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Food & Restaurant Responsive Shopify Theme 响应式Shopify模板 #64928——特色图像 1Food & Restaurant Responsive Shopify Theme 响应式Shopify模板 #64928——特色图像 2Food & Restaurant Responsive Shopify Theme 响应式Shopify模板 #64928——特色图像 3


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My partners and I are starting up a meal delivery company. I stumbled upon this theme and it caught my attention because of the really cool product builder in the theme itself. Before this theme, we have never seen this type of build before. The price was a little expensive, but worth it for what we were going for. Pre-sales customer service was great in helping to answer and provide more information on the theme. I also purchased the Premium store setup because they were so helpful. When I got the theme, it turned out to be pretty basic and missed a lot of functionality. I was limited in my customization and have now had to bring on another developer to customize what I need. For example, when you change the font size and color, it effects the entire website and not just that page. There are also issues/bugs/errors with the theme code to make parts of the theme not work properly. For instance, the theme had a cool delivery map feature, but the geolocation doesnt seem to work properly. I reached out to technical support customer service and have been getting the run around ever since. They have not been particularly helpful in helping me get basic questions answered or fixing what shouldve been correct when I purchased the theme. Mixed feelings on this purchase.
It is a nice template and very professional for any industry.



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