Best WordPress Blog Themes

These custom WordPress blog themes come loaded with plenty of cool features that will give your website more functionality and a brand-new look. You don't need to hire a developer to customize it, as even users without coding skills can easily adjust any of our WordPress Themes in only several minutes.

With the TemplateMonster, you will find solutions for any website or online project. In addition, you save time and money as you purchase a ready-made product. So there is no need to design the theme from scratch and wait until it will be ready for use. Using one of these creative personal blog WordPress themes, you get a fully functional website in no time without any extra costs.

Micro-blogging has become quite popular in recent years, so it's only a natural wish for many people to try their hand at it. Why not? If there are a bunch of micro-blog WordPress templates - use them. This way, even 100+ characters allowed in a micro-blog message won't be limited. Also, there are other types of WordPress themes for posting the latest and most interesting stuff online. Just take a look at WordPress magazine blogger themes.

As you see, there are endless possibilities for those who want to be bloggers and gain online popularity. All you have to do is choose the appropriate template and try it!

Who Benefits from WordPress Blog Themes?

Creating a site on the WordPress engine is a high-quality and exciting result. Your platform will have many features.. It is a delight to customize prepared templates because they allow you to embed various functions, including blogs. The blog has long been a tool for interacting with customers. It would seem that these are just posts, but they can raise the visibility of your brand and resource, engage more clients and boost rankings in search results. Behind this feature hides many advantages. And the first of them is multi-purpose.

Everyone can enjoy the benefits of a blog because it is a built-in feature of WordPress blog themes. Our products are perfect solutions for business owners, web studios, web designers, coders, developers, and users with basic code knowledge. All you need is to take the correct vector in the development of the business and write high-quality posts that will conform to the rules of SEO optimization. This tool is useful everywhere. Are you in the construction business? Then tell people about the best choices in design, materials, work processes, etc. Do you have a restaurant business? Share healthy recipes, unusual combinations of ingredients, and variations of holiday dishes. Here it all depends on your industry. Plus, analyzing competitors, googling hot topics helps to find users' problems and popular issues for writing posts. The key is to try and add this feature, and we assure you that you will immediately realize how it has changed the way you do business online.

Key Features of Best WordPress Themes for Blogs

Our authors provide stylish WordPress blog themes for a wide range of uses. Here you are not limited to the type of business and its scope. Also, we offer powerful functionality that allows even ordinary users to develop online platforms without much effort. Take advantage of these:

  • Responsive design. Now your site with a blog is viewable by visitors of any resource. You don't need to develop separate pages for this because flexibility comes by default. Check the demo version to see how the WordPress blog themes look on the desktop, smartphone, and tablet. This feature brings in more customers because it is now convenient for them to enjoy the platform from any device.
  • Multi-purpose. Focusing on your business, choose the best tool. Check the topic on the left sidebar and browse through the options. Create resources about cryptocurrency, medicine, cosmetics, education, architecture, interior design, clothing sales, the restaurant industry, sports, real estate, art, entertainment, pets, etc.
  • Page builders. Our products include page builders with even easier customization (Elementor Website Builder, Cherry Framework, WPBakery, Gutenberg Editor, Visual Composer, KingComposer). Drag and drop blocks, rearrange them, delete them in a few clicks, watch the changes in real-time, and benefit from the fast and easy operation.
  • Translation plugin. We offer you the WPML plugin, which expands the users' opportunities to use the platform. The visitor switches the website language quickly and gets a high-quality translation.
  • JET plugins. These more than 15 extensions allow you to work with menus, tabs, blocks, searches, product galleries, filters, etc.
  • Pre-made pages. You have a variety of pages that are easily adaptable to any of your needs. Work with Home, About, Our service, Contact, News, Portfolio.
  • Admin panel. These tools extend the customization possibilities and offer the necessary instruments for working.
  • Google Fonts support. There are a variety of typographic solutions. This feature makes it possible to choose different fonts to find the best products for your website design.
  • Integration with Google Maps. Mark the location of your company, store, agency, and firm on a city map, so customers find you faster.
  • Blog integration. This tool is essential for any website because it allows you to communicate with clients, engage them in topics, encourage them to share posts.

How to Choose and Buy the Best WordPress Theme with Blog Feature?

First, it depends on the direction of your business. So, look for the perfect WordPress blog themes among the products of your category. Consider the corporate identity because the platform must comply with it.

