How To Benefit From WordPress Themes With Video Background

When creating a new portal, you probably think about some important questions, for example, which CMS to choose, where to order a hosting service or which domain name to choose. Therefore, you'll be making several important decisions. One such solution is to buy WordPress themes with video background. Many modern portals now like to add moving content to their sections. Therefore, the products that you see above have gained particular popularity. But to get the maximum benefit from the purchase, you need to know how to choose the right product, who it'll suit and whether you need a video as a main design part of the website. Let's discover these issues. As a result, you'll buy and install the product and get amazing results.

Who Needs A WordPress Template with Video Background

Among the buyers at TemplateMonster, we see representatives of various activities. The following companies often purchase our items:

  • advertising and PR agencies,
  • web studios and marketing agencies,
  • online shops,
  • manufacturers of clothing, accessories,
  • food delivery, ready meals, restaurants, cafes,
  • pet supplies,
  • children's shops with toys, shoes, clothes, and food,
  • travel companies,
  • sale and rental of real estate,
  • artists, creative people, and models to create a personal portfolio.

As you can see, the directions are very different. Each of the firms has its activity specifics and requires a different approach to design.

However, we can single out several companies for which the WordPress themes with video background are especially relevant.

TOP Of The Customers Of WordPress Themes With Video Background

Below we give the most common examples among our clients when adding film content brings a positive result.


Firstly, these are advertising agencies. Many companies are proud of their cases and collaborations with well-known brands. Therefore, if advertising or marketing agencies create clips, they should show them as their brilliant job example. Placing such content on the site means visually showing your high status and quality of work.


Secondly, online shops or manufacturers of clothing, shoes, accessories, and sportswear. Now online stores are trying many different ways and tools to attract the attention of buyers. Some business owners decide to shoot short clips for each product line. Indeed, the possibilities for presenting dresses, sandals, hats, and sneakers are limited in the photograph. However, a cool and effective solution would be to upload the clothing display to a Home page. This content could be a recent ad campaign or its excerpt. This way, you can show more goods at once and interest potential buyers at first glance.


Such shops and manufacturers, such as jewelry companies, often buy TemplateMonster's WordPress themes with video background. This segment of the market has its specifics. You'll never be able to reveal the real beauty of the picture's rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Be sure to show the jewelry in motion to convey the brilliance of metal, the shape, and the beauty of precious stones. All this you can achieve by posting a promo clip on the site.

Flats And Decor

Fourthly, our products are popular with real estate sellers, interior designers, and home furnishes. A quality photo may do a great job in your case and attract buyers. However, think about how much more effective it would be to show furniture, decor items, or the placement of an apartment in a new building with the help of a template video background. In this case, you show your offer to a potential audience in all its beauty.

Clubs And Restaurants

Fifth, buying a WordPress theme with video background is incredibly relevant for the entertainment industry. This business category includes nightclubs, concert halls, restaurants, cafes, event organizations, and catering. Indeed, the plot you place on the website shows how you organize a holiday or event. It's also great if you demonstrate a special event you organized personally during a work practice.

Of course, many more examples can be given when the products you see above come in handy and give amazing results. So, learn all the features and advantages of layouts and implement the knowledge gained in practice.

Features Of WordPress Themes With Video Background

In addition to the fact that the template is useful to everyone who wants to place commercials on the Home Page, they have several cool features. Let's discover all the cool benefits to determine the layout's full potential.

Several Modern Demos At Once

With a few preview options, buyers also get several layouts to choose from the web developer. These several products are included in one cost. You only have to pay once and select the needed appearance among the proposed WordPress themes with video background. This proposition is beneficial if you have not yet decided on a specific layout option.

Drag & Drop Technology

This feature helps in the editing process. Buyers don't need to edit the code to change the appearance. It's enough to hold a specific element on the section with a computer mouse and move it where you need it. You perform all actions in the site administration panel. Changes are applied instantly in real time.

