How to Grow Your Business With Event Calendar WordPress Themes

Every company closely associated with the organization or holding holidays, appointments with a doctor, and others need a special design for their portal. After all, for customers to be able to book tickets or visits to a specialist, they need a schedule of receptions or planned concerts. Therefore, you need event calendar WordPress themes. These items are intended exclusively for sites developed based on this CMS. The benefit of the layout on this page is a presentable and beautifully designed calendar where potential clients can book dates. With this tool, you can optimize work processes and reduce the workload of your administrative staff.

You must select the right item to bring maximum benefit from the purchased design. Below we'll discuss the advantages, features, and rules for choosing goods. Visit TemplateMonster to read, discover useful information, and purchase premium digital products.

Features of Your CMS

If you are looking for a perfect offer for a new appearance, then the question of choosing a content management system is already accepted. However, we will still reveal the most important features of WordPress to beginners:

  • Ease of managing. Note that based on many user reviews, this content management system is very intuitive. No one says you'll understand how to set up a website at a glance. However, thanks to the many simple and understandable manuals on the Internet, it's quite possible to master this CMS. This knowledge will help you with the basic settings and create a completely presentable website.
  • Free. Of course, Joomla or PrestaShop have extended paid plans. However, in your CMS the user has access to important basic settings for free.

Additional offers make your site unique, modern, stylish, and simply amazing! Among the list are plugins, templates, and other improvements.

What Is a WordPress Calendar Theme

Right above this text, you find just these goods. They help to change the look of your shop. There are many reasons for getting layouts. We'll talk about this topic a little later.

The main distinguishing feature is the presence of a separate plugin with a ready-made schedule with days, months, and years to choose from among the possible ones. You may specify a special date in it or schedule an appointment with a specialist. Also, website visitors can place an order for a service or particular product on a specified date, which adds even more convenience. The site immediately gets another plus in the way of customer focus. In addition, such an approach to sales instantly creates the feeling that the client has applied to a modern firm that uses the most effective tools to establish sales and friendships with the buyer.

As a result, the schedule integrated into the modern portal helps with the following:

  • Create the most comfortable conditions for the visitor.
  • Maintain anonymity when making an appointment with a doctor or ordering certain services and goods. After all, not every clinic patient wants to tell the hospital administrator in detail about the symptoms of intimate diseases. However, sometimes such information is necessary for making an appointment with a narrow-profile doctor. So, this way, you keep all the secret things of the customer safe.
  • Carry out sales. Many concert halls and holiday organizers have long used this tool for instant ticket sales. In this case, applying such an approach to sales promotion is not even worth considering. This purchase is obvious. The only question is how to choose the most convenient appearance for a potential audience.
  • Create the image of a fashionable and technological firm.

Thus, we see that our goods are useful when searching for clients. And for some companies, it has become even a necessity.

Here's What an Ideal WordPress Theme Event Calendar Looks Like

Of course, each firm has its style and brand aesthetic. But it's worth noting that all the items on this page are of excellent quality. Then you ask, how to get the right choice of design for the schedule? We give several recommendations about the appearance:

  1. The style should be similar to the appearance of the site. This point applies to many components:
    • The font you choose.
    • The color scheme.
    • The presence of strict lines or more intricate design elements.
  2. Providing a comfortable mobile experience should be the goal of a website's mobile version. Yes, many people are now buying and looking for services by mobile phone. To avoid immediately cutting off most of the potential audience, discover the preview of the layout for smartphones by clicking on the Demo button.
  3. A simple style is a plus. After all, a lot of distractions may confuse visitors. Try to impress with design techniques and modern technology through the portal's appearance, not the part where you need to make an order or reservation.
  4. Nice color scheme. Playing with contrasts, bright colors, and other strong techniques is also not entirely appropriate. Also, remember that some people have visual impairments and may not see the date and month of the year against a dark background. The information should be as readable as possible. The appearance shouldn't hurt the eyes.

With these tips in mind, you'll now get the right choice of meaningful tools for making orders on the website.

Benefits of a WordPress Calendar Template

In addition to the above, all offers on the TemplateMonster marketplace and this page have many features. It's thanks to these advantages that goods have become popular among buyers. Let's take a closer look at each of the important features.


It's impossible to imagine any legal business without promotion in search engines. Whether you represent an online store, a manufacturer of goods, or a private medical institution doesn't matter. Compiling a list of key queries on your subject and setting up website optimization for search engines is a prerequisite for a successful business.

That is why web developers pay special attention to this feature. You will not only get a fresh look, but also useful SEO improvements when you buy TemplateMonster digital products:

  • Unique and simple meta titles and descriptions for all sections.
  • A simple website code.
  • Page loading speed optimization.
  • A logical structure for placing information understandable to search engine bots.