Secondly, we suggest you speed up your search and take advantage of the left sidebar. We have created the most convenient way to find the perfect solution: check the desired criteria of your WordPress blog themes. Select topics, plugin compatibility, styles, builders, tags, features, colors, ratings, prices, update time, and the number of downloads. It allows the marketplace to find top-notch web solutions for you. Next, it's even easier:

  • Choose WordPress blog themes and its license and add it to the shopping cart,
  • Decide which services you need and add them to the cart,
  • On the payment page, enter your email, phone number, method of payment, and payment details,
  • Confirm your actions and get the items.

Also, don't miss your chance to access a huge library of premium products, which becomes freely available for a small fee. MonsterONE community is great way for developers, web designers, and ordinary users to enjoy great deals at selected pricing plans.

Why is a Blog an Important Feature in WordPress Blog Themes?

The possibility of increasing traffic with the help of a blog and the importance of working on content marketing is no longer a secret to anyone. A company that wants to gain a strong hold on the market should pay attention to maintaining a corporate blog. Today, a blog is a business trend and a vital necessity for the project. And it can help to gain new clients, increase sales, make the brand recognizable, and much more. Let's identify the main reasons why a blog is a must-have feature:

Additional traffic.

If you are willing to invest time and money in increasing traffic to the website, a blog is one of the most effective methods in this case. Through such a section, the amount of content on the site increases. A large part of it is successfully adapted for keywords and therefore optimized. Quality additional content has a positive effect on indexing. New pages begin to rank in search engines, and the traffic increases both due to search engines and the fact that users start to share interesting materials on social networks. So, here the blog is the key to promotion.

You are an expert in the field.

High-quality content marketing allows you to show yourself as an industry expert, ready to answer users' questions, share tips and help solve problems. It is particularly relevant in medicine, finance, education, and culture.

Forming a targeted audience.

A blog is a tool to attract and retain an audience. Also, it is great to connect with customers. If you publish engaging content regularly, some visitors return to the website to read something else interesting. Over time, they recommend you to their friends, which means more visitors and a regular audience begins to form.

The audience is part of the website.

The opportunity to comment on posts makes your visitors feel like they are part of a community. Respond to comments and questions, react to feedback, and actively maintain your blog.

Trust from the search engine.

A blog is useful because it enables you to do internal linking on the website. So, for example, you can organically link a page with services/ goods, categories, questions, answers, etc., which pleases search engines and affects the platform's ranking. Also, successful promotion of resources in search engines is possible through regular blog maintenance. Use keywords and phrases when writing articles, expand your semantic core, and your blog will facilitate your SEO promotion.

Increase your company profits.

A blog is a versatile, inexpensive tool. It can attract new audiences and increase sales because the company will have more clients. Also, a blog is an investment that can save money on expensive advertising or other marketing tools. In addition, you don't need to put money into this investment because you buy only the WordPress blog theme.

These are the key reasons why connecting a blog to any website is important. You're mistaken if you think it will be out of place in your business. Look at your competitors' pages and popular topics and start a blog. You need to understand that the listed benefits will not emerge immediately. It may take quite some time. Each article contributes to the growth of organic traffic, and many will remain relevant for months or even years.

Types of Blogs to Build Based on a WordPress Blog Template

Adding a blog to a website has long been a common practice. Many people don't know how it changes the way of doing business online. But for professional writing posts and keeping in touch with clients, you need to decide on the type of blog. It will also depend on your website type (personal, online store, corporate, etc.) Decide between:

  • Author's blog. It is the personal page where you can share your experiences, knowledge, and self-expression. There is no limit to the subject matter.
  • Thematic. Here you talk strictly about the topic of your company, agency, or your hobby. Culture, fashion, electronics, politics, cooking - choose the topic and disclose it on your website. Keep it all with high-quality goods, different forms of payment, and other features that can be embedded on the site. The main advantage is comprehensive texts created by experts in a particular field.
  • General. It is a mix of authors who want to cover a particular topic and are published on the same platform. Simply put, you are creating a platform for selling graphic goods. By adding a blog to the website, you can entice different experts. They will publish posts on various topics related to products and working with them.
  • Business blog. Adding a blog for the company is to show its authority, attract new customers, and tell more about yourself.

How to Create a Powerful Blog with TemplateMonster WordPress Blog Themes

Developing an awesome blog involves knowing its basic elements. Here it is clear that a blog consists of the main and separate pages for posts.

