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This theme is amazing. I worked with this thyeme for yoga website and result is so wonder
This template is easy to set up and even easier to personalize. Its a very simple and clean look, and works for almost any genre of business. I was impressed with how cooperative it was to customize and how quickly I got my site up and running. I highly recommend this site for anyone needing a simple template. If youre looking for moving functionality and more complex page elements, this may not be the template for you.
This is a good theme and very versatile. It can be modified extensively. However, it is overly complicated and requires the Cherry Framework, which is, happily, included.
I purchased this theme for my yoga studio, but also realized I can use it for my other business. Its easy to use, customize and is pretty rich with features. It all depends on what you are looking for though, as I originally thought this theme looked pretty clean, simple and minimal, but then realized that it was still a little busy. I ended up purchasing an even more minimal and modern theme that really has nothing else going on except what is necessary. Either way, not bad!
Very easy to implement and work with! It was a real breeze installing the file replacing the graphics and move on.
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