Hazel - Rent minimalistiskt mångsidigt WordPress-tema

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Created: 8 feb. 2018

Updated: 11 apr. 2024

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Update 4.3 (22 May 2024)

  • [ADDED] Option to open social link in a new window or tab
  • [FIXED] PHP 8+ notices
  • [FIXED] Project Video on mobiles
  • [UPDATED] WP Bakery page builder plugin
  • [UPDATED] Slider Revolution Plugin
  • [UPDATED] ContactForm7 Plugin
  • [UPDATED] Cubeportfolio Plugin

Update 4.2.4 (9 April 2024)

  • [FIXED] PHP $muindex error
  • [UPDATED] Contact Form 7 plugin
  • [UPDATED] Slider Revolution Plugin

Update 4.2.3 (18 March 2024)

  • [UPDATED] WP Bakery page builder plugin

Update 4.2.2 (5 March 2023)

  • [FIXED] Dropdown on shop pages
  • [FIXED] Update pages on Frontend editor
  • [FIXED] PHP notice on page.php
  • [UPDATED] Update Documentation
  • [UPDATED] Slider Revolution plugin
  • [UPDATED] New Child Theme
  • [UPDATED] WP Bakery page builder plugin

Update 4.2.1 (13 December 2023)

  • [FIXED] Change author name to “Display name publicly as”
  • [FIXED] Child theme
  • [FIXED] Fix woo commerce mobile
  • [FIXED] Hide/Show only on Scroll Down/Up imagesLoad issue
  • [UPDATED] Update cform7 vs demo file

Update 4.2 (21 November 2023)

  • [UPDATED] Slider Revolution plugin
  • [UPDATED] Ultimate Addons plugin
  • [UPDATED] WP Bakery page builder plugin

Update 4.1.9 (18 September 2023)

  • [UPDATED] Slider Revolution plugin
  • [UPDATED] Ultimate Addons plugin

Update 4.1.8 (7 August 2023)

  • [ADDED] Support WP Bakery blank page
  • [UPDATED] WP Bakery page builder plugin

Update 4.1.7 (1 August 2023)

  • [ADDED] Support WP 6.2+
  • [ADDED] Option to disable theme google fonts (Requires a HazelOptions Save after the update)
  • [FIXED] Style tabs responsive
  • [UPDATED] Slider Revolution plugin
  • [UPDATED] Ultimate Addons plugin

Update 4.1.6 (11 June 2023)

  • [FIXED] Sub menu items styles
  • [FIXED] Icon envelope social widget
  • [FIXED] Dropdowns style mobile
  • [FIXED] Scroller font size issue
  • [FIXED] Blog animations
  • [UPDATED] Slider Revolution plugin
  • [UPDATED] Ultimate Addons plugin
  • [UPDATED] WP Bakery page builder plugin

Update 4.1.5 (5 January 2023)

  • [FIXED] Issue in the menu colors from the previous vs(4.1.4)

Update 4.1.4 (4 January 2023)

  • [ADDED] tel tag to the topbar number
  • [FIXED] ContactForm 7 style issues with the new plugin version
  • [FIXED] Contact for quote
  • [FIXED] Search mobile issue
  • [FIXED] Global style improvements
  • [FIXED] Top bar issue with option Hide/Show only on Scroll Down/Up activated
  • [FIXED] Hide/Show on Scroll Down/Up option break with cube popup
  • [FIXED] Better styling and function for testimonials without feature image
  • [FIXED] Dropdown position on safari
  • [FIXED] Megamenu position issue on safari
  • [UPDATED] Slider Revolution plugin
  • [UPDATED] Ultimate Addons plugin
  • [UPDATED] Hazel plugin

Update 4.1.3 (3 November 2022)

  • [UPDATED] Slider Revolution plugin
  • [UPDATED] WP Bakery page builder plugin
  • [UPDATED] Hazel plugin

Update 4.1.2 (13 September 2022)

