Fastest WordPress Themes – Minimize Loading Times

Optimization is crucial – using a website without waiting for it to load is always pleasant. Users appreciate speedy website performance, and it may also improve SEO and increase the number of visitors. To enhance the performance of your site, you need to know various aspects of web development and the chosen platform. Luckily, TemplateMonster's fastest WordPress themes are available. They are ideal for building optimized websites.

Advantages of High-Performance WordPress Themes

  • Multiple layouts – choose the structure for your pages or create a custom one. Save your favourite designs to use them in the future.
  • Content modules – incorporate various elements, like images, buttons, a circle counter, a blog, a number counter, a gallery, etc.
  • Custom widgets – get advanced functions, such as a simple slider, a post carousel, and social media widgets.
  • SEO-friendly – make your website easier to find via search engines. It increases the number of visitors and potential clients.
  • Google Fonts – use the font you prefer for fast WordPress themes.
  • Visual page builders compatibility – modify the page using the drag and drop feature without changing the source code.
  • Retina-ready – all the elements look clean and sharp on screens with high pixel density.
  • Clean, well-structured code, professional support, documentation, Google Map, MailChimp, and more.

Fast WordPress Themes for Your Projects

TemplateMonster's designs are excellent for different projects. They are great for commercial and non-commercial purposes. Our fast WordPress themes are perfect for small online stores and personal blogs with multiple media files. A web designer may add numerous components without having any performance issues. All the included elements and plugins are optimized to ensure minimal loading time. They are great for building complex websites with numerous functions. Our designs provide you with endless customization options – you can add, place, or remove elements, change their color, etc.

3 Must-Know Reasons to Purchase Speed Optimized WordPress Themes

Website speed optimization is a popular topic among newbies. Project owners all over the globe are looking for speed-improving tricks and features, no matter if it is about personal websites or eCommerce. Site speed depends on numerous factors, including:

  • the particular page's size;
  • the number of generated requests;
  • kind of content, like statistic or dynamic;
  • whether your pages are cached, and so on.

Why does one need their WP website speed optimized? The main reasons of choosing fast WordPress themes are:

  1. SEO-readiness. Google, Yahoo, and other useful search engines always prefer sites with fast-loading pages. It is especially important for multipage projects, like portals, stores, and catalogs. Thus, better WP performance should become a #1 task in case you want to improve the website position in the SERPs.
  2. eCommerce. Today's shoppers are quite spoiled with a huge range of various web stores and services. They hate wasting time and expect shop pages to load within a second. That is why speed optimization makes business more profitable and adds customer-friendliness to your online experience.
  3. Website popularity. Recent stats show that more than 2 seconds of website-loading speed makes half of your prospects leave the website.

Buying Fast WordPress Themes

The process of acquiring fast WordPress themes is straightforward:

  • Choose the item you prefer (please check the left panel to set various parameters).
  • Read the detail page to learn more about it.
  • Add to cart.
  • Checkout.
  • Download, install and activate.
  • Start customizing it.

Please use our live demo function. It is a good way to see how the design looks and works. All the fast WordPress themes quickly load the demo.

Building Websites with Optimized WordPress Themes

Mobile optimized WordPress themes allow building different kinds of websites, like:

  • One-page site.
  • Online shop.
  • Personal website.
  • Online gallery or portfolio.
  • Single-product online page.
  • Consultation website.
  • Blog.
  • Catalog, etc.

Besides, you can easily craft a mobile version of your project with fast WordPress themes. It attracts new customers, as Google loves mobile websites. According to statistics, more than 50% of traffic comes from mobile-friendly websites. Also, modern products are lightweight, making loading your pages from different mobile devices easier. One can try their project with this mobile-friendly test, but it's not necessary because all themes are responsive enough to work excellently on any device.