Latest WordPress Version Compatibility

This item allows installation on the latest versions of CMS.

Modern And Unique Design

Web developers try to create a unique look every time. At the same time, specialists try to consider the needs of specific types of businesses for which they make an offer. They add appropriate color schemes, follow a certain style in design, and so on.

100% Responsive

Remember, WordPress themes with video background easily and instantly adapt to any size of gadget. Therefore, it doesn't matter from which device the user opens the site. It'll look great on every screen size. Some elements of the pages change to adapt to the desired screen parameters. However, there'll be no drastic change to keep the same appearance as on the laptop. Check the Demo layout preview on smartphones, tablets, and laptops.


Promotion in search engines is one of the important stages in the company's development. With such an advertising type, this option will help you. It includes several implemented tasks that affect the speed of advancement in the search engine. In combination with the everyday work of writing SEO-friendly articles, writing the right descriptions for goods, and purchasing useful links, the feature allows you to get a place in search engine ratings much faster. You get a logical section structure that search engines understand better. Also, unique meta titles and descriptions are implemented, an understandable page URL and simple code are used, and much more.

Google Fonts

The variety is truly amazing. You have never seen so many fonts of different styles and designs. We advise you to follow the standard tips for selecting suitable options. Choose the right and readable fonts.

Colors Customization

Web developers create multiple color schemes to suit the needs of their customers. After all, there are situations when the appearance is fully consistent with the requirements, but not suitable colors are in buttons, frames, and other elements. In such a situation, choosing a color scheme will help. You select colors that combine great with your logo and blend well with other corporate symbols.

Header and Footer Customization

The top and bottom section's parts are the key areas where the user's attention is directed. After all, people are looking for the necessary information, terms of delivery and payment, company contacts, and other data on these page parts. Set up the header and footer as needed to get as many orders as possible.

Big And Cool Stylish Menu

Many potential customers are searching for needed goods through the menu. Therefore, the client orientation and usability of the site depend on how this design element is designed.

Smooth Scroll

This option is one of the most important design tricks that has been in trend for a long time. Keep up with the generally accepted norms regarding appearance.

Cross-browser Compatible

Now it doesn't matter in which browser a person opens a website. Everything runs perfectly, and the section looks amazing in any browser.

No Coding Knowledge Required

As mentioned above, you don't have to be a programmer to edit a WordPress video background theme. Drag and Drop technology solves this issue. If you prefer to edit the website code to get the result, the simple type of code is helpful. Web developers selected it to make the programmer's work simpler.

How To Choose The Right Video Background WordPress Themes

You will likely use the purchased template for at least several months. Therefore, the buyer should approach the issue responsibly. Follow a couple of tips, and they'll save you from unwanted purchases:

  • The demo gives you an idea of how your website looks after installation. Remember, all pictures and texts in the demo are just an example. Soon, your new content will be in the place of promotion pictures. Therefore, try to abstract away from the images and texts in the demo. See the WordPress themes with video background themselves.
  • Check out how appropriate the information arrangement on the pages is, the structure of the section, etc.
  • The product description allows you to fully understand the possibilities for editing and how the finished site will look in the final. Pay attention to the functions that are fundamentally important to you. It's useful to make a short list of options you cannot do without while editing the appearance.
  • It's worth paying special attention to additional bonuses. Usually, web programmers include free or paid plugins included in the price, high-resolution images, other editable graphics, several Home Page variants, and much more. On closer examination, it may turn out that a more expensive layout saves a lot of money on buying additional plugins and other important tools for an effective job.

The more detailed you study all the offer's components, the more likely you'll order the right product.

