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Very nice and useful template. At first it did not work on 7.2 php or higher, but I wrote to support, they told me where I need to change one word to another and after that everything works just great.
Very nice template. Ease to use, a lot of function there. Thanks for it.
The template worked great for our Tennis club. Greatly reduced the amount of work required. Actually had far more features than we needed, but thats a good thing. Especially liked how it worked for both phones and desktops, a requirement now for any new website. I hadnt used Power Builder before (included with the template) and I must say I really like it. Lots of additional flexibility over the stock Wordpress editor, although you are not forced to use it either if you like the old editor.
A complete template with all the tools needed to start a tennis website.
very nice design and suitable for mobile, desktop. tablet browser.



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The mod_rewrite Apache module The mod_rewrite Apache module
PHP 5.4 or higher PHP 5.4 or higher
MySQL 5.5 or higher
50 MB of disk space
Memory limit per process: 64mb (128mb or more recommended)
Apache服务器 Apache服务器
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