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Dan jerabek

Thank you, everything works fine, Good work. I recommend this temlate.

Thomas Kardakaris

New joomla templates again tries to leave behind their demons (somehow slow, somehow super-loaded). The new 3.x enginees are super user-friendly and faster than 2.x. You can easily adjust, but you have to search a lot for better extensions and plugins. The responsive modifications works good and you can see the results immediately. You need a lot of CSS costumization though to watch the desirable effect. Moreover, font-awesome seems cute, but being added into CSS is a little tricky... Keep on going upgrading! :)

Jana B.

I bought this template and changed the design for a non-profit organisation that's committed to helping women & children that are abused or in human trafficking. There were one or two layout problems but with the great help of Template Monster's customer service, I was able to fix it quickly with no problems. I must say, I don't buy templates from any other company just because of their great customer service!

Martti P.

Good buying and user experience. Nice theme purchase and installation was a breeze.

Maffizzoli Francesco

Fantasco ci lavoro da 24 ore filate, e non sono ancora stanco... assistenza favolosa. Grazie

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    Adobe Photoshop CC+

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    Editor PHP.

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