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Joomla Templates

Joomla templates are basically ready-made designs for websites running on Joomla CMS. A Joomla template package contains files and code and graphics and modules that determine the look and the functionality of the website after you’ve installed the theme and populated it with your content.

Please welcome the Joomla templates from TemplateMonster – so beautiful and dynamic, all at your service! In this section we’ve gathered our complete collection of them, including the themes made for different Joomla versions as well as templates made with various technologies (such as Flash or jQuery for example, you all seem to really love these extra features).

With every Joomla template that you buy from us not only do you get a premium design but also free support services from our team (in case something goes wrong for some reason). And picking the right item out of our collection of Joomla templates won’t be hard – with a vast variety that we have, you will have no problem finding the right design for any kind of business you can think of! Browse them right now!

If you still find working with a template a little challenging for you, you could at the simplest level just download a Free Joomla 3 Template and see how to do something with it. Maybe how to install it, how to customize the design. You will then be doing a much better job with this type of product, which is very simple in fact.

Key Features

Responsive Nature

Why is responsive design so awesome? Because it provides superior experience across all devices no matter what resolutions they support. Users can feast their eyes upon your wonderful website at any display size. Slider and all site components are made fully responsive to provide perfect UX.

Additional Extensions

Image Swoop slider, carousels, tabs, an advanced Newsflash module, Google Map plugin, social sharing buttons and counters – you will get everything you need to create a website with rich functionality.

Advanced Navigation

You can have a responsive menu with unlimited multilevel dropdowns for better usability on your website. Also, there is an ability to select from various dropdown animations available.

Advanced Commenting System

Joomla 3 themes are provided with Komento, a full-featured commenting system that comes with voting and rating options.

Vast Amount of Module Positions

Joomla themes contain 14 module position rows that allow you to have over 80 module positions on the page. Arrange your module the way you need. Create any layout you want.

Animated Portfolio with Filters

Filter option for portfolio allows the customers to apply filters by categories. There are also various CSS3 hover animation effects included for your portfolio.

Installation at Ease

Templates are delivered with a full-package installation archive that simplifies the installation procedure to several simple steps. All modules and additional extentions are bundled together and can be installed in a couple of clicks

Custom Page Types

There are two custom page types added to the framework: Gallery View and Category Blog. You can easily create the gallery and blog layouts selecting appropriate page type in the menu manager. Layouts can be changed without affecting other Joomla pages.

Select a Domain Name

When thinking of a domain name for your online resource, remember it must be concise and simple. Also, make it recognizable and informative since it influences SEO and serves branding purposes. Most often you can simply buy the domain name from the hosting provider.

Select the Joomla Hosting Provider

Selecting the right web host is another step on your way to online success. Make sure to choose the web hosting provider that has reasonable pricing policies combined with top-quality 24/7 tech support. Also, pay attention to the uptime and page load speed rates, for they influence the performance of your website.

Once you’ve purchased a Joomla template at TemplateMonster.com you can also use our offer and get 1 year of BlueHost with unlimited bandwidth and 50 Gb disk space for $35,4 only.

Download Latest Joomla and Install it

To ensure the proper functioning of your web resource, download the latest Joomla 3.6.5 version from the official website. If you have questions regarding Joomla installation, you may look up the Joomla documentation. In case you need help, TemplateMonster’s Template Tuning team will assist you with software installation and setup – check the additional offers when buying Joomla template.

Purchase Joomla Template

As soon as Joomla is installed on the web hosting service, it’s time to opt for the appropriate theme from the collection of our Joomla templates.

If you’re looking to get the templates for a specific Joomla version, you can check out our Joomla 3.2.0 – 3.6.x themes as well as older Joomla 3.0.x – 3.3.x themes.

