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Responsivt Ian Peterson Joomla-mall #58526 - Funktionsbild 1Responsivt Ian Peterson Joomla-mall #58526 - Funktionsbild 2Responsivt Ian Peterson Joomla-mall #58526 - Funktionsbild 3Responsivt Ian Peterson Joomla-mall #58526 - Funktionsbild 4Responsivt Ian Peterson Joomla-mall #58526 - Funktionsbild 5Responsivt Ian Peterson Joomla-mall #58526 - Funktionsbild 6Responsivt Ian Peterson Joomla-mall #58526 - Funktionsbild 7Responsivt Ian Peterson Joomla-mall #58526 - Funktionsbild 8Responsivt Ian Peterson Joomla-mall #58526 - Funktionsbild 9Responsivt Ian Peterson Joomla-mall #58526 - Funktionsbild 10

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I recently bought this template I bought it for a client that has a store makes and sells custom shirts and clothes. I am going to start and tell how awesome are the templates from template monster. This template was perfect for this client because he wanted to put a shirt at homepage. The factors that I have when I choose a template are a lot. The first one is that is from template monster smile but it’s true. The templates I find here are clean and simple and it’s very important for me. This means that the info is very fast and clear to the people that are visiting the website Its very important to say to the people that visiting the website what you do and how you do it very fast. The second reason I choose this template is for the fixed homepage image. A big image with a man that wears a shirt. That was what my client wanted from the beginning. Put his work at the homepage. I couldn’t ask for more from template monster. The third and important reason I choose the template is for the design it’s a very special template different from the others when you see it you can tell that its custom made like my client work so its fits like a glove to him. I what to talk about me a little. I am a web designer and I make websites for living. I don’t know any think about coding, html, css. But thanks to template monster I can provide for my family. I can tell you a lot for choosing a template from template monster the really work very good but the most important reason to trust template monster is the support the provide. It is more than support it works 24 h to 24 and they solve all of your problems. All of you should really try to feel the experience of the support they have. So anyone can make templates but little support them in the right way so I choose template monster. This was the important reason that I choose this and not only this all the templates I get. Template monster create it …. you should get it. Thanks a lot from Greece, keep on the good work Spyros Romano
Really nice template clean classy and easy to change with your own images and text. Happy customer
I like this templates, i am glade to use and its very easy. thx
Very nice template easy & simple! Nothing more and nothing less.
I like this template a lot. Easy to install as well! My customers are very happy with it!
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