An online store that sells one, or single, product is a very specific kind of online store. Undoubtedly, it has a lot in common with ordinary online store websites. However, single product websites have also got their own peculiarities. If you want to create a successful one-product online store, have a look at the magnificent collection of Shopify themes and choose your perfect single product Shopify theme.

Why Use Single Product Shopify Theme?

Choosing a one product Shopify theme created by our professional developers and designers, you get a number of advantages. These merits will help you in creating an online store that will demonstrate your product to the best advantage. Examine the benefits that you get with a Shopify single product template.

Engaging Design of Single Product Shopify Theme

One-product online store means the whole site is dedicated to this product. On the one hand, creating a webpage devoted to a single product may sound like an easy task. It may seem that describing one item is much easier than classifying your goods and creating catalogs. On the other hand, launching a website for a single product store poses significant challenges. It is vital to create such a design that will draw people’s attention and convert them into clients. So, the design of a single product online store has to be captivating. It is necessary to think of all the elements that will help you to promote your product.

When you choose our Shopify single product theme, you have an opportunity to decide on a design that will emphasize your product best. Knowing the peculiarities of your product, you can opt for a specific theme. You may sell dinosaur-print clothes, a special kind of soap, mattresses for disabled, nutrition supplements, wireless headphones, handmade nebulizers, etc. In any case, you can choose a suitable theme category and browse a multitude of Shopify themes. We are sure you’ll find the best single product Shopify theme that will satisfy your requirements and assist you in creating an astonishing design of your store.

Responsive Layout of One Product Shopify Theme

Our team knows that more and more people enjoy making online purchases via tablets or smartphones. Thus, our designers and developers have created website themes with responsive design. In other words, choosing a single product Shopify theme, you’ll get a website that adjusts to various types of screens. You will not have to create two separate versions of your store - a desktop and a mobile one. You won’t have to worry about how your webpage will be displayed in different browsers, either. The responsive design of your Shopify one product theme will take away all the anxieties and worries. Stay assured that your online store will look amazing on any device.

Customization Options of Single Product Shopify Themes

It is straightforward to create a unique website for a one-product online store with a single product Shopify theme. The theme allows for different customization options, so you are only limited by your imagination. Particularly, you can adjust the background color of your store with different background options. Also, you can change the typography of your online shop. Opting for certain fonts can help you personalize your site and add style to your store. Moreover, you can choose a theme with various layout options. If you don’t need the grid layout for your store, you can decide on the design that will suit your needs best.

Easy-to-use Admin Panel

If you worry that you have no experience in creating online stores, we can assure you that you can keep calm. Each single product Shopify theme created by our team has got an understandable admin panel. This panel has multiple useful options for managing your online store. Additionally, you will learn to use this admin panel quite easily. In case you have any questions, you can study various guides and watch video tutorials. These guides and videos will clarify each step of working with an online store that you need to know.

Multiple Shopify Themes for One Product

Surely, to become successful, your single product store has to stand out. This is true both for the product itself and for your online store. As for the product, it should be captivating and not easy to find if you want to avoid competition. Regarding your online store, it has to bring your goods to the forefront.

Furthermore, the design of the site has to match the idea of your goods and showcase them to the best advantage. With a vast collection of Shopify themes by TemplateMonster, you can choose the best single product Shopify theme that will correspond to your requirements. Explore the collection of Shopify themes for single product and make your choice.

How to Create Online Store with Single Product Shopify Theme?

The creation of an online shop devoted to one product requires two things. First of all, you have to choose an appropriate single product Shopify theme that will be suitable for your product. Secondly, you have to adjust the theme to your needs. Careful crafting of your single product store website will definitely lead to successful sales. Follow the tips on how to launch your site and start selling your product in a short time.

Bring about Your Homepage with Single Product Shopify Theme

As we have already mentioned, the website of a single product store will be different from the stores that sell numerous items. It will be particularly noticeable on your homepage. Showcasing your goods on the homepage is a must on a single product store website. Remember to describe the product enticingly and make customers interested in it. Combine the design peculiarities and the description of goods to impress people instantly.

Benefit from Above the Fold Part

Above the fold is a part of the website that is visible on the screen without having to scroll. It is, in fact, the unit that will bring your products to life. All the attention of visitors has to focus on your product placed above the fold. Thus, the main task of this part of your homepage is to grab people’s interest, hold their concentration, and convince them to buy the item. The design of the homepage created with our one product Shopify theme and the description of the goods will be inviting people to scroll your page and explore your products.