Extra Offers with Every Joomla Template

Ready-To-Use Website – our Template Tuning team will fine-tune a chosen template to make it a ready-to-use website for $299 only. Besides, 1 month of special facilitation is included.
Installation – to save your time and effort you can order template installation by our Service Center. Once you provide the access details to your web hosting server, the installation will be completed within 3 hours.
Adding your logo – our Service Center will add a client’s logo to the template within 12 hours once the complete access details are provided.
Changing color scheme – our Service Center will change the color scheme of the template to the one you prefer within 24 hours once the complete access details are provided.
Multilanguage Pack – our Service Center will install the multilanguage package within your Joomla template with all required languages. This also includes the language switcher and the multilanguage plugin installation.
Speed Booster – our Template Tuning team will optimize and speed up your website to boost conversion rate and help you get good search engine ranking.
SEO Audit – our Template Tuning team will help you make your website visible in search engines. SEO audit will deliver the analysis and guidelines on how to implement the optimization recommendations on your resource.
Prime SEO Pack – our Template Tuning team will help you boost your website traffic and sales using social networks.
BlueHost – get 1 year of BlueHost hosting with unlimited bandwidth and 50 Gb disk space and other benefits.
Hackers and Spam Protection Pack – our Service Center will improve your website’s default protection using a number of professional tools suggested by TemplateMonster’s experts.

Joomla Modules

Joomla has a number of modules – versatile extensions used to modify web pages. Basically, Joomla modules are programming code that gets the data from a website database or Joomla components. It is possible to place a desired module into any predefined module position within a Joomla theme. Take a look at the most used modules you can try:

Articles – Newsflash module is an amplified version of the default Joomla Articles Newsflash module. Apart from the standard module features, it has extra configuration possibilities and Bootstrap based module templates.
Articles – Single module is geared to place a single article into the needed position.
Bootstrap Collapse module allows to show a set number of Articles from a particular Category or a selection of Categories. It’s more advanced compared to default Articles – Newsflash module. It has basic styles and supports the collapsible components like accordions and navigation.
Bootstrap Tabs module shows a set number of Articles from a particular Category or a selection of Categories in a tabbed layout.
TM Ajax Contact Form is a contact form module for Joomla engine. It helps to add a contact form on any Joomla page. AJAX requests facilitate data transfer, so the page is not getting reloaded.
Komento module is a Joomla component allowing you to add comments to Joomla articles.

Joomla Templates Extensive Documentation

TemplateMonster provides extensive documentation for Joomla templates – anything you need to know on how to install, customize and update is covered in Joomla Quick Start Guide with even more tricky details in the Joomla tutorials section.

If you already have a Joomla 3.x template, you can figure out how to set up a default Joomla page and find out how to change the footer copyright message. Also, if you want to switch a language of your template, learn how to configure a multi-language site based on Joomla 3.x.

Find out how to move your site from localhost to live host. This tutorial will be helpful in case you have already installed and tested the Joomla template on your local machine, configured it according to your needs and want to transfer your website to the live host.

More on Joomla Templates

Why do you need our Joomla templates? We can name at least three striking reasons to get them at TemplateMonster!

  • The ultimate collection! Here you will find over 700 Joomla templates of premium quality. New Joomla themes are produced daily.
  • Stock Photos that are included into the template previews that you see here are yours to keep – as long as they’re within the template-based website. That means you won’t have to spend money to get relevant stock photos for your website.
  • Professional Support! You get 24/7 free support via Live chat, phone support or tickets system. Besides, we offer a good archive of free tutorials and help info.

All Joomla themes are arranged into subcategories:

Joomla 3.0-3.3.x Templates

Joomla 2.5.0 – 2.5.x Templates

Virtuemart Templates

What is Joomla! CMS?

Joomla! CMS is a free, open source content management system for managing a website content through a simple and functional interface. It means that you don’t need any special coding skills to customize your website based on our Joomla themes. As you know, Joomla! CMS platform has similar features with the Mambo CMS (Joomla! is a variation of Mambo, but Joomla Themes are not compatible with Mambo). Joomla! is licensed under the GNU General Public License.

The Joomla! name is used under a limited license from Open Source Matters in the United States and other countries. TemplateMonster.com is not affiliated with or endorsed by Open Source Matters or the Joomla! Project.