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SmallSteps-幼儿园响应式WordPress主题 - Features Image 1SmallSteps-幼儿园响应式WordPress主题 - Features Image 2SmallSteps-幼儿园响应式WordPress主题 - Features Image 3SmallSteps-幼儿园响应式WordPress主题 - Features Image 4SmallSteps-幼儿园响应式WordPress主题 - Features Image 5SmallSteps-幼儿园响应式WordPress主题 - Features Image 6SmallSteps-幼儿园响应式WordPress主题 - Features Image 7SmallSteps-幼儿园响应式WordPress主题 - Features Image 8SmallSteps-幼儿园响应式WordPress主题 - Features Image 9SmallSteps-幼儿园响应式WordPress主题 - Features Image 10SmallSteps-幼儿园响应式WordPress主题 - Features Image 11SmallSteps-幼儿园响应式WordPress主题 - Features Image 12SmallSteps-幼儿园响应式WordPress主题 - Features Image 13SmallSteps-幼儿园响应式WordPress主题 - Features Image 14SmallSteps-幼儿园响应式WordPress主题 - Features Image 15SmallSteps-幼儿园响应式WordPress主题 - Features Image 16SmallSteps-幼儿园响应式WordPress主题 - Features Image 17SmallSteps-幼儿园响应式WordPress主题 - Features Image 18SmallSteps-幼儿园响应式WordPress主题 - Features Image 19SmallSteps-幼儿园响应式WordPress主题 - Features Image 20SmallSteps-幼儿园响应式WordPress主题 - Features Image 21SmallSteps-幼儿园响应式WordPress主题 - Features Image 22SmallSteps-幼儿园响应式WordPress主题 - Features Image 23SmallSteps-幼儿园响应式WordPress主题 - Features Image 24SmallSteps-幼儿园响应式WordPress主题 - Features Image 25

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The client was very happy with the theme as it presented a friendly atmosphere
Very nice template - easy to use, easy to modify, and even most of the default setting are just right, so I didnt have to spend too much time setting it up. :) Highly recommended. The built in photo gallery was a little unintuitive to use at first, but works really well once I realised how it wants to be set up, and looks great. :) If youre looking for a nice preschool or kindergarten template, this should be a good choice.
good easy to work with..good template. very easy to setup and have a good help file..
тема з шикарним вбудованим PowerBuilder-ом. чудові дизайнерські рішення і моменти верстки реалізуються просто, як дитяче Lego
I used this template for my picky customer who owns kindergarten in Toronto. She wanted to have everything including good design and easy to maintenance web site. Also it has to be Google friendly. So all pages needed SEO. So I bought seo module (Yoast) installed. Finally, web site completed very nicely as it was very easy to customize and straight forward to edit or add widget. Also already built-in sample pages helped me to create new pages based on sample pages provide. I really like this one.

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