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We purchased this template for our TV station. Its working out great! We love the layout, including the call to action button in the top right. We use it as a Watch Live link. The layout of the programming page inspired us to gather thumbnails and synopses from each of our producers. In the end, it is so much better than our old layout. We appreciate that the template is responsive. It fills the screen, no matter what device users are using. Thank you Template Monster! We will be back for more.
We were able to turn this template to a very nice website in no time. The template is so flexible and modern, easy to customize and fun to work with. very smart preview and easy navigation. Thanks to designer and to template monster. Tim
I never heard about TempleteMonster, I want to find a template for a Cristian tv channel, we now have our own develop to update photos and new programs for the channel, one of the first reason was its a fresh templete, has a intuitive interface and the description was to clare, I dont like the Joomla or wordPress, because I fell to slow everything on the interface. When I started my search, I try on another sellers of templates but the search its to shorts, so never find what I want, with you find all the thinks I search at the first. Iam a developer IOS,WEB, CRM expert, and is hard to my design and dont have that skill, so you make me my work to easy and I can give more time to developer. Definitely this template is for professionals. When I buy is was slow but the support help very nice we are on México and I recibe a call for YOU WOW amazing, I have never received such treatment. Thank you for you help again.
My client is very satisfied with the Channel website theme that was chosen for his media business. We still workingon it but the website will be live soon.



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