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What a great template and so easy to use. Template Monster allows a very user friendly program that makes uploading the demo content easy and helps in the process of creating a great customized website. The support I receive if a question arises has always been prompt and informative. If there is something that requires additional assistance, they will create a ticket for you that you can refer to. Most responses come within a day. I could not be more satisfied with TM.
Its a good and reliable template. Some of the contained stock images are sitting pretty well in the final webpage.
I really liked the template. Many thanks to the developer and TemplateMonster. All the functions you need are conveniently located and without any problems can be replaced with your photos and authors text. The template is thought out correctly, without excesses and in full fits the perspective development. The only thing I would like in addition is the ability to easily change links and icons to other or additional social networks. Thank
I liked the modern look and feel of the website. The lay out and colours The features and what one can do to access the potential customers
We did not know what to offer to people to see our portfolio. We have a profiles in a lot of social networks but all of them contain different people. It should be one place with a sharing to everywhere to social. Thats was and idea to use a template like this. Amazing and ergonomic. It doesnt need anything else... just pictures. Just for some services of the client and full portfolio with posibility of sharing to Facebook and Instagram

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