The main one should be as bright and attractive as possible. Do it by adding interesting covers for the articles. You also have to decide on the arrangement of posts. Here the main ones are:


It is the easiest way to place content on the page. The feed consists of a single column in which the posts follow each other. You also need to be aware of such a part as the roll-up. So, the post part is hidden from readers and only visible on the article's page. If your posts consist of a few photos and some short text, use the simplest kind of feed - posts without a roll-up. If you plan to write longreads, use a roll-up feed. It makes the feed easier to browse and structures it by constantly repeating elements (title, date, image, "Read More" button).


This method allows you to diversify the usual feed approach. Here the post consists of an image and a description. You have to work on the text and readability of the title. Make it not long, and also write short descriptions. The image below the text is darkened or lightened to improve readability. Posts in the board form can be arranged in different ways. When the arrangement is linear, all posts are the same size, and the information is easily read. In a modular layout, all the posts are different sizes but are multiples of each other. It's a good way to highlight what's important.

If necessary, add a function to change the view of articles. It enables users to choose how they want to view your blog.

Achieve the desired result you can easily with our prepared web solutions because the WordPress blog themes have no limits in the settings but instead support different extensions.

After deciding on the type of article layout, think about what else to add to the page. Among the main details are the search, topic choice, date of writing, etc. Also, place popular or feature posts on the first screen of the blog.

It is also essential to focus on the posts themselves. It is great if they have a navigational element, arrows that will switch the articles between themselves. But this choice depends on your design preferences. The mandatory features are repost buttons to social networks and a call to share.

Add comment forms to allow readers to communicate and share their thoughts, ideas, and suggestions.

It's also important to add rubrics and menus to your blog. Thematic sections help in navigating and structuring content. Define no more than five headings and link each post to them. The blog menu can be formed from the rubrics and placed in a convenient space, and if it is large, then use the pop-up or hamburger menu, which is also built into our WordPress blog themes.

How to Maintain a Blog Professionally?

A blog on the website is a powerful feature for delivering information about the benefits of your goods and services. If you have no experience with running a blog, then here are some helpful tips:

  • Experiment with types of content. Write informational articles, reviews, interviews, news, overviews of trends and interesting events in the industry, videos, etc. Please track which type is most effective and how users react to it.
  • Organize your work. It's better to publish fewer articles regularly than to flood your blog with texts all at once. Readers like regular updates, not situations when they need to monitor and wait for something constantly.
  • Keep an eye on your competitors. Look at the topics your competitors are publishing articles on. It helps you list ideas for publications and creates your content plan.
  • Analyze statistics. It allows you to understand what materials caused the most interest and the level of conversion from the pages.

What to Choose: Premium or Free WordPress Blog Themes?

It always depends only on your budget. However, you should know that by choosing premium products, you get more customization opportunities and top features. These include compatibility with different engine versions, built-in plugins, and extensions. Premium WordPress blog themes are much more flexible and come with a clean code that doesn't produce errors when you make changes. Also, you can look for more acceptable options for your budget by checking preferable criteria. We offer different items suitable for various business types, filling, and, of course, your costs.

Moreover, don't think that free options aren't worth paying attention to. Our deals are awesome and high quality as well. Plus, you can turn to a MonsterONE subscription, which allows you to use many premium products at affordable prices. Also, a community-based free subscription option is available. It is an opportunity to freely use website and presentation templates and graphics for various web projects. All you need is to create an account.

How to List Blog Posts Attractively?

Watch this short video with detailed instructions on creating post lists and video playlists to diversify your blog page. By the way, all the settings are shown on our WordPress blog themes. So, you can repeat the steps based on the selected product from our collection.

Blog WordPress Themes Questions and Answers

Are WordPress blog themes fully responsive?

Yes, we guarantee the responsiveness as it influences the website traffic directly. The correspondence is simple: the more devices your web page is accessible on, the more clients reach it. This feature also assures potential clients to stay on the website. It is more convenient to surf a simple web-interface with your phone than to run into a PC version with its tiny letters.

How to choose WordPress blog themes?

See the categories in the right columns on our web page. Click on several of them, and the preferable WordPress blog themes will appear. Then check out each template separately to find the needed one.

How to buy WordPress blog themes?

Follow the steps:

  1. Find the desired theme.
  2. Add it to the cart.
  3. Go to the cart, then choose and verify the payment option.
  4. Discover the link on the product in your email.
  5. Download and start installation.

Can you help me to install WordPress blog templates?

Yes, we can. We offer many additional services. They include:

  • Website installation;
  • Content writing;
  • Logo creation;
  • WordPress's plugins, and many more.

The TemplateMonster team is always willing to give you a hand.