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Describe the template youve recently purchased. What were the THREE most important factors in choosing this template? I would like to set up a website for a fishing Template style The disposition of things Tell us a bit about yourself. Are you a developer, freelancer or you do not have any technical skills? Im a freelancer What project are you going to use if for? Site for a fishing boat What is your clients business specialty? Website developments Is it going to be your website or you design it for your client? Ill design it for my client If you do not have your client, please tell us how satisfied he / she is with our template. Do you already know where this site will be set? Share its URL. My clients have not yet registered the domain Do you have any suggestions for improving this template / our service? A slideshow option What are the things that you would like to improve in this new product? Only an option for slides in home Would you recommend this product to a novice, seasoned professional or both? Both Have you contacted our support? Yes If yes, what was the quality of customer service you received? Rate your overall satisfaction with TemplateMonster. Perfect
Адаптивный удобный шаблон для Wordpress. Установил для сайта базы отдыха, очень быстрая настройка, всё понятно и удобно. Рекомендую данный шаблон для сайтов об отдыхе и рыбалке. Сайт создается для себя.

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