Best Real Estate Website Designs for Realtors and Brokers

What defines these templates as the best real estate website designs? Well, you can try any of them free and check how easy it is to edit the pages, add new rental offers and showcase your services as a broker or a real estate company. On this page, you will also find hotel website designs, ready websites for homeowner associations and construction and remodeling designs. Just choose the one that fits your business needs!
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Real Estate Web Design - Frettalo

#1 Reason Why You Need Best Real Estate Website Designs

The best real estate website designs have a lot of common features. They all are hard to find, easy to manage, and fun to browse through. If you want your business to be represented by one of the best real estate website designs, then look around. The collection of broker website designs from MotoCMS contains 100% customizable, SEO-optimized, and responsive websites you can make use of immediately!

Real estate agents and brokers have demanding schedules. To begin with, you need to work on your negotiation skills regularly. Another big part of your day is setting appointments. Also, you have to meet your customers in person several times, which is really time-consuming. And most importantly - being a realtor means that you are always stressed as you should meet your prospective clients; expectations and find the house of their dreams quickly. In short, average real estate agents have a lot on their plates 24/7. It is easy to predict what would happen if you added; manage a website; to your daily to-do list.

A demanding schedule is the #1 reason why it makes sense to opt for best real estate website designs, like SaaS websites from MotoCMS. Optimized for search engines and mobile-friendly, these realtor website designs are supervised by the experienced tech support team 24/7. Any issues related to the installation, hosting services, updates, or the customization will be addressed in a timely manner and with minimal efforts on your part. How great is that, right?

How to Choose Best Real Estate Website Designs?

Before you make the final decision, make sure that the web design you like belongs to the best real estate website designs with the following features:

  • created for non-technical professionals (not relevant if you have an MSc in IT, which most of us do not). Needless to say that as a realtor or broker, you should not feel helpless every time you need to announce dates for the next open house or download photos and videos about the new dwellings on sale. With MotoCMS, you can check how user-friendly our SaaS web designs are during a free 14-day trial.
  • equipped with a visual website editor that allows you to modify your website quickly. This is exactly what makes SaaS websites from MotoCMS so popular. Thanks to the advanced drag-and-drop Website Builder, you will be able to change the layout and the design of any page on your website.
  • simple in terms of hosting. For instance, all Saas web designs for realtors and brokers are package deals that include the Website Builder and hosting services at reasonable price.
  • SEO-optimized. There is no need to remind you how high the competition in the real estate market is. That is why to build the solid online presence, usually, you need years. But with MotoCMS and its SEO toolkit, your website will get visited more often than you expect.

So, choose the best real estate website designs to represent your business in the best light possible!

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