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Awesome template and awesome support. The documentation was really good as well. Hats off to the developers, was able to install with demo content, with help on support for outdated plugins, they sent me a newer version for the motopress. I did have to manually remove a few plugins and upload new ones but it I found that process online.
The template is great and we are using it. However please note that megamenu doesnt work on small resolution. The default home page is hard to configure (support was helpless with that). This template is recommended for wordpress savvy, I would not recommend it to beginners.
Thank you for your feedback. If megamenu worked on mobiles, the site would load too long and the overview would be damaged. As for the home page, it's made by shortcodes and quite easy in managing. If you experience any difficulties, feel free to visit our live chat - http://chat.template-help.com/ and our specialists will be glad to assist you.
Great template, everything what is necessary to make a great website
The documentation was full and easy to understand. The installation was quickly. Now Im adapting the template to my clients wishes.
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