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The PlumberPro template is easy to modify. The mobile navbar html code was a little different than Ive seen, but once I understood the navbar data settings, it was easy to adjust.
I love this template!!! The customer is very happy with our professional job. The animation and color was great for his project. Thank you Template Monster for make my job more professional. Thanks again!!!
Its a really good template for a service or even a e-commerce website. Its really easy to edit, the only problem i find Its the documentation, its too simple and doesnt explain well what you have to do, specially in the calendar plugin
Die HTML-Basis ist, wie immer, bestens. So langsam wünscht man sich die Vielfalt an Features wie eine Suche-Funktion, die Mannigfaltigkeit in der Navigation und Unternavigation auch für solch kleinere Internetseiten. Insgesamt aber ein gute Webseite für einen Handwerksbetrieb.
The theme gives the possibility to built the personal site for self-promotion in a particular specialization.



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