WooCommerce Packs for Ready-Made Stores

WooCommerce performance optimization is vital when it comes to both mobile and desktop sites. It used to be a hard process when the first web shops appeared. The good news is that you won't need to think about this today, as premium fast WordPress themes contain the WooCommerce pack on board. It makes the website fully eCommerce-ready and comes for any web store, like the following:

  • Sports Equipment;
  • Lingerie store;
  • Flower Boutique & Florist;
  • Wine shop;
  • Bakery & Pastry;
  • Medical store;
  • Tattoo salon;
  • Restaurants and bars, etc.

Plus, multipurpose fast WordPress themes, like Monstroid2, provide designs for these business niches:

  • Financial Advisor;
  • Marketing Agency;
  • IT company;
  • Digital Marketing;
  • Mobile apps development;
  • Car Repair & Service Stations;
  • Design studio;
  • Makeup artist;
  • Electrician websites
  • Logistic;
  • Travel company, and much more.

One can also set up a professional project related to startups, charity, courses, education, and other niches that require a well-crafted online appearance. You won't need to download or install anything by hand. Here are:

  • trendy and ready-made eCommerce pages,
  • stunning eCommerce templates or skins,
  • and hip shop functionality.

To illustrate, using WordPress flagships for your webshop, you get such ready-to-use buttons as:

  • Chat,
  • Contact Us,
  • Shop,
  • Cart,
  • Wishlist, and more.

Plugins-Compatible Fast WordPress Themes

Aside from WooCommerce, modern fast WordPress themes have the text plugin to set your project on fire. All the features are easy-to-use and do not require any special site-building skills.


WPML-readiness is a must-have feature nowadays. It makes content translation a simple process instead of doing everything by hand. With this, one could easily make their project visible in different countries. Newbies often forget about this and focus on trendy options instead. So, what is so important about translating your content with fast WordPress themes?

NB: Some search engines scan only websites with native-speaking content, like the ones in Korea and France. WPML-ready themes would help business people to develop their startups abroad.

Also, you should realize that working with a multilanguage website is always more comfortable, even if the visitor speaks several languages. This speeds up the process makes the website more trustworthy, and, more importantly, lets a customer relax while scrolling the pages. All in all, almost 90% of European Internet users agreed that all projects created in their country should be available in other countries' languages.

So, here is why we recommend you select WPML-ready themes:

  • International SEO.
  • Better on-site communication.
  • Better customer satisfaction.
  • Higher ranks due to lower competition.
  • Massive audience increase.
  • Better sales and conversions.

Finally, translation-ready websites don't get penalized for duplicate content.

Revolution Slider

This feature is already well-known among WordPress users. Both young and skilled website owners like Revolution Slider, thanks to its simplicity and flexibility. According to Trustpilot, 9 million users worldwide prefer using this tool. Would you like to highlight some goods or bestsellers and showcase your most attractive offers? Revolution Slider is a perfect way to grab shoppers' attention with pro-level visuals. Here is what site owners get with it.

  1. Requires no coding.
  2. Allows editing your slides with drag & drop functionality.
  3. Provide amazing animations and special effects.
  4. Includes 3D Parallax.
  5. Comes with mobile-ready designs that load great from smartphones.
  6. Let creating video layers.
  7. Showcases videos and images from various social media platforms.
  8. Adding forms and CTA buttons with a sleek design.

The plugin is a must for those who want to attract viewers’ attention. It guides people through the content which is essential for shops, businesses, and services websites.

Jet Pack

All modern thoroughly-optimized themes WordPress provides have JetPack, which contains such must-have plugins as:

  • JetBlocks,
  • JetMenu,
  • JetElements
  • JetParallax,
  • JetWooBuilder,
  • JetBlog,
  • JetTricks,
  • JetReviews,
  • JetTabs, etc.

Let's take a closer look at some of these useful plugins! All of them provide a unique online appearance and make it easy to stand out. Startup owners, business people, and users creating stand-alone portfolios and CV projects would find JetPack useful.

