Joomla Online Store Templates

It is no secret that it is possible and even necessary to earn on the Internet. The introduction of computerization has affected all aspects of human life, including trade. E-commerce is gradually becoming an integral part of everyone's life. But how to stand out among the plenty of websites for online sales? How to create an eye-catching, exclusive, and reliable platform for e-commerce? With Joomla online stores templates, you will successfully compete with your counterparts, take leadership positions in the search engine, and multiply profits.

For Whom Are Joomla Online Shop Templates Beneficial?

The answer is obvious - for everyone. Templates will play to every user's advantage for several reasons. Let's find out what those reasons are.

The benefit to the store owner. If your business is no longer profitable or customers are suddenly leaving, it is time to change something. Start with customization. That's where the Joomla template for e-commerce will help you. Most templates can be used for different purposes. If you plan to run an ecommerce business with clothes, shoes, accessories, jewelry, household goods, tools, electronics, furniture, books, toys, or anything else - feel free to choose Joomla templates.

The benefit to the potential buyer. Competently created by the latest trends, this website will appeal to everyone. But if the website is easy to use, the reader will turn into a customer. Joomla templates for online stores have a wide range of features that simplify buying and paying. The customer likes it when the time and traffic are saved.

Joomla Online Stores Templates Main Features

There are certainly lists of the best online stores, the best apps, the best features. We offer you our selection of key features of Joomla e-commerce templates. They will help you create a strong, reliable, and thriving online business.

Mega Menu

When working with customers, it's important to provide quick access to products. But if you specialize in multi-product sales, how can a consumer find the right product quickly? To avoid long and agonizing searches, Mega Menu will make the process easier. You can use it to create categories, groups, and subgroups of products. It will give your website a professional look with the help of smart navigation.

Contact Form

The key to successful e-commerce is communication with customers. Communicating with your audience needs to be regular and in a variety of ways. The contact form allows customers to leave feedback, send an email, or request product information, even if you're on holiday. You need to establish a convenient way to communicate with your customers and stay in touch.


This is a must-have and one of the main components of an online store website. The gallery can contain a photo and video reviews of the products. What is important is that everything should be of high quality, minimalistic and clearly show the advantages of the goods.

Social login

What can attract the customer, except a large assortment and modern web design? Ease of use and a quick shopping experience, that's what. Social login will allow your consumers to authorize on the site with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other accounts.


If you want to succeed in online sales, adjust to the desires and preferences of users. Many people are not only using computers but also phones, tablets, or TVs for web surfing. A responsive Joomla shopping template optimizes content for any screen resolution. Your users will not feel the discomfort of using your services. Content will be readable and easily displayed on any device.

How to Attract the User's Attention?

Website design is your identity, your hallmark. There are many ways to customize your website to make it recognizable, original, and unique. Parallax is a great solution for online trading sites. Give your page vibrancy and style pace with parallax. Watch the video tutorial on setting up parallax. Experiment!

E-Commerce Joomla Templates Questions and Answers

Are Joomla online store templates SEO-friendly?

Yes. All Joomla templates for online sales are SEO-friendly. With the help of search engine optimization, your web resource can get a high ranking in search engine results, and you will get a flow of new users and save on other expensive forms of promotion.

On what browser works the website based on the Joomla store template?

Joomla templates for e-commerce have cross-browser compatibility. The website functions on all popular browsers, including Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, and others.

Can I sell my templates for online stores websites?

Absolutely! We are happy to invite you to become part of our team and become a template developer. With TemplateMonster Marketplace, your share from every sale is 70%.

Can I save money on buying Joomla templates for online stores?

You can. Save by purchasing! Sign up for a MonsterOne monthly subscription and enjoy a huge range of templates, technical support, regular updates, and reliability.