Top Collection of WordPress 6 Themes from TemplateMonster

WordPress is rightfully considered one of the most popular CMS for building websites. Statistics show that more than 43% of all Internet resources are developed with its help. It is not surprising because the platform is powerful, fast, and multifunctional. Each new version causes delight and a lot of discussions among active users. WordPress 6 also keeps up with this trend and has been steadily gaining popularity since its first days.

WordPress 6 was released in May 2022 and has already become the subject of video reviews, articles, and comments. The updated version includes over 500 improvements and 400 bug fixes. The developers have relied on adding features, improving performance, and security guarantees, which turned out pretty well. Thanks to this, editing and customizing the website has become even more convenient, easier, and faster.

In addition, there are plenty of diverse themes designed for different purposes (from a personal blog to a news portal or marketplace), which enrich the collection of business layouts. What advantages does the up-to-date type offer, and why are the templates considered the best choice? It's time to find out all the novelties and start working with the product!

WordPress 6 Themes - Amazing Surprises from Developers

High-quality innovations always cause a sensation in the IT user community. The developers did their best and added excellent features to their brainchild this time. They help extend the functionality of future websites and make their management a piece of cake. Thus, you get a cool set of upgraded features by purchasing a product.

Enhanced CMS performance

Now web pages running on the CMS load and work more quickly. Testing shows that the computer version of the web resource is 5% faster now. At the same time, the performance of the mobile version improved by 10%. You achieve such results without resorting to additional tools.

The full site editing feature

The CMS introduces many editable blocks and patterns. Be careful because you should choose a layout that supports full site editing to take advantage of all the cool characteristics.

Possibility to choose theme style

Change the design style to one of several available and enjoy a unique project. In addition, you might always pick up an equally excellent layout from the TemplateMonster collection.

Edit even more templates

How about bringing your every idea to life? The latest themes provide such an opportunity. Change such templates as Author, Category, Date, Tag, and Taxonomy and make them perfect.

Advanced blocks

Have you always missed the widgets and features of WordPress 5.9? Then state-of-the-art elements for your future website are at your disposal! Add an author bio, avatar, and a Read More button to impress your visitors to the maximum.

Instant text selection

If earlier it was a real challenge to select text from different blocks, now it does not cause any difficulties and happens conveniently and quickly.

Updated design tools

The attractive appearance of the website is no less important than the content. The newly released version offers tools for the greatest design, including full-color customization and typography control.

Reliable block protection

Are you tired of fixing mistakes in ready-made elements? Lock the blocks for moving or editing and safely trust the project to clients without worrying about breaking the structure or design.

These and many more renewed tools make managing and running a successful web page easier. Moreover, they significantly improve the themes and give them more flexibility and functionality. Undoubtedly, it cannot but cause delight, especially considering that you get the main characteristics of the layouts to boot. What else awaits users who have purchased mock-ups?

WordPress Layouts - Key Functions

The platform has long held the title of one of the most powerful and requested CMS. It is explained by the huge set of basic characteristics that the theme provides. Thus, you acquire the functions necessary for a promising digital project in addition to improvements. Check the list right now.

Full responsiveness

Each design adapts to any screen size, which means that all elements look attractive on computers, tablets, and smartphones. Therefore, if you are looking for a mobile-friendly theme for a software company, choose the CMS and have no doubts about the quality of the result.

SEO optimized

What is the best way to advertise a business? Promotion through search engines is one of the most effective options. Rest assured that due to the SEO friendliness of the designs, your web page will be at the top of the search results.

Convenient drag and drop editor

Forget about coding and long customization to achieve the goal. Everything is simpler because element position changes are done by dragging blocks.


If you're worried that details lose their clarity and vibrancy on iPhone and Mac displays, put your worries aside. All WordPress 6 themes retain their attractive look and feel on any device.

Google maps integration

Nowadays, life seems to pass by faster, so people do not intend to spend hours looking for a store or office location. Add Google maps and tag your company so that visitors find their way as soon as possible.


If you decide to try your hand at real estate or any other business, you need an effective online portfolio. Use WordPress themes with portfolio pages to the fullest to present yourself in the best way.

Blog module

Posting useful articles on your web resource is vital because it allows you to increase traffic. What's more, developers offer an improved text editing system, so your projects are bound to succeed.

Reliable 24/7 support

By purchasing any layout from the TemplateMonster collection, you get 6 months of free general support from experienced professionals.

Why is WordPress 6 Worthy of Your Attention?

Sometimes users who are used to the previous version ignore the updated one. The fact is that often working with improvements requires familiarization and some skills. However, do not lose your chance to use a new product if you have to spend a little more time mastering it. Why updating to the latest version is the right decision for you?

First of all, with the advent of the current version, there is an increasing trend to create a variety of WordPress 6 themes. Rest assured that developers throw all the effort into designing impressive options for various businesses. It also applies to multiple plugins compatible with updates. Cool add-ons appear in a matter of weeks to make your website even better and expand its functionality.

Another good reason to choose this type is that it allows you to upgrade your web resource to version 6.1 or 6.2 without much difficulty. While updating a website created with WordPress 5 requires a complete overhaul, which takes time.

In the end, keep in mind that the platform will gain popularity every day. In addition to cool functions, experts will release a bunch of reviews and tricks for working with it. Therefore, by choosing one of the themes, you don't regret it and build a great web project.

WordPress 6 Themes - Where to Start to Build a Perfect Project?

In any business, the hardest part is getting started. Before launching a website, you need to go through the hard way, from thinking through a business plan to choosing a template. Moreover, to build a profitable online business, you should use the functionality to the maximum. To make a start easier and less time-consuming, use some tips.

  1. Visualize the design of the future resource in detail. Find out the latest web design trends to keep your project looking modern. You might also choose an attractive website and find a variant similar in structure.
  2. Select the appropriate layout. TemplateMonster provides thousands of ready-made solutions. So to reduce the number of offers, select the desired category and characteristics. For example, if you are ready to launch a crypto exchange company, use the collection of cryptocurrency themes. Then, set criteria (from price to color) and choose the best option.
  3. Check out the features, descriptions, and reviews. You can also ask for help from pre-sale specialists if you have any questions.
  4. After purchasing a theme, start editing. Connect all your creativity and embody the best ideas to achieve the ideal. Don't hesitate to get started as early as possible!

How to install the WordPress 6 theme?

Although the platform is easy to use, users still have questions. An important step is installing the template for the future website. Check out the tips from the TemplateMonster YouTube channel to make this process simple and not time-consuming.

WordPress 6 Themes FAQs

May I use popular plugins with WordPress 6 templates?

Certainly, every author updates their products, so all official plugins are compatible with WordPress 6 themes.

Is it possible to upgrade my website to WordPress 6 version?

Yes, you can do it. If you purchased a template with our company and it has already been updated to the new type, don't hesitate to download the updated theme version or get in touch with the author.

What is the best hosting for WordPress 6?

You can use any hosting provider that supports WP, but we recommend using our partners' options that guarantee 100% compatibility.

Are there any guidelines or tips for WordPress 6 themes customization?

Sure. All templates come with detailed documentation, which you use to simplify the customization process. Also, feel free to contact the TemplateMonster support team if you have any questions or need a professional customization service.