TOP Tips For A Stunning Website With WordPress Themes With Video Background

The clip that you want to use in the sections can be the main element to attract a potential audience. Consequently, the rest of the visual components fade into the background. Below we list what exactly should or shouldn't be highlighted in the appearance:

  • You can use the Buy or Put to Cart buttons you should highlight in any case. Perhaps you must select a more neutral color scheme so that the main focus is on the buttons. For example, black buttons are perfectly visible if the main color is white. At the same time, they don't draw all the attention to themselves.
  • Forget about the many additional animated effects and scrolling elements. They confuse the visitor. A person doesn't know where to look - at a slider or a commercial. These components of the sections are best placed below and maybe at the very bottom.
  • Use the online consultant carefully. This part of the site can also significantly overload the attention of a potential audience. Imagine a clip on the Home page and a constant pop-up window with a consultant. Annoying, right? Let the user deploy the online consultant himself if necessary.

What Would Be The Ideal Commercial

Let's write a list of requirements for this content.

First, create a clip only of excellent quality. Doubt any details of the plot or the used resolution are low? Not worth the risk. It's better to take a break and finish what you started to create the perfect content for the WordPress themes with video background.

Secondly, it's worth periodically changing the advertising clips. The same one is very annoying. Creating a unique and latest advertising campaign takes time. Prepare in advance.

Third, use a consistent brand style for the website, content, and ad campaigns. The discrepancy between a single style policy can confuse the audience. If you produce sportswear, the advertising campaign topic, which affects the classic style, is most likely inappropriate. However, there are cases and successful examples when marketers used contrast. The main thing is associating a new advertising plot with your goods.

Fourth, consider audio accompaniment. Not all people have speakers turned off; if music or loud noises are suddenly turned on, this may cause a bad reaction from a potential audience. It's better to allow the user to turn on the musical accompaniment. However, don't put too many accents on the audio track. Most people won't turn the music on.

Five Reasons To Partner With TemplateMonster

We were wondering why our customers returned to the portal for new purchases of WordPress themes with video background. Perhaps this information will be useful to the reader:

  • Ability to choose among offers from different web development companies. Thus, you see different approaches to making an appearance, find out prices, and what other additional options are included in the purchase.
  • Frequent discounts on good WordPress themes with video background.
  • Bulk download of many layouts at once by buying MonsterOne. The buyer can download unlimited goods included in the purchased tariff for a monthly fee.
  • Useful reviews from real buyers. TemplateMonster has its internal rating system. It's based on reviews left by customers.
  • Additional services and the ability to solve many issues simultaneously regarding launching a new project in one place. Among the popular services ordered are hosting, installation and configuration of the template, manager support after six months free period, and so on.

Every customer is important to us, so we value every opinion. Select the most convenient format of cooperation, and you'll be satisfied.

Significant Information About The Logo For WordPress Themes With Video Background

We all know perfectly well that with the help of a cool, recognizable, and bright logo, you may promote a brand and make it famous. Therefore, we have created an interesting overview of logo design's main and hottest trends. What should it be? Should there be small detailed graphics? What elements need to be placed there? What fonts to choose? You'll find answers to many questions by looking at this material.

WordPress Themes with Video Background Q&A

What are WordPress themes with video background?

Layouts change the look of your site. In this case, the main distinguishing feature is the ability to upload clips to the Home page. With the help of our goods, you easily attract the attention of a potential audience. Because the quality of the completed designs is beyond praise, buy and see for yourself the usefulness of the new appearance.

Is it possible to edit WordPress themes with video background?

Yes, our customers often edit templates. To do this, use the tips from the instructions. You'll find the manual along with the purchase itself in the letter that you'll receive by email immediately after payment.

How to set up WordPress themes with video background?

If you want to customize the template yourself, then use the instructions. You'll find this manual in the received email immediately after payment. The documentation is large and informative, and all the processes for making settings are written in an easy-to-understand language. Therefore, try to make changes, and don't be afraid to edit. If you want to turn to a professional to make changes, then we advise you to use additional services from TempletMonster. A complete list of the services we offer, anyone may discover here.

Is there support for WordPress themes with video background?

These layouts have support from web developer company managers. The good news is a six-month free period of using the support.