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ProCar - Car Parts Multipage HTML 响应式网页模板 #67239——特色图像 1ProCar - Car Parts Multipage HTML 响应式网页模板 #67239——特色图像 2ProCar - Car Parts Multipage HTML 响应式网页模板 #67239——特色图像 3ProCar - Car Parts Multipage HTML 响应式网页模板 #67239——特色图像 4ProCar - Car Parts Multipage HTML 响应式网页模板 #67239——特色图像 5ProCar - Car Parts Multipage HTML 响应式网页模板 #67239——特色图像 6ProCar - Car Parts Multipage HTML 响应式网页模板 #67239——特色图像 7ProCar - Car Parts Multipage HTML 响应式网页模板 #67239——特色图像 8ProCar - Car Parts Multipage HTML 响应式网页模板 #67239——特色图像 9ProCar - Car Parts Multipage HTML 响应式网页模板 #67239——特色图像 10


ProCar Version 1.1 (March 20, 2019)

  • - UPD: Bootstrap updated to versiton 4.1.3;
  • - UPD: RD Mailform;
  • - UPD: RD Navbar to 2.2.5;
  • - UPD: Owl carousel to 2.2.1;
  • - UPD: Swiper slider to 3.4.2;
  • - UPD: jQuery to 3.2.1;
  • - UPD: Google map instead of RD Google map;
  • - FIX: Minor bug fixes.


This is a great template for web designers and developers. Very clean code, very well organized, and very easy to edit if you have any experience with HTML and CSS. In the end, this template worked out perfectly for our customer - they were very pleased with the result. A clean, aesthetically pleasing and very professional template for any automotive industry customer. Well done template monster, make sure you keep this one in the rotation!
This is my first time using Template Monster and I had a very positive experience. Francesco and Miriam were very helpful and chat and I am overall satisfied with my purchase!
Great work again from Template Monster, this template incredibly helped us in a project that we needed to be deliver as soon as possible because of a special request from our client, he was about to start his business with a special event and the website was a must before the event. With this template we were able to deliver before the deadline. Our client was delighted, he thought the design of the gallery was amazing and he really the loved the animations of each section.
Très bon template, design PRO, facilité d’intégration des éléments en HTML et les .psd sont intégrés.



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Apache 2.0 或更高版本 Apache 2.0 或更高版本
PHP 5.4或更高版本 PHP 5.4或更高版本
Sublime Text2或其他版本, Notepad++或任何PHP编辑器
为了解压缩模板的ZIP压缩包: WinZip 9+ (Windows); Stuffit Expander 10+ (Mac)