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This is an amazing theme. The client loved the design that we used for a film company. Its very well put together. We used it for a one page website for now but plan to expand it to a full website next. Its so flexible and dynamicl, we loved it. Thanks Template Monster - your quality control means we can buy with confidence.
I purchased this template a few weeks ago and got it installed quite easily – however, not as easy as I would have liked. As this is a Cherry Theme, there are 2 ways to install this theme, one is manually by going through various stept and the easy way is with an “activation key” provided at checkout. By entering this key, the entire process should be automated, including uploading of all the photos and content to your FTP. However, the activation key was missing. Daisy from Tech support admitted that there was a glitch and 2 days later I received the activation key. However, this didn’t work (sigh) so I ended up installing the theme manually. As I have some previous tech experience with uploading to FTP, I got through it with some help of the tech support that was actually very good. So my advice would be to opt for the installation by the pro’s, unless you know what you’re doing. The actual theme is very nice but you need to make sure that you change the standard language. If you don’t, just googling some of the used names in the testimonials, will reveal who already installed the theme and what they did with it. As standard, the mega-menu and news items were switched off, so I turned them on. Another thing I noticed was that altering text directly in Wordpress and not through the Visual Builder worked best for me. There are pre prepared pages with all possible styles such as slideshows, video page, photo page or just plain text stories. A pre arranged set of team members and portfolio items saves time and hassle by providing these for you. The same goes for the testimonials. Another important tip, in order to make the Goolge Maps on the bottom of the homepage and contacts page, work is to get the API from the Google website. This is free but must be asked for. It has to be inserted in Wordpress under the Cherry Options, scroll down on the first page and you will see it. All in all, a great theme that for me has everything in it.
Relatively easy to customise but support received on any questions I had was fantastic!
I have bought several themes from Template Monster and I found the Houston Wordpress Theme to be one of the most beautiful and manageable themes to customise. It comes with both Cherry (sitewide) and MotoPress (detailed) controllers as well as great inbuilt slider, team, services and mail presets. I am really happy with the end result. I highly recommend this theme to anyone looking for a clean and elegant website.
Really nice template. I really happy with it. Im currently doing some customizing this template, but theres no issue for doing this. Really recommend this. Great template!



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