Of course, these are examples of only part of the work done. However, you should know that this option helps search engines quickly understand what position to assign to your shop in the ranking. The function enables you to get the desired result faster, combined with the planned standard work on SEO promotion.

Responsive Design

The number of your potential audience depends on how convenient, cool, and presentable the shop looks on different devices. The amount of purchases by smartphone and tablet users is only growing yearly. Who knows, perhaps the number of such buyers will soon exceed the number of laptop users. That's why you need a responsive and well-organized layout for your website. After installing the template, all sections become flexible and easily adapt to different screen sizes of gadgets. Note that the number of various screen parameters is huge. The process of adaptation of pages occurs automatically. As a result, having opened the site, the user sees a portal optimized for his gadget.

Drag and Drop

Both beginners and advanced specialists love this technology in website editing. After all, now you don't need to learn programming to move individual parts or elements in the site sections. Take a computer mouse for these settings. Your actions principle resembles how you move folders on the laptop desktop. In this case, all the settings are applied immediately. You don't need previews or additional actions to apply changes.

Drop Down Menu

It's extremely difficult to imagine a modern portal without this convenient menu. It gives more style and modernity to the look. All event calendar WordPress themes have this component integral to the design. Animation effects and movements are smooth, so they won't badly affect vision. You may also change the menu structure to load all categories of goods and services there.

Google Maps

To show that you are a trustworthy and legal company, be sure to write all possible contacts. A hospital with a feedback form and one phone number in the Contacts section looks unpresentable. Some users may refuse to visit because such secrecy on the part of the firm doesn't inspire confidence. Be sure to post all your offices using Google Maps. This opportunity makes building a route and planning a client's visit to your company even more convenient.

Lots of fonts to Choose From and Multiple Color Schemes

These advantages play a significant role when our clients make a purchasing decision. Selecting a suitable font from dozens of proposed ones isn't difficult. However, it's worth paying special attention to the suggested color schemes. Think about how logically certain colors combine with the ready-made corporate logo. Will the proposed design go against the corporate style and brand book?

Which Companies Need Event Calendar WordPress Themes

If we talk about the situation when you have to select templates, then we highlight the following most common:

  • The outdated appearance of the portal no longer copes with its key task, namely, the presentation of goods in the most favorable way.
  • Re-qualifying an organization or adding new services requiring new functionality on the website. For example, you want to complete a competent company reorganization and start registering for advanced training courses or visiting the doctor using the site. For this, you need event calendar themes.
  • Project rebranding. Thus, a new color scheme for the portal, a more modern version of the logo, and other important components of the rebranding are required. To have money for a qualified designer, you better custom-ready-made event calendar WordPress themes for the site and pay money from the budget for small orders to the designer. For example, creating a logo. By the way, on TemplateMonster, you'll find many additional services for developing your business. Unique graphics, presentation templates, text creation, and graphic content are not a complete list of web services offered.

Thus, you may see that the list of situations where our goods are useful is quite large. Experts recommend refreshing pages and sections with a new look at least once every five years. It's not about global things. It's just worth choosing a style similar to the previous one but with a more modern interpretation.

Separate Reasons to Buy a Ready-made Business

When buying a business from a seller, you usually plan many tasks. Sometimes this list is big. It isn't uncommon for people to resell firms. In this case, you get the old site as well. Remember that before you refuse to use the outdated website, it's better to consult with a specialist. Perhaps, despite the unpresentable appearance, the portal has a reasonable weight in search engines. With a little redesign with the help of event calendar WordPress themes, you'll get a great, modern, and technologically advanced site. With its help, you'll achieve normal positions at the TOP of search engines, and a cool layout will create all the conditions for a comfortable and pleasant shopping experience for your customers.

How to Use the Event WordPress Theme in Practice?

There are several companies for which a template is simply necessary. Let's list the following activities:

  • Medical institutions.
  • Concert halls.
  • Educational courses or professional development training.
  • Holiday organizers.
  • Night clubs.
  • Cinemas.
  • Booking companies for air and train tickets.
  • Children's entertainment and holidays.
  • Zoos.

Of course, many more activities can use such a tool. We have named only the most popular ones. Now let's consider for what purposes and which event calendar WordPress themes are chosen by specific firms.

Medical Institutions

The list of these companies includes private clinics, hospitals, psychological consultations, laboratories for testing, and similar firms. For them, first of all, clarity and conciseness of appearance are important. After all, making an appointment requires rigor and restraint in design.

Thus, you'll see quite concise layout options. The plugin is useful primarily for making an appointment with a specialist or for certain medical procedures.

Entertainment Sphere and Event Calendar WordPress Themes

Concert halls, organizers of mass concerts, nightclubs, cinemas, theaters, and zoos are united by common goals. Their main task is to sell tickets for certain dates and times.

