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Pet Shop Responsive 响应式Shopify模板 #54004——特色图像 1Pet Shop Responsive 响应式Shopify模板 #54004——特色图像 2Pet Shop Responsive 响应式Shopify模板 #54004——特色图像 3Pet Shop Responsive 响应式Shopify模板 #54004——特色图像 4Pet Shop Responsive 响应式Shopify模板 #54004——特色图像 5Pet Shop Responsive 响应式Shopify模板 #54004——特色图像 6Pet Shop Responsive 响应式Shopify模板 #54004——特色图像 7


CONS: slow theme with few customisation options for our needs PRO: it has a nice interface and suitable for a pet shop
Thank you for your feedback. As for your concerns about website loading speed, I can assure you that loading speed is a mandatory requirement for every template we supply. One should understand that there are many factors not related to the theme that can slow down your website response time. Therefore, wed appreciate granting access to your Shopify dashboard so that our specialists could have a closer look and render further assistance. Our company is a team of professionals in the sphere of creating websites, and you can fully rely on us.
This is a nice Template. It is really easy to use. I would like a little more customization to the look but it does the job.
Love the template, had a couple of issues on my end but reached out through Chat and the support was amazing. Very happy with product and support.
Installing and getting the template to work was really easy and straightforward. Highly recommended template for anyone who wants to open a pet store. I had an issue with CSS, and templatemonsters support solved my issue in 5 minutes! Awesome support and service. Thanks, Jackie
I love the templet that I received from templet monster. they sent me the link very quickly and they where there to help me set it up. I could not be happy with my templet. I will not get web templets from any other site. the team at templet monster where there any time I needed them and helped me out any way they could. if I had a problem and need help they would get back to me as fast as they could. I would recommend you go with them they are the best.



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