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Modicate - Webbplatsmall för webbdesignstudio - Funktionsbild 1Modicate - Webbplatsmall för webbdesignstudio - Funktionsbild 2Modicate - Webbplatsmall för webbdesignstudio - Funktionsbild 3Modicate - Webbplatsmall för webbdesignstudio - Funktionsbild 4Modicate - Webbplatsmall för webbdesignstudio - Funktionsbild 5Modicate - Webbplatsmall för webbdesignstudio - Funktionsbild 6Modicate - Webbplatsmall för webbdesignstudio - Funktionsbild 7Modicate - Webbplatsmall för webbdesignstudio - Funktionsbild 8


Modicate Version 3.1 (February 26, 2021):

  • UPD: bootstrap to 4.5.3;
  • UPD: swiper to 5.3.1;
  • UPD: popper.js to 1.16.1;
  • UPD: wow to 1.1.3;
  • UPD: pageTransition to 1.1.4;
  • FIX: Minor bug fixes.

Modicate Version 2.1.1 (November 17, 2020):

  • UPD: SCSS optimization;
  • UPD: Scripts updated;
  • FIX: Project structure;
  • FIX: Minor bug fixes.

Modicate Version 2.1 (March 26, 2020):

  • UPD: Pug optimization;
  • UPD: SCSS optimization;
  • UPD: JS optimization;
  • FIX: Minor bug fixes.

Modicate Version 1.4.1 (December 12, 2019):

  • FIX: Minor bug fixes.

Modicate Version 1.4 (March 22, 2019):

  • ADD: Preloader Plugin;
  • UPD: Bootstrap updated to versiton 4.1.3;
  • UPD: Owl carousel;
  • UPD: Lightgallery;
  • UPD: Google map;
  • UPD: Progress Circle;
  • UPD: Progress Linear;
  • FIX: Minor bug fixes.

Modicate Version 1.3 (June 13, 2018):

  • UPD: Bootstrap updated to versiton 4;
  • UPD: Lightbox changed to LightGallery;
  • UPD: Rewrite JavaScript initialization;
  • UPD: Improve JavaScript code;
  • DEL: Social plugins;
  • FIX: CSS styles;
  • FIX: Other minor bug fixes;

Modicate Version 1.2 (September 12, 2017):

  • UPD: RD Mailform;
  • UPD: RD Twitter Feed;
  • UPD: RD Flickr Feed;
  • UPD: RD Navbar;
  • RPL: RD Parallax to Material Parallax.

Modicate v 1.1.1 (June 10, 2016):

  • Instafeed plugin changed by FlickrFeed Plugin;
  • Twitterfeed plugin fixed.

Modicate v 1.1 (April 12, 2016):

  • Instafeed plugin added;
  • Twitterfeed plugin added;
  • Booking form added;
  • Typography fixed;
  • The template's main menu is updated.

43 Recensioner för denna produkt

The functions are very complete, simple and easy to use, and the price ratio is very high. I look forward to more excellent products in the future.
Didnt have any issues with using the template. Nor did I need any technical assistance. Everything worked to my satisfaction. Great template.
В целом шаблон хороший. Все довольно неплохо проработано. Не понравились, вид и форма всплывающих окон. В частности, очень инородно выглядит поле поиска.
It is an easy theme to use, and it has guides of the symbols that you want to use on your website. It is also ready to use the required index style, and the sample can be edited directly, with content appropriate to the occasion. It is also a very beautiful theme where you can use a landscape, such as a very calm and pleasant facade for people who visit your page.
The template comes with great graphics. Files and folders are organized and easy to follow.

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Adobe Photoshop CS+ Adobe Photoshop CS+
Sublime Text2 or later, Notepad++
For uncompressing a template ZIP package: WinZip 9+ (Windows); Stuffit Expander 10+ (Mac)