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What are HTML5 Website Templates?

HTML website templates are pre-made layouts for websites based on HTML5 and CSS3 code. They come with JavaScript, Bootstrap and other frameworks. A typical HTML download package offers a number of website pages, stylesheets and JavaScript files made with valid and well-commented code. The theme with PSD files allows modifying the appearance, while you may insert the content using a code editor.

We harbor the richest ever website templates collection - pre-made web designs created by web development industry experts. Not only do we offer you the variety of design styles and topics, we also guarantee the high quality of our products through our established quality assurance procedures. Which is more, our website designs come with 24/7 support, are easily customizable and can fit virtually any online project.

Our web templates are designed and developed according to all the contemporary web standards by professional web designers. Use our handy search form to find the website that fits your project best of all.

Top Features of HTML5 Website Templates

Fully responsive

Fully responsive websites provide excellent experience on all devices no matter what resolutions they support. Everyone can enjoy the fabulous look of your website at any display size. The slider and other components are made to be 100% responsive to produce optimal UX for different environments.

Well Documented

You get excellent documentation along with the product. These brief manuals give a detailed instruction on how to install and customize the item. Also, you can use these handy cheat sheets to find product's features, as well as what plugins are used.

Vector Icons and Web Fonts Integration

We provide Google Web Fonts. You will be able to instantly customize size, color, drop shadow, and just anything that can be done with CSS. It also presents a variety of fonts thanks to Google WebFonts service. This allows you to choose whichever font you want for your website. It's an essential part to influence people's preferences and mood.


Some parts of our html templates are built using Bootstrap framework so that all Bootstrap styling options, scripts, and components are available for you. It's one of the easiest frameworks to work with.

Cross-Browser Compatibility

We guarantee that our templates will be displayed properly in all modern browsers, including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Safari. They will appear in the same design and layout without any changes or deformations.

TM Add-ons

Along with design you also receive a strong functionality. Almost all themes have a working search box, the contact and subscription forms. You will find the instructions on how to use them in the documentation.

Filters of Website HTML5 Templates

You are welcome to look through various features enabled in HTML5 templates.

Browsing the wide range of multipurpose website templates you are free to select the perfectly fitting theme crafted with every type of online project in mind.

In case you favor well-structured and organized layouts, we would recommend looking through one page website templates. Clean, uncluttered designs help readers to concentrate on initial information, which is great for readers with a short attention span.

Let your visitors experience a dazzling 3D illusion with contemporary-looking parallax website templates. This stylish web design technique won't let your web page be forgotten. In its turn video background themes will create a WOW-effect and impress those who follow current trends.

If you are battling a long-term job hunt we offer you a straightforward solution. Set up an online resume with CV website theme, highlight your dedication and creativity, impress an HR of a desired vacancy and get that ‘Hired' status effortlessly.

Launching an art-related website and want to showcase your photography and artwork? Then portfolio and gallery website templates are your best bet.

The sky's the limit when it comes to extended functionality and features of HTML page templates. Don't hesitate and check for yourself!

Free or Premium HTML Website Templates

When you are on our web page you get a possibility to choose the type of the theme: free or paid. Obviously, when you start doing business you require to spend less money and get more results. When you select a template instead of a custom solution it already economizes your money and time. But there are some cases when free items are useful. To clarify everything, please, check the difference between free and premium products.

  • Variety. We have more than ten categories that may match every line of business. But when you select a free item the circle narrows. You don't receive such variety as with premium ones. Free products are good if they are suitable for your project.
  • Technical support. Feeling confident that you get support in case you meet any issue with editing is one of the keys to success. We provide free technical assistance for the paid products. It means that live chat is always open for you. Our specialists are always happy to guide you, send useful tutorials and assist you with any questions.
  • Functionality. Premium items are fully functional ones for creating amazing websites. You get all the needed features with the theme. But we wouldn't say the same about free items. They are nice if you are going to create just an informative website or one web page.
  • Skills. If you have never worked with HTML, free products are a good opportunity for you to gain experience. It's fine when you start something and don't have enough skills to finish it. Free items would be an option for you to test how everything works.
  • Guarantee. We provide full guarantee for our premium themes. It means that if something doesn't work properly you receive a refund and assistance to fix it.

What are the benefits of HTML5 Website Templates?

Low price.

There are free themes, but you won't get support for these items. Most ready-made HTML5 templates cost between $30 and $100. Its price is a one-time fee, with all taxes included. We provide lifetime usage licenses. There are no usage time limitations or additional charges. You may use the product as long as you need.

Easy to use.

Even a person who is far from programming can figure out the customization of the purchased item. However, in order for it to look professional in the end, it is still better to contact a web specialist. You may check our development services to find the best offer for your project.

Development in a short time.

A ready-made template saves you from the additional time spent on coding and design. All you need to do is customize your theme carefully and check it before launching. You are able to change the text, images. colors. logo and all the content.

Ready site vision.

When choosing a template, you choose the appearance of the future site. This also saves time, because in many cases the designer goes through a lot of ideas before finding the right one. Live Demo is the best way to check how the theme works and which features it has.

Future updates.

When you go with any HTML5 template you automatically receive all the future updates that our developers will release. You will get an email notification when it happens.

Documentation. It's important to know that we provide clear documentation to every theme. There will be guides on installing to hosting, changing content, working with CSS and JS, and more.

Which Topics do we have for HTML5 Website Templates?

