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TemplateMonster proudly presents the new set of Photoshop Templates that provide you with 2 useful features. Firstly you get up-to-date design templates that contain Photoshop sources of website homepage and a subpage. The subpage in turn contains elements that are common for this type of web pages – such as icons, text fields, contact form and more. Of course all of the Photoshop files are fully customizable. It means that you won’t face any limitation in your modifications unlike if you worked with certain CMS platform design.

Besides, these templates give you a wonderful opportunity to become a real pro of working with Photoshop.

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Travel Guide PSD Template #57275
Travel Guide PSD Template #57275

Reviewer: Colleen R.

Travel Guide PSD Template #57275

This is a very nice template. It had more to offer than what I needed at the time, but it is very much worth the investment.

Solar Energy PSD Template #54297
Solar Energy PSD Template #54297

Reviewer: Peter T.

Solar Template

Very easy to receive the files of my template and all of the set up is being taken care. Thank you!

Travel Agency PSD Template #50956
Travel Agency PSD Template #50956

Reviewer: THAVANRUT S.


As a whole picture, I was satisfied. It is easy to use and nice template. Pictures arrangement on template is good. But, the grouping of product and buy button positions make us little difficult to use. We need to do many things before use it. Mannie

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