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How to handle customers’ requests via the Vendor Cabinet?

mayo 1, 2017  | Categoría:Marketplace  | Autor: admin
This article contains short instructions and recommendations for handling customers’ requests via the Vendor Cabinet. Leer más
Hello, this article lists the most common reasons for product improvement requests on our marketplace. Leer más

How to become a vendor?Как стать автором?

febrero 28, 2017  | Categoría:Marketplace  | Autor: admin
Hi, this article will guide you on how to become a vendor on our marketplace. Leer más
This article provides a description of the most common product rejection reasons on a marketplace. Leer más
After your product has been approved for the marketplace, there are several ways to boost its sales. Leer más
All products added to the marketplace should include all files that can come in handy to the end user. Leer más
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