We are sure that you may find the right design for any line of business. Here are main topics that we have:

  1. Business & Services. It's the most popular topic among our customers. It includes Security, Agricultural, Environmental, Law, Transportation, Hotels, Industrial, Media, and Finance categories. They will work for you if you are going to create any related project.
  2. Fashion and Beauty. Suppose you have a cosmetics store. In the modern world, it's an essential part of every successful business to give your clients a possibility to purchase your products online. In this topic you find the items for fashion stores, beauty salons or clinics, flower boutiques, or jewelry shops.
  3. Sport, Outdoors and Travel. If you are the owner of any sports club, for example, baseball, football, basketball, cricket, a website is the best way to attract more visitors or share important information. This category also includes Travel themes. It means that creating web pages about different tours and pictures is feasible.
  4. Design & Photography. Nowadays every business needs web pages for a successful promotion. And photography projects are no exception. You can show your best photos to prove your professionalism and get more clients in future.
  5. Food and Restaurant. Via a website your customers are able to select the preferable table and make reservations online. You may also display the menu along with the pictures of dishes. Grocery Store themes are also available to sell the products online.
  6. Education & Books. More and more people do their business online. Especially, it concerns courses and training. With our HTML5 web templates we allow creating the most effective online education project.
  7. Medical. When a clinic has a website it's possible to book an appointment with a doctor or get consultation online.

There are also topics such as Cars, Home, Family, Computers and more.

Tips to improve website layout

Usability / Accessibility:

  • Use a logo: link to the home page. Sounds simple, but it is a great time saver for your visitors.
  • Make your links explicit: It's easy to change links and make them visible in the background of your site.
  • Make the text readable: do not bother yourself with how to cram all the text into the visible part of the page, thereby eliminating the need for visitors to use scrolling. Let the text breathe freely, increase the line spacing and add white space. And feel free to increase the font size.
  • Add the ability to contact you: Seemingly simple, but if visitors don't have a way to contact you, they probably won't be able to report problems with your site.

SEO Optimization:

  • Add title attribute: Add this attribute to your main menu links. This small step will increase the SEO appeal of the page.
  • Create a sitemap for search engines: There are many sitemap generators out there that will create one in minutes. By doing this, you can very quickly increase the visibility of your site for search engines.
  • Optimize your meta tags: check if they match the theme of your pages and fix them where necessary.
  • Link to internal pages: This is often forgotten, but it is worth linking from the main pages to the internal ones, which are located at the lower levels.


  • Rewrite: re-read the main texts of the site. If you are not interested in them, rewrite them.
  • Simplify: try not to use too many special words and expressions, replace them as much as possible with simpler and more understandable ones.
  • Don't overdo it: people won't be hanging around your site all day. Try to concisely provide your visitors with basic information. Empty chatter is not for websites.

Which types of websites can you create with HTML5 templates?

What kind of site do you need? Which site will fulfill the assigned tasks and how can you save money on its development? Define clear goals for which you need a site and, in accordance with the tasks set, select the type of site.

  1. Introduction site - the name speaks for itself. It is an information and image representation of the enterprise on the Internet. An introduction site is a variant of an advertising brochure posted on the Internet with information about a company, goods and services. Mainly carries out representative tasks:
    • posting information about the company on the Internet,
    • the appearance of the site address on business cards,
    • placement of information about the site and the company in Internet catalogs and reference books.
  2. Corporate sites have a broader focus - such web resources are designed to show the corporate culture of the company, develop partnerships and increase sales. Such sites require a lot of work - constantly updating the content to maintain interest in the organization, and a serious approach to branding.
  3. The online store allows you to sell online. This is the ability to realize sales not only throughout the country, but also abroad; expanding the circle of buyers. The catalog of a good online store contains information about the product, including photos, prices, has the ability to sort and compare products, etc.
  4. The portfolio site is popular with freelancers. It allows you to post your work on the network in order to find potential customers.
  5. Personal sites, blogs - despite the constant development of tools for the rapid exchange of information, blogs are still popular and are not going to give up their positions. The target orientation of such sites is very different - people share their impressions, opinions, experiences in various fields (cooking, fashion, cars, politics, design, and much more).

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Some of our products become bestsellers such as Montroid2 and Brave Themes. But don’t forget about the one that we have created professionally with all the needed features - Multipurpose Intense. Intense is a set of robust scripts and plugins, and almost a thousand pre-made assets that you can modify in Visual Page Builder Novi.

HTML5 Website Templates FAQ

Can I edit the theme if I have never worked with HTML5?

Sure. Even if you are new in modifying it’s not a problem. We provide clear documentation, guides and tutorials that should help you a lot. Before starting, we suggest checking Animated Tutorials to receive more knowledge.

Do I get any support with your HTML5 web templates?

Yes, of course. Before selecting the theme we recommend joining the live chat to get assistance from the pre-sales agents. They are able to give you all the details, inform you about the features and find the right products that would match all your requirements. After buying, we provide free technical support for 6 months. The specialists help you with all the basic questions via chat or email.

Which hosting provider should I go with to use HTML Website Templates?

We recommend using hosting providers that we have already tested. We can guarantee a full compatibility and many benefits with the Suggested Hostings. For example, with BlueHost you get a 63% discount for a 3 years plan, free domain name or its redirection, 24/7 technical support, unlimited storage, free backups, email accounts, high-speed results, and more.

Can I resell your HTML products?

No, you may modify the design, add more content, change the logo and sell it as a ready project to your client. If you want to sell the items as they are, we have a good affiliate program. Check the details to understand if it works for you.