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Churches, religious groups and Christian schools are often run in part on a limited budget, and reach out to people of faith across their communities. In the modern age, a stylish, easy to use website is essential for communicating with these people, and for representing your Christian organisation online. But without a commercial budget, or access to professional web design expertise, most churches and Christian groups are left to settle with ugly, free websites that can alienate their congregations.

Christian Website Templates are the answer. Instead of forking out much needed funds for a professional web design project, which can then take months and prove technically challenging to deliver, simply choose a Christian-themed design from our templates, and launch your website for a much lower cost. All the themes are professionally designed with Church and Christian groups in mind, and you can upload them immediately with minimal technical know-how to get a stunning, functional website.

Our templates come as sliced PSDs, so you can upload the files immediately, or make any changes you want to the design or graphical elements. The designs are fully-responsive too, so you know that the site will be accessible to all visitors across devices, and the coding is fully-compliant with up to date web standards.

Save money on a professional website for your church or group with a Christian Website Template today!

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