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Great look but very limited options! - really great look, I like how clean and pure it is - unfortunately a lot of unused code, slow even before I uploaded many pictures - very inflexible integration of the „owl carousel slider“, it is a very mighty slider but you get literally no options in the backend (just add pictures and text, no changing navigation elements, autoplay, video integration etc.), still the code is there, you just can’t use it (unless you know coding) - I could not even find options in the backend to choose between full page and non-full page slider as shown in the preview, so I had to find it in the code - very inflexible Portfolio pages: if you want to display more than some pictures and one sentence of text for each project, you have a problem. Customer service could help me add videos but that was about all. I had to find a workaround myself to be able to display the content I want and I am still not happy with it - the previous project / next project navigation is a bit strange, as it is projects, not posts, I think it should be the other way around - if I knew all of that, I would have built it myself with plugins for the slider, portfolio grid etc., that would have saved me time and effort and I would have had more option All in all I would not recommend it to designers for their portfolio pages. Chances are high you will want many more options. Only use this if you want it exactly as shown or are skilled at coding.
this look like a great template, but I would have liked to have a simple tutorial on how to customize.
My Customer like this template very well. U will like this template also.My Customer like this template very well. U will like this template also.My Customer like this template very well. U will like this template also.My Customer like this template very well. U will like this template also.
Schönes und minimalistisches Template. Es ist einfach Inhalte einzufügen und kleinere Änderungen vorzunehmen. Der Support von Templatemonster hilft jederzeit bei spezifischen Fragen oder leitet an jemanden weiter, der einem helfen kann. Jederzeit wieder zu empfehlen.
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