

Shopify Flora & Fauna Themes - Features & Characteristics

The proper functioning of a website requires ready-made designs to provide all the must-have features. The selected asset should accompany a smooth plan, modern functionality, and excellent flexibility. It is not just a fable. With professional products from our marketplace, such command of essentials is a reality.

Our pets Shopify assets come with everything needed to create a modern and powerful online source. You can easily fine-tune dog Shopify themes to your requirements and craft a unique web presence. Let us have a closer look at the features you will discover:

  1. Responsive layout. It means that your customers will be able to read and navigate your platform content with minimum resizing and scrolling. Hence, you may improve the user experience and turn it into a positive perception of your brand.
  2. Bootstrap. The framework is flexible, quick to learn, and completely user-friendly. Providing numerous ready-made solutions for online platforms may accelerate the creation of different layouts and designs.
  3. Retina-ready design. This option is a must if you aim to compose high-resolution graphics, looking as sharp as printed ones. The vivid and bright colors, top quality of each image are the other bonuses you will get.
  4. Mobile adaptation. With a mobile-friendly website, you will provide a perfect web experience for anyone visiting your source from a mobile device. As well, it may encourage your clients to see your source as a credible one.
  5. SEO optimization. This functionality is indispensable when it comes to attracting new customers to your project and increasing overall conversions. SEO contributes to reaching growth in business, boosting your sales, and achieving a top spot in search engine rankings.
  6. Flexible admin panel. With it, you can build a much more efficient platform. Providing fast and easy navigation, getting control over the tiniest details, and increasing productivity will also impress you.

Additional Functionalities to Consider

Digital items presented on the TemplateMonster marketplace have so much to offer. The list of other cutting-edge options includes:

  1. Google Maps integration. This functionality has two primary purposes. It acts as a search engine, determining what businesses users are the most searched for. As well, it is a map that may direct your customers to your company location.
  2. Dropdown menu. It is an expandable mega menu that displays different alternatives in a two-dimensional dropdown mode.
  3. Drag and drop content. This feature allows you to pick out any layout component and put it in the required location. Even beginners can master this simple but efficient technique.
  4. jQuery. It aims to simplify the use of the JavaScript library on your website. As well, this tool can provide a good deal of power and flexibility to your project.
  5. Ajax. The particular effect allows pages to be updated asynchronously by transferring data with a web server. Thus, you can update parts of a page without reloading the whole site.
  6. eCommerce module. As Shopify is one of the most advanced and outstanding e-commerce platforms, it is perfect for composing an e-store. You can increase your product range, generate more sales, and provide a high-quality round-the-clock service. A dropshipping option is also available.
  7. Blog integration. A well-designed blog may become a real catch for your portal. It enables you to share news about your projects, future updates, creative plans, and other significant moments.
  8. Online chat. With it, you give customers a chance to contact you at the moment when they have some questions or issues to solve. Live chat contributes to a better support experience as well.
  9. Parallax scrolling. If you want to tell your project story engagingly, this feature is a must. It will create a sense of depth and provide a more immersive browsing experience.

Who Can Benefit From Animals Pets Shopify Store Creation

If you plan to showcase your project professionally, our pre-made assets are a perfect solution for you. They come with a multipurpose design, so you are free to use them for a wide variety of occasions. Create a terrific website to exhibit your business associated with:

  • pet sitting;
  • dog training and daycare;
  • dog walking;
  • grooming;
  • veterinary medicine;
  • tropical fish and aquarium rentals, etc.

All the ready-made animal themes we present are designed with the animal and pet businesses in mind. Besides, they are highly customizable, so you need no special coding skills to adapt them to your personal needs and wants. Thus, you can compose an excellent website for:

  • veterinary clinics;
  • sales of pet food, accessories, toys;
  • dog breeding;
  • walking services;
  • zoos and petting farms;
  • pet sales;
  • aquarium fitting service;
  • dog and cat care;
  • animals lovers blog, and far more.

How to Create a Successful Online Business with Shopify Flora & Fauna Themes

The Shopify platform is one of the most popular eCommerce solutions today. It enables the fast and simple creation of online stores with a modern, clean design. If you sell goods for pets, is the best solution. We offer a short instruction on making an attractive online shop with dog + Shopify themes:

  1. Think of a domain name for the resource. The domain name is the address customers enter into the browser address bar to visit your store ( In most cases, your domain name should match the store name (for example, You can register your domain name on Shopify (the method we recommend) or write your name to a third-party company. It is cheaper but more difficult to change your Domain Name Server [DNS] in the settings).
  2. Store registration. Go to the Shopify website, find a login page, enter your email address, name, and store name (you can change the store name later if necessary). Select "Create your store." On the next page, enter your name and mailing address.
  3. Theme installation. A theme is a pre-built website design added to your store to make it look beautiful, eliminating the need for coding. To upload one of our best Shopify themes for pet stores, install it and click "Upload Theme."

Animals Pets Shopify Themes FAQ

Are there any extra charges for animals pets Shopify store themes besides their shop price?