JetMenu is a smart plugin for beginner- and mid-level website owners, which lets you build pro-level menus of any complicity. When working with JetMenu, one can simultaneously organize their site content and boost SEO. The main plugin's features include the next:

  • simple and intuitive interface with code-free tools,
  • vertical MegaMenu with different categories and subcategories,
  • many top-notch modules for website menus with unique visuals,
  • easy-to-customize background styles,
  • diverse colors & exquisite badges,
  • completely responsive design with a professional appearance, no matter which device a visitor has in hand.

JetTricks is a groundbreaking add-on for Elementor themes. The plugin empowers all website kinds with multiple visual effects, like the following:

  • adorable Parallax effect for your content,
  • stylish unfolding columns,
  • the possibility to make any element sticky and improve site navigation,
  • hotspots at hand,
  • animated 'show more' break, etc.

Adding these trendy features to a web design would be a smart way to grab a prospect's attention and promote products or services beautifully.

Blocks & Blog

JetBlocks is another modern Elementor plugin you can see inside fast WordPress themes. It is meant to customize your site and provide a really unique look. It's a must-check if you care how the headers and footers look. Among the main plugin's features, you get:

  • Shopping Cart,
  • Website logo,
  • Login form, authenticated links, and registration form,
  • Nav Menu,
  • Shopping Cart, etc.

All elements are pre-packed and ready to edit via page builder.

JetBlog is a handy plugin to improve any blog. This blogging addon has all modern modules to give the website maximum content power. Choosing one or several items from the set below is easy to deliver bright ideas in numerous forms.

  • Smart list,
  • Smart tiles,
  • Smart video,
  • Smart ticker.

As expected, the WordPress plugin is very easy to work with! Creating new blog content won't take much time. One could do it by simply dragging and dropping the needed modules into the page's canvas. Here is what you get with the plugin:

  • smart modules set,
  • the possibility to customize the blog by dragging and dropping modules into the page's canvas,
  • scrollable blog sections,
  • RTL-supported functionality,
  • 100% responsive layout, which makes any blog element look professional,
  • rich typography settings providing eye-friendly post design.

Most fast WordPress themes contain some or even all of these plugins. They are perfect for anyone who wants to stand out with attractive visuals without sacrificing the loading speed.

Add-ons for WordPress

What else do users get by purchasing new WordPress-based themes? Here are some more plugins the products are compatible with:

TimeTable & Event Schedule - this simple-to-manage plugin speeds up your working flow by making everything automatic. The website owner would easily create online schedules for various single and multiple events. Each event style is fully customizable and can be displayed in neatly crafted timetables. The add-on saves visitors' time, improves the website's user-friendliness, and all of these without overloading the pages.

Contact Form7 - this old but must-have plugin lets site visitors contact you without a hitch. With it, one could manage multiple contact forms, like email and feedback ones. The plugin supports CAPTCHA, spam filtering, and Ajax-powered submitting to protect your website. One can flexibly customize the mail and form contents with simple markup.

YOAST - the plugin makes your online project meet the latest technical SEO standards. It optimizes content for modern search engines and provides overall readability. What is more, the tool makes it easier to improve the content by optimizing posts for the needed key phrases. It recognizes related keyphrases, keyphrases' synonyms, and various keyphrases' word forms.


Nearly 2 million website owners prefer this plugin, which already makes it worthy of your attention. It is an all-in-one solution to develop email lists and create better newsletters via various methods. Here is what you get inside the MailChimp pack:

  • Comfortable subscriptions - use posts, pages, SM blocks, widget areas, and other elements to let visitors subscribe from anywhere.
  • Sign-up forms - one can create these user-friendly elements in seconds to subscribe prospects to their MailChimp list. There are built-in forms inside Field Helper to develop new forms, but you can also use custom HTML for inimitable designs. It comes for all website sections so that you can add forms anywhere on the website.
  • Seamless integration with popular WordPress plugins, including Default WP Registration & Comment Forms, Gravity Forms, Give, MemberPress, Easy Digital Downloads, WPForms, Ninja Forms3, etc. Here you can view the full list of plugins.
  • Audience investigation - collecting important info about recipients would help improve your emails.
  • Form Styling - there are several pre-packed form styles to select from for those who want their forms to stand out. Plus, don't hesitate to use a built-in Styles Builder to customize elements' appearance. It comes with a visual interface for quick and no-mistake editing.

