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September 02, 2016

  • - We updated the engine version to Joomla 3.4.8;

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    Bardzo dobry szablon u mnie wytrzymał wszystkie aktualizacje Joomla i modyfikacje. Szablon bez większych problemów pozycjonuję się lecz potrzeba uważać na H1 i h2. Łatwa edycja grafiki. Polecam nie tylko do lotów...
    Bardzo ładny i przejrzysty wygląd strony. Nowoczesny i responsywny szablon z dużą ilością plików do edycji typu .psd, a także dobrze dostępny support do strony . Polecam !
    Really nice template. It fits to our business very well. Template is easy to customize, is good optimized and responsive. Its working without any problems.
    Design is very good, but also very easy to use
    We are a web developing company GRANDIOSOFT from Slovakia / Europe. We develop elegant and unique websites and online stores with classic desktop design as well as with responsive design for mobile devices. We were looking for a nice template for our client. Our client had some important requirements, such as: - the design should have a picture of an aeroplane - the main colors should be white and blue - like the colors of the bright sky - it must be a modern layout, and should be of course responsive - it means it must be well displayed on all mobile devices Our client was very satisfied with the selected template - Private Airline Joomla Template. They really liked the main big photo in the top of the banner. Of course they were very satisfied with the structure of the homepage, as well as with the subpages of the template. Also the social icons in the footer are very well solved. At this step of the project we are not sure about the domain name, so unfortunately we cannot share a link of this website. We think the design is good as it is, it fullfills all the requirements of our client. Im sure that all the visitors of this new website will like this nice and modern graphics. During the implementation of this template we didnt have any difficulties - all the files and graphic elements were in the zip file, which we could download from our user account on templatemonster. Im sure if we need any help, the customer service of templatemonster will help us. I have very good experiences with people from templatemonster. I had contacted them several times in the past, and they always helped to solve our questions. This is one of the reasons why we buy designs from them. Of course the other main reason is that they provide high quality templates :) Our overall satisfaction with TemplateMonster is: excellent - 5 out of 5 stars We are looking forward to further cooperation
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