An event calendar WordPress theme with a more creative appearance, bright colors, decorative elements, and animation is most appropriate in this case. Don't forget that readability and functionality are the most important goals. A user should not be distracted from buying tickets for the concert by anything, and the main focus should be on booking.

In the case of medical institutions, instant payment isn't required. This feature you may customize according to your wishes. After all, a visit to the doctor can be postponed or noted by the patient due to important reasons. However, when booking seats for a concert, it's advisable to immediately set up the possibility of paying online. This plan guarantees you instant sales. Also, be sure to protect your e-tickets from counterfeiting. Use unique codes or other means of protection against fraud.

Reservation of Air Tickets and Seats on Railway Trains

Everything is pretty simple here. Visitors look at free places for specific dates and choose routes that are acceptable to them. The main focus is on the appearance of dates and the month or year choice. People may easily read only readable fonts and numbers for selecting a specific date.

When selecting color schemes, follow a single concept for sections of the site and pages for booking air tickets. The main color may have different shades. But don't create dissonance with the main color range of the portal.

How to Event Calendar WordPress Themes Order on TemplateMonster

Making a purchase is easy enough. To do this, you need to take a couple of steps:

  • Decide on the template you like and love.
  • Go to its page.
  • Once again, ensure that the event calendar WordPress themes demo and features meet your requirements.
  • Add a template to your card by clicking on the big green button on the right side.
  • When placing an order, fill in the data with current contacts.
  • Add additional services if required. For example, installation and configuration.
  • Pay for the buy.
  • Receive the template with instructions for use by email or other ways specified during the ordering process.

The purchase is very easy to manage. Try it. All the steps are quite intuitive.

How to Save Money on Event Calendar WordPress Themes With TempletMonster

For our customers to receive the maximum benefit, we always try to select only the most valuable goods at reasonable prices.

In addition to improving the website, some proposals include cool bonuses to help save you money.

However, TemplateMonster has added additional options for saving your money:

  • Constant sales on a selected list of offers. During our sales, we only set discounts at random, ensuring fairness. You will see popular and useful products and new items among the promotional offers. The discount can be up to 40%.
  • MonsterONE - wholesale buy of event calendar WordPress themes. This cooperation is a monthly cost with different conditions. A common feature of any MonsterONE tariff is an unlimited number of downloads of layouts and other products within the purchased package.

Remember that the main feature of the offers above this article is affordable rates. Therefore, it isn't always necessary to wait for discounts. Even a small business with a starting budget can afford such a buy. So don't wait too long. Discover what web developers offer, make a choice, and buy.

Reasons to Choose Event Calendar WordPress Themes from TemplateMonster

Firstly, we can proudly say that we have worked in our field for more than ten years. You can be sure that the company's managers know which products are of high quality and worth choosing. Therefore, visitors can see the marketplace's TOP offers from well-established web designers.

Secondly, TemplateMonster isn't only a marketplace for buying event calendar WordPress themes. Here you'll find other useful services:

  • Setting up and installing the newly purchased template.
  • Creation of unique graphics for your needs.
  • Development of a logo.
  • Writing text and graphic content for the future portal.
  • Templates for creating presentations.
  • Hosting.
  • Site optimization.
  • Website or online store on a turnkey basis.

As you can see, the marketplace is more than just a place to buy designs.

Thirdly, constant sales and a comprehensive solution from MonsterONE make our offer for cooperation more interesting, profitable, and attractive.

Video on Using Website Templates to Build a Website

Discover more information about website creation. Watch this useful video, and don't forget to subscribe to our official channel on YouTube. Here anyone will find many useful tips for business.

Event Calendar WordPress Themes FAQ

What are event calendar WordPress themes?

This product isn't only a new design for your portal. It also has a special plugin that allows visitors to book dates for various concerts, buy tickets, or make an appointment with a consultant in different areas. The layouts are very flexible and adapt to different screen sizes. This feature allows you to reach users of other gadgets - laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

How to choose an event calendar WordPress themes?

Go to the product demo. This page shows a template preview and what the site will look like when the product is installed. Please note that the texts and images included in the demo are for demonstration purposes only. They are not included in the purchase. Instead of pictures and text in the demo, there will be your unique content. The description of the characteristics also affects the choice. Therefore, please read the product description carefully. Check if there are all the necessary functions for a successful result.

How to set up event calendar WordPress themes?

For settings, please use the instructions that came with the purchase. Each product has its manual, considering the template's features. The web developer created the documentation. The specialists tried to write all the necessary step-by-step instructions in an accessible language. So don't be afraid to try editing yourself.

Is there support for event calendar WordPress themes?

A product author will provide free support for six months. Such an addition is provided to all TemplateMonster buyers.