Implement Clear Navigation with One Product Shopify Theme

Running a single product online store doesn’t imply creating just one page of the website. You have to think carefully about the choices that visitors will have. It will help you to add appropriate pages, create suitable menus, edit footers and headers, and make your navigation understandable.

The single product store website differs from ordinary stores in the way that it encourages customers to buy items directly from the homepage. This is a sure way to boost conversions, as the customers don’t waste time browsing multiple categories. However, this means that the navigation through the site has to be more than simple. You may add a lot of convincing information with a single product Shopify theme. At the same time, remember to apply links and anchors that will undoubtedly lead visitors to the ‘Buy Now’ button.

Add Noteworthy Pictures of Products

The best way to demonstrate the goods of an online store is definitely adding photos of them. The pictures give you the possibility to show what the product looks like in real life. Also, you can upload photos to demonstrate the specific benefits of your product. With a single product Shopify theme, you can easily add and manage the photos in your online store.

If you want to add high-resolution pictures to your site, consider getting one of our Retina ready Shopify themes. These website themes will guarantee the best perception of high-resolution images by people using various devices. You can be sure that your investments in photos of the product won’t be wasted.

Provide Detailed Descriptions with Single Product Shopify Theme

To convince your visitors and explain why they need to buy this product, it is crucial to come up with quality descriptions of goods. Adding such descriptions, you can provide various details about the features of the items you sell. Moreover, you can clearly demonstrate the benefits of the product. Remember to make the descriptions eye-catching and noticeable. People have to pay attention to the text and start reading it.

Organize Categories and Sections

Customers appreciate the possibility to choose, so even a single product store should have various options for clients. Surely, your product will have several variations to satisfy different clients. For instance, if you want to sell organic soap, it can have different fragrances and colors. Moreover, the soap may have different shapes, sizes, and designs. Thus, instead of the catalog with multiple products, you can create menus using categories and subcategories of your product. Furthermore, instead of the catalog, you can add the ‘Buy Now’ section. So, you’ll easily manage to lead people to the page where they can purchase the product.

Display Testimonials with Single Product Shopify Theme

To make your store more convincing, it is essential to add reviews of your buyers. It is possible to display the customers’ thoughts about your goods directly on the homepage. Posting testimonials is effortless with our one product Shopify theme. You’ll get an attractive design for reviews and make your store more trustworthy.

Involve Social Media Options

It’s hard to overestimate the influence of social media on customers. Knowing this, our team has included different social media options in each single product Shopify theme. Thus, using our one product Shopify store theme, you can quickly connect your store to social media to attract traffic to it. Furthermore, after people come to your site, they will also get the possibility to share the website content. Sharing information via social media is certainly a true way to build a stronger online presence and increase future sales.

Map Out Cart and Checkout using Single Product Shopify Theme

As people can choose and make purchases directly on the homepage of your store, they don’t wish to lose time. So, an understandable cart and a simple checkout process are a must for such a store. With our one product Shopify theme, you can adjust the shopping cart, making it easier for clients to place an order.

Demonstrate Related Products

Show your personalized approach to your customers by displaying them related products. When you add tags to your items, the section of related goods will automatically prompt your visitors to have a look at similar goods. For instance, you can hint to clients that they may like this item in different colors.

Intrigue Visitors with Animation Effects of Single Product Shopify Theme

To make your store page more engaging, you can apply animation to it. Additionally, you can choose one of the Parallax Shopify themes to add an astonishing Parallax effect to your webpage. This effect creates the feel of full immersion into the site. Consequently, it retains customers’ attention, making them want to explore your store.

Single Product Shopify Theme - Summing Up

A single product store is a peculiar kind of shop, and it needs special attention while designing. With a single product Shopify theme by TemplateMonster, you’ll be able to create an astonishing site suitable for your product. It will help you to focus all of your enthusiasm on selling one product better than anybody else.

5 Top Single Product Shopify Themes 2024

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Newelise - Jewelry Elegant Minimalistic Shopify Theme 69 53
Under+Wear - Lingerie Store Shopify Theme 69 75
Monpet - Pet Food Shop Responsive Shopify Theme 88 14
DOT. - Women's Fashion & Clothing eCommerce Elegant Shopify Theme 69 14
Pureleaf Organic Shopify Theme 49 28

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