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Responsive Jumerix Joomla #60060 - 1 Görüntü ÖzellikleriResponsive Jumerix Joomla #60060 - 2 Görüntü ÖzellikleriResponsive Jumerix Joomla #60060 - 3 Görüntü ÖzellikleriResponsive Jumerix Joomla #60060 - 4 Görüntü ÖzellikleriResponsive Jumerix Joomla #60060 - 5 Görüntü ÖzellikleriResponsive Jumerix Joomla #60060 - 6 Görüntü ÖzellikleriResponsive Jumerix Joomla #60060 - 7 Görüntü ÖzellikleriResponsive Jumerix Joomla #60060 - 8 Görüntü ÖzellikleriResponsive Jumerix Joomla #60060 - 9 Görüntü ÖzellikleriResponsive Jumerix Joomla #60060 - 10 Görüntü ÖzellikleriResponsive Jumerix Joomla #60060 - 11 Görüntü ÖzellikleriResponsive Jumerix Joomla #60060 - 12 Görüntü Özellikleri


Jumerix (May 24, 2018):

  • - Updated Joomla to version 3.8.8;
  • - FIX: minor bugs.

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Very good template with lots of possibilities. Lots of useable functions.
Nice template. I had little trouble finding all the modules to work but at last everything went fine.
i DONT recommend for joomla 3.7.2 and up, Swiper and Parallax module dont work well....
Hello Nestor, Thank you for your feedback. This template was made to be compatible with Joomla 3.7.2 and 3.2.0-3.6.x. Unfortunately, we dont guarantee the proper work on other versions. If there are any difficulties with modules, feel free to visit our live chat - . Our technical specialists will be glad to assist you!
Excellent template from Template Monster. Good, addaptive template. Easy to use, easy to modify.
I used this theme for a online training service. The theme was very easy to customize. I added few Joomla plugins for my purpose and they fitted well without any issue. I bought the installation as well and it ended smooth and with no problem. The customization of the template was easy even if not a Joomla expert. Above all I would recommend Template Monster staff and Ill use them again soon for my website projects.
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Its work with joomla last version too?. Or have to downgrade to 3.6 ?. Thanks.
Thank you for your comment, Nestor. This template will work with Joomla 3.7.x as well. Here also, our free tutorials for Joomla templates to help you with editing, please: Also you can use our live chat . Our senior operators work 24/7 and will gladly provide you with detail info about this template and additional services. Thank you. Kind Regards, Jenna Bennett
how do i remove the logout icon on the right side of the navigation meny
Thank you for your comment, John! Our senior technicians will gladly check this issue for you. Please contact our Support Team at and provide your admin and FTP details for further investigation. You can also join our live chat at to get immediate assistance. Thank you.
How to change background images on the Home page, like in the "HOW WE WORK" section?
In the admin panel navigate to Extensions -> Modules menu-> filter modules by the type "TM Parallax". See the screenshot: In the module settings in the "Options" tab you can change the Background image.
How to change icons in the "WHAT WE OFFER" section on the Home page?
You can see Font Awesome icons in the "WHAT WE OFFER" section on the Home page. To change that icons, you should perform the following steps: 1) Navigate to Content -> Articles menu -> filter articles by the "What we offer" category. See the screenshot: You will see the list of all articles in this category. 2) Open any of that articles and in the article settings switch to the "Images and Links" tab. In this tab you should change the icon class in the "Caption" field. See the screenshot: The list of other Font Awesome icons classes you can find on the site 3) Save the changes in the article and then re-load your site to see the changes on it.
How to edit contact form on the Careers and Contacts pages?
The contact forms on the the Careers and Contacts pages are loaded via the TM AJAX contact form module. The following tutorial will help you to work with this module and edit your contact form:
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