Our assets involve no hidden costs. Once the purchase is complete, there are no other charges required to your account. However, we provide additional offers available at extra cost. These premium services will prove helpful to any user. They include a website installation option, asset customization, SEO optimization, content writing, and far more. If you decide to order some of the services later, it will come as a separate order.

Is there any time limit for using my animals pets Shopify store themes?

There are no time restrictions or limits. From the time you downloaded an asset from our marketplace, you have become its owner. That means you can use it for a lifetime period.

What should I do if I lose my animals pets Shopify store themes?

You have two choices of how to restore your files. The first option is to open a My Account page, where you can keep track of all your purchases. There is also a function of requesting your asset reset. The second variant is suitable for those who do not have such an account. You should create it and then fill in a specific Tech Support ticket. You will have to specify the email address you used when making a purchase, your order ID, and your name as well.

Can I install the animals pets Shopify store themes all by myself?

It depends on your level of coding skills and web design experience. Creating a pet store is not that hard. Each of our pre-made items comes with detailed instructions on how to edit the downloaded files. You may find them in the documentation. Besides, if some issue appears, you can refer to our Online Help Center or contact our managers via live chat. The other way to get help is to contact us via Ticket System. Specify your order details, and we will give you advice on the installation.

Why is SEO Optimization a Must?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It involves a bunch of various strategies and specific techniques. All these practices aim to improve your portal position in search engines. Besides, this functionality is crucial for Google. It is a determining factor for it to define if a source deserves to rank high or not.

Users trust search engines. If a website takes the top positions in web rankings, it means such a source is credible. Besides, the higher your page ranks, the more traffic you will generate. In turn, it contributes to reaching more sales, more new and potential clients. Hence, your business thrives and grows.

Optimization of your source requires time, specific skills, and corresponding knowledge. Our Shopify templates come with SEO enhancements by default so that you do not need to worry about this functionality. We also provide on-page SEO services. For only $149, our qualified specialists will help you choose the right strategy in building SEO-friendly content and optimizing your website. To learn more about the other services available, click here.

Why is Mobile Adaptation Essential For Your Business?

More than half of web users access different portals and sites from their smartphones. Their number constantly grows. For instance, by 2025, it can reach two-thirds of all users worldwide. Needless to say, if your platform does not support mobile adaptation, you are in trouble.

So, why is a mobile-friendly layout such an essential feature?

It considerably contributes to your portal credibility and allows you to build more trusted relations with your clients;

Google likes mobile-adapted sites, so it ranks them higher than those that come without an optimized version;

With such functionality, you can be available for your customers 24/7 so that they will get immediate service if needed;

Every person visiting your site from a smartphone will not have to waste time in a holding pattern, trying to fit each page to suitable screen dimensions;

People will see your brand or e-store as modern, and valuable and you will reach a higher competitive edge in the digital world.

Importance of a Responsive Layout

A website with a mobile-friendly design looks excellent from smartphones. However, it can be harder to navigate or even have glitches if viewed from higher resolution devices. Here a responsive layout rises to the challenge. With it, your source will perfectly adapt to all the screen sizes. They include desktops, tablets, mobile phones, etc.

The particular feature also has a lot of other benefits:

  1. It contributes to better SEO and improves rankings.
  2. With such a design, you may reach higher conversion rates.
  3. It provides a better user experience and increases the time that people spend on your portal.
  4. A responsive website generates more traffic and tends to have a much faster loading speed.
  5. It offers simplified website analytics and shortens the time spent on its maintenance, allowing to focus on other top-priority tasks.
  6. It makes social sharing easier, resulting in the increased number of social media shares of your content.

Free Samples vs. Premium Items

A lot of free and paid ready-mades are now available on the web. Anyone can find what they need and select the most suitable solution for their project. If talking about quality, which products are best?

Of course, both options have their benefits. The out-of-charge samples attract users by their accessibility. However, they often come from unauthorized and insecure sources. Freebies do not provide proper licensing and lack originality. Technical support is also absent here. So, if some issue with your template appears, you will have to search for a specialist to assist you. You risk wasting your time and effort. Low overall performance, poor quality, and limited customization possibilities are the other problems you may face.

Premium products are a completely different story. They possess a command of excellent advantages. By opting for them, you get a bunch of valuable pros:

  • Official licenses for each item;
  • 100% security and top quality;
  • Unique designs;
  • Multiple customization options;
  • Frequent updates;
  • Professional lifetime support, etc.

Our Pet Shopify ready-mades can help you build an exceptional stand-out portal. You may use them for eCommerce purposes without any doubt in their quality. Rich functionality out of the box, ongoing support, and regular updates make them perfect solutions in the long run.

Top Collection of Shopify Animals Pets eCommerce Themes 2024 for Your Stores

Watch a helpful video with the hottest flora & fauna designs for your Shopify store. Get a perfect theme for zoo projects, and make it profitable with a responsive, SEO-friendly, and fully-fledged nature-related theme layout.