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Ho acquistato questo template e devo ammettere che sono molto contento (come le altre volte) anche se in questo caso non ho avuto bisogno di assistenza so che il servizio è molto efficiente e rapido. Apprezzo molto lofferta di un servizio di supporto basato su tempestività, competenza e cordialità. La qualità è molto alta, i template sono altamente personalizzabili anche da chi non ha particolari conoscenze di programmazione. Consigliato.
We recently bought a template Theme #51771. It is fully functional and responsive template. The site is ready, we buy next one!
this template is beautiful work excellent. i really recommend
Seleccionamos esta plantilla porque la estructura y colores encajaba con la página web que queríamos crear. Somos desarrolladores, nos dedicamos a crear sitios web. La plantilla está instalada en el dominio La instalación resultó sencilla, y fácilmente adaptable a los contenidos que deseábamos nosotros. Ya hemos comprado otras plantillas para nuestros clientes, y seguiremos comprando las plantillas en Template Montser
Excellent template, a bit limiting with the icons, but overall good customizability.
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can I change the colors of the blue and white to be other colors, can I assign a different color for the off content margins?
Thank you for your comment. Regarding template #51771 Yes, you can change colors as you wish with Adobe Photoshop CS+ for example or via CSS file. In any case please visit our Pre-Sales chat or give us a call at 347 342 0463 and we will provide you with assistance.
Hi guys. We currently use this theme, and we were wondering if it is possible to resize the slider on the homepage? We'd like to not have it take up the full-width of the page. Where would we make that change? Thanks in advance,
I use the free version. The settings of the slider I made allow to specify the width and height. By default, it's "auto". Try with a fixed number. (Sorry for my bad english...)
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