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Fully responsive nature of Magento themes provides great user experience no matter what screen resolution the viewing device has. The display size won’t affect excellent representation of your web page, so the users will enjoy an outstanding design of your website. Each and every website element, including an image slider, is fully responsive. This guarantees the best rendering under any circumstances.

Well Documented

All themes are provided with concise quick start instructions for installing and editing the template. The documentation includes the required extensions which have been used in the template or can be used in case of need. Keep it handy for future reference. Customizing your design is practically effortless with these helpful manuals.

Translation (Localization)

Our Magento templates are translated into 4 languages: English, German, Spanish, and Russian.

List/Grid Category View

Different views for products listing page are availble for your customers in our Magento templates. They can choose the mode they like most.

Responsive (Touch) Product Carousel

Magento templates offer customers the ability to view products in a carousel. You can easily arrange your product images in a responsive gallery with an ability to browse pics with fingertips on smartphones and handheld devices.

Icon Fonts (Retina Ready)

All icons are replaced with the icon fonts (except for star icons in a 5-star product rating). Being vector in their nature, font icons are crisp and scaleable. Be sure to get the quality of rendering on displays with a different PPI.

Magento Themes

TemplateMonster is proud to deliver you absolutely brilliant design products that have become bestsellers in the eCommerce world. Our Magento Themes are designed by professional and experienced web designers and you shouldn’t worry about their quality because we produce only premium eCommerce templates. There is no doubt that our themes will be very successful investment and your business will benefit from purchasing one of the Magento Templates from Template Monster’s collection. You’ve probably heard about Magento eCommerce engine – this is powerful and efficient software with user-friendly interface and a bunch of essential features. Magento community keeps growing everyday and TemplateMonster as great fan of this eCommerce solution supports its development by producing gorgeous Magento Themes.

Consider downloading a Free Magento 1.8 Bootstrap 3.0 Template. This sample template is given to our clients free of cost so that they may try a product before committing to a template purchase.

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Home Electronics Store Magento Theme #53323
Home Electronics Store Magento Theme #53323

Reviewer: Yulam T.

It looks good.

our website ,the one that wholesale iPhone LCD are using this template.our order already over 100 K. right now is going to buy another one from templatemonster

Stylish Bags Boutique Magento Theme #53982
Stylish Bags Boutique Magento Theme #53982

Reviewer: Filip E.

Very good Magento Template!

I recently bought a magento template for a furniture website. It is mostly for presentation but we have an on-line store too. We chose this template because it has the mega banners on home-page which lets our customers to see in the first place our products and services. The mega-menu is very good for our website because it lets our visitors to choose what they want to see easyer and faster. We loved the banners that are included in the menu. We also liked the design. It was clean and very easy to use. Very useful menu that is staying on top when scrolling. Because i’m not a developer with minimal programming experience, i bought the installation pack for my template. They were very fast and installed the website within 1 NON-business day! It was on a Sunday and was on the halloween promotion.. I thought that it will take longer to install the template because of the busy days with the promotions. I had a problem with the website on chrome. I don’t know why the scrolling had problems on chrome and the tech support was very patient and very helpful. They were very kind and asked all my questiens about the template. For a future magento template, it would be awsome to have included a cache module. Magento takes a lot of resources and needs this a lot! Thank you for your work and your templates! I will defently buy more templates from Template Monster!

Car Wheels Online Store Magento Theme #54541
Car Wheels Online Store Magento Theme #54541

Reviewer: Steven C.

Good Automotive template

Many attractive features. Big icons, support 1.9

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Considering huge popularity of Magento Themes, our team started production of the design products for this shopping cart as soon as it was possible. Magento templates have conquered the hearts of our clients and now it is hard to imagine our eCommerce templates section without these great products. We’ve tried to do our best in creating Magento Templates which will be as functional and effective as the Magento software itself is. So, it is a great honor for TemplateMonster to make such an efficient contribution into the development of eCommerce community all over the world. Based on TemplateMonster’s customers preferences we’ve made a list of Top 10 Magento Themes, go check it out.

What is Magento?

Magento is a perfect example of successful startup project that has evolved into the well-known leader of the industry within a short period of time. The team of brilliant web developers and marketers have managed to make an eCommerce miracle by reaching 450,000 downloads during 6 months. Magento eCommerce engine opens you a world of great opportunities by offering tons of great shop maintenance features including but not limited to slick website management, powerful payment system, flexible marketing tools and efficient shipping options.