More Plugins

W3 Total Cache - this plugin is a must if you want improvements in search engine result page ranking, and especially good for mobiles. Aside from SEO, it improves Core Web Vitals and gives a better user experience. W3TC also reduces load time with the content delivery network. Click here to view all the benefits of using the plugin.

Loco Translate - here is another must-check for your speed-optimized WordPress theme! The plugin offers flawless in-browser WP translation file editing, localization tools, and integration of auto-translation services. Loco Translate includes the following features:

  • Integration with Google, DeepL, Lecto AI, Microsoft, and other translation APIs.
  • Translation editor.
  • PO features support for comments, references, and plural forms.
  • The ability for developers to extract translatable strings from the source code.
  • Pre-packed WP locale codes.
  • The ability to create and edit language files right in your theme or plugin.
  • Configurable PO file backups with diff and restore capability, and more.

Polylang - this multilingual plugin for fast WordPress themes has more than 700.000 users worldwide. It is SEO-friendly and does not use any extra tables or long-to-evaluate shortcodes, which makes the plugin memory-saving. Aside from posts, pages, categories, tags, and media, Polylang also translates the next:

  • Widgets.
  • Navi menus.
  • Custom post types.
  • Custom taxonomies.
  • Links.

One can add a language switcher for quick translation and list languages. It also integrates content duplications across languages to provide an efficient workflow.

Making the Fastest WordPress Themes Even Faster

The process of making your website perfect could be endless. Big players are ready to pay lots of money to make their projects stand out in Google ranking. But what about those who want to succeed without wasting large sums? Here are 5 things to consider when speeding up your WP site.

  1. Site Image Optimization. Being a vital part of any website, images make content more attractive and add value to on-site information. It is common to use unique and high-quality pics that, unluckily, may cause slow loading. That is why it is also better to search for themes with optimized images and videos. One can also try WP Smush and other helpful plugins.
  2. CND Using. No secret, website-loading speed differs if a person is far from where the project hosts. One can try Cloudflare, MaxCDN, and other popular Content Delivery Networks. They create project copy's in different data centers located in various places so that the visitor would enter the site from the nearest possible location.
  3. Advanced Cashing Mechanism. It is a nice practice to boost a website by combining cashing plugins with speed-optimized themes.
  4. Minify JS and CSS filed usage.
  5. WP Database Cleanup. Deleting unwanted data from your DB is a must when it comes to big online projects, especially sales-related.

What else can you do to speed up the website using fast WordPress themes? We also recommend you to:

  • Split up long posts into separate pages.
  • Avoid using too many plugins (especially third-party ones) and too many shortcodes.
  • Using separate servers to upload multimedia files helps to avoid unnecessary slowdowns.
  • Minimalize external scripts usage.
  • Always keep the site updated.

Top Hosting Providers

It always starts with choosing the right website hosting provider. One can also check information about these top-rated hosting providers:

  • Bluehost;
  • Hostinger;
  • GoDator;
  • DreamHost;
  • HostGator;
  • IONOS;
  • CloudWays;
  • A2 Hosting.

Having too many dynamic elements on the same page and higher page sizes usually causes web servers to take a thumping. As well as too many visitors when it is sales season, like Black Friday or Christmas holidays. Still, it is possible to avoid loading-related issues when crafting a multipage eCommerce website with trendy components without overloading the design. How to succeed? Another main factor influencing the website's speed is floaty design. Modern fast WordPress themes are lightweight - up to 250 Kb. They contain sliders, effects, