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Take it from an I.T. guy with almost 30 years working experience, there is no quicker and more affordable way to deliver a high quality website than using Templatemonster. Anyone who can edit html finds themselves rapidly developing and delivering great looking sites. I highly recommend using Templatemonster and trust their customer service with any issue that may arise. I can write this because Ive dealt with them on various issues and they are very responsive and always fair. Thanks Templatemonster for doing what you do.
I purchased a developer license for this product and I am more than happy, if you know how to write html at all this template system is fairly easy to use. I know for sure my next purchase for www.purequalitywebsites.com.au will dome from Template Monster. 1000%
A lot of complaints on here from non designers. Template monster is not for those new to web design, but doesnt take years of experience to grasp either. The files dont come as a template but as a mock website, lets call it. You have to copy and paste the portions of code into a template file and create one yourself (if you require a template, I do) One complaint is that the names of the javascripts and style sheets seem to be worded in a manner to confuse the designer, possibly requiring help from template monster. But nothing you cant figure out in an hour

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