  • [UPDATED] Slider Revolution plugin
  • [UPDATED] Ultimate Addons plugin

Update 4.1.1 (27 July 2022)

  • [FIXED] Password protect issue on pages and posts
  • [FIXED] Contact info widget align issue
  • [FIXED] Container on projects with Polylang
  • [FIXED] Global CSS Improvement

Update 4.1 (30 June 2022)

  • [FIXED] Header 4 line effect
  • [FIXED] Footer fullwidth
  • [FIXED] Double logo on high resolutions
  • [FIXED] Tel input styles

Update 4.0 (21 June 2022)

Hazel 4.0 is a completely new theme, new admin panels, new code organization, one click, new demos, new elements and much more!!

  • ADDED: 4 amazing new demos (Split OnePage, Blog, Photography, Bold Multipage)
  • ADDED: One Click Demo import functionality
  • ADDED: 50+ new Options for Style and Customization
  • ADDED: New Framework and Admin Panels
  • ADDED: New options for templates and mobile
  • ADDED: Enhanced Admin panels and functionality
  • ADDED: New Blog Grid and Blog Options
  • ADDED: New Header Layouts
  • ADDED: New Page Builder Elements
  • ADDED: Styled Tabs and Timeline
  • ADDED: More 20 Hazel Templates
  • ADDED: New Theme Documentation
  • ADDED: Code Optimization and CSS improvements
  • ADDED: Options for blog metas
  • ADDED: Option to enable/disable comments
  • ADDED: Option to enable/disable navigations
  • [UPDATED] Slider Revolution plugin
  • [UPDATED] WP Bakery page builder plugin
  • [UPDATED] Cubeportfolio plugin

NOTE: Changelog for the previous theme has been deleted since it doesn’t affect the new theme.

103 Reviews for this product

this look like a great template, but I would have liked to have a simple tutorial on how to customize.
Hi, we added a new theme documentation in version 4.0 with more instructional videos and step-by-step instructions ;) Best Regards
I had two days trying to install the theme. In the end I paid template monster 39$ t do it for me. It's quite confusing to install, if Id have know before hand Id have just paid the 39$ upfront and saved myself two days of frustration. The theme itself is fabulous. Getting to grips with the Revolution Slider option is a must do, I paid for a full licence, and theres a really good instructional video on the rev slider website to help you. Response from author has been good regarding a glitch with the wpbakery editing plugin, didn't work from the preview your website header but works from within the pages section of wordpress. .
I am a beginner with Wordpress so, naturally, after I downloaded the HAZEL theme I had some questions understanding a few things. Then I opened a ticket and asked Template Monster's Support Services for assistance. They put me in touch with the author who is a wonderful guy and an amazing person. He went out of his way to accommodate my issues. I would not know how to thank him enough for his willingness to help, his response time, and for his amazing talent as a designer and programmer. Thank you so much!
Hola, soy Usuario nuevo en Template Monster. Era la primera vez que uilizaba una plantilla y cuando ví HAZEL no dudé en obtenerla. Desde el primer momento ha sido muy grato el trato con el instalador, si que es verdad que tardó casi medio día en intalarla ( en veza de 3 horas como pone) pero el resultado mereció la pena. Es una plantilla con 6 temas diferentes que están a la vanguardia de la último en páginas web. Aun estoy configurando mi página ya que con tal cantidad de opciones, lo tengo muy dificil para decantarme. Estoy muy agradecido a todo el equipo de Tamplte monster y a los instaladores, así como la gente de facturación. Volveré a comprar pronto un saludo!
This is a very professional and well built Wordpress theme. I never had any issues requiring me to contact the developer. Everything is easy to edit and the pre-made templates were perfect. You can customize nearly everything you see. WP Bakery is one of my favorite editors for ease-of-use. Anyone can use this even with very little Wordpress experience. You can drag and drop most things which makes it easy to see your changes in real time.

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