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18/10/2022 --Zip checksum error fixed 14/10/2022 --Joomla Version Updated. Smart Slider Updated. User reported minor bug fixed 09/08/2022 --Joomla Version and SP Simple Portfolio, Smart Slider, Yendif Video Share and T3 Plugin Updated. Documentation enriched and some of Extension-specific Tutorials added. 29/04/2022 --Joomla Version and Smart Slider Updated.

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Very easy to adapt for my client expectations. Some problems were solved very quick with TM support. f you used another templates club you must adapt to new style but it is quite easy. A lot of modules and styles lets you create what you need.
This template is very nice, the components built in it was sleek and very nicely put together. Templatemonster.com is the best place to buy template and they are always helpful. The author of this template Ali Murat YILMAZ was very mean and basically told me I was stupid, even thought I have 10 years doing joomla website for small clients. He is not very helpful to overcome minor issues like css color changes or update module pictures. I may not be as smart as Ali, but I will never buy a template from him again. this is how he speaks to me Ali Murat YILMAZ 12:39 PM There is nothing wrong with the module my friend it is being used for 2 years by a lot of users. It is inspected and published by Joomla Extensions Directory. I am a joomla developer for 15 years. There is nothing to be fixed. You are not an unexperienced joomla user that is all.

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Created: 17 mars 2022

Updated: 10 aug. 2022

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