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Hoiet is a hotel WordPress theme and is fully responsive and created by Website Layout. You can create anything using the website, Home page, or service, Including about and contact
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GPL License WordPress Themes For More Confidence and Full Freedom

What could be better than building a unique and fresh website with a well-known CMS? Perhaps only if the selected engine has open-source code. Our GPL license WordPress themes open up exciting possibilities for both site creators and customers! You can make any changes, complement the template, and surprise your competitors. With GPLv3, you can forget about the one-time license. Just select an available theme and use it an unlimited number of times. These amazing WordPress themes GPL license open a new level of opportunities and possibilities for your business promotion. Their potential for editing and changing gives you chances to create something unique.

Don't forget that apart from the GPL license theme has plenty of incredibly useful features. Designed to make your user experience impeccable, they are easy to use and adjust.

The reality of modern life sets new standards in terms of presenting your business. You have to stand out among thousands of other companies. And we understand this fact extremely well. All the templates offered in our catalog meet the highest requirements of web developers.

They are your chance to organize digital sales or present your products and ideas correctly and properly. The multilanguage option allows it to explore the international market and work with customers from other countries. Globalization tendencies are still strong, and many people like to shop abroad. Don't wait; use this mind-blowing opportunity today to win new markets tomorrow.

Best General Public License WordPress Themes

Your freedom of action is fully available with our best templates. We have done our best to make it easy for you to edit and share any material. You have access to creating websites:

  • coffee shops, restaurants, bars;
  • nightclubs;
  • entertainment complexes;
  • medical centers;
  • cosmetology procedures salon;
  • charity organization;
  • software company;
  • car repairing;
  • interesting films and serials;
  • personal portfolio;
  • book sales;
  • blog with recipes.

Our templates will help you implement the coolest ideas and make the result competitive. Their adaptiveness allows using the WordPress GPL themes for other businesses. They are indeed a one-size-fits-all solution. The level of change depends only on your imagination and vision of the future website.

You can add new blocks to the source code and create new functions. The use of various available plugins is also possible. Include all the forms and buttons you want and change the design elements according to your requirements. WordPress theme unlimited license applies no boundaries and limitations. After purchasing, you can use your favorite template as often as you wish.

You can even share the source code after changing it according to the rules of the GPL license. And this fact makes the themes even more attractive for programmers and web developers. They can use the products as a tool in their professional activities and make even more beautiful sites for the clients.

Another advantage of these products is their flexibility. Even beginners can use them and do beautiful projects. The description of the creation process is in the documentation; after some trying, everyone can build their own site. A visual editor is especially useful for amateur developers because it allows editing in the interface without opening the code.

GPL License WordPress Themes Features

For easy creation, a high-quality worksite needs powerful features. You should pay attention to this primarily when you choose the site base. Do not be afraid to ask a question in the support service to find out the details. Best GPL WordPress themes include:

  • possibility to change the source code;
  • customization of any components;
  • adaptive design;
  • SEO-optimization;
  • online payment;
  • Retina ready;
  • built-in Visual Editor;
  • integration with Google Maps;
  • comments and feedback system;
  • Page Builder;
  • multilingualism;
  • registration, booking, search form;
  • parallax effect and ability to use video as background;
  • detailed documentation;
  • professional technical support.

All these features were implemented for the convenience of the customers and the site owner. They make building, editing and managing the resource easy and intuitive. WordPress theme GPL license allows you to add different changes and create multiple unique projects from a single theme.

If you experience any troubles with adjusting or setting up the products, you can find all the answers in the technical documentation or receive quick, professional help in the support. The experienced specialists are happy to assist you in case of any issues.

Visual editor facilitates the process of site creation, and the users rarely experience any difficulties. Adding or removing some blocks or media content is so intuitive that even a child can manage it.

The source code of the templates is already optimized. Its structure welcomes search bots, and the robots can index all the pages quickly. It also means a higher ranking of your resource in the search results. Other features mentioned above serve as SEO tools too. They boost user experience and increase convenience, which leads to a higher conversion rate. Use the SEO-optimized templates to improve your site ranking.

Google Maps integration provides opportunities for the creation of region-specific promotions, and your clients will appreciate the explanation of the way to your office. To evaluate the potential of these products, just imagine: it's not even a site yet, but you still have multiple instruments to make your business known.

Communication with potential clients is a passport to success. Use special forms provided by the template to improve the user experience further. A contact form allows you to receive the visitors' feedback and questions and react to them. The newsletter form keeps the customers updated regarding your sales and promotions.

The site is the face of your company, and you want to create a positive impression on the visitors. Thanks to advanced features like the parallax effect, you can build a modern image of your enterprise. The resource looks stylish, and surfing through its pages is a pleasure.

Buy GPL License WordPress Themes

The terms of purchase are extremely easy, even if this is the first time you want to become a buyer on our site. You need to select a product, and add it to your shopping cart. The next step is to select services (if necessary) and then fill out the form. There you need to specify your contact details, card number, and payment method. Everything is very clear. And if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our support team. Most of our themes are included in ONE subscription. It's a digital product membership service that offers access to a huge number of premium products for a small fee.

Before buying a certain item, you can preview them using a Live Demo tool. This real-time presentation shows the behavior of the blocks and forms and the overall picture of the site you can build. Obviously, it's just a demonstration. You can make something completely different from the variant you see in the demo. The designers' adaptiveness and flexibility provide an opportunity to make hundreds of unique resources from one template.

But you'll be able to create an impression about the theme's functionality and features. The full list of the characteristics is presented in each item description. After checking several products, you can make an informative decision.

GPL WordPress Themes For Bloggers

If you are a cool blogger, then this product is exactly the perfect one for you. Besides, the GPL license will allow you to make any changes and enjoy the result. The modern advanced features built into these products make the templates a perfect choice for people working in the digital realm. They are completely mobile-friendly, so your subscribers can enjoy your content anywhere. There is no need to return home and turn on the PC to watch a new video or to read a post.

GPL License WordPress Themes Questions and Answers

What is the peculiarity of WordPress themes GPL license?

The key feature is that this license allows you to modify the template and its source code according to your needs. You may also share the modified template according to the terms of the GPL license.

Where can I find the quality WordPress themes GPL license?

Refer to TemplateMonster. We have everything you need to start and develop your online business. Our products are gaining in popularity, and their number is growing every day. Please choose the best options and get it done.

What services are available for working with WordPress GPL themes?

We have services for any purpose: website setup, online store creation, content written service, SEO optimization, change of separate project parts, custom logo design, website creation from scratch, etc.

Which GPL license WordPress theme is better: paid or free?

It depends on your budget. If money allows you, use a high-quality premium product. After all, the functionality is much better there. If you are not sure, then choose a free one. You can also learn how to create a project and understand what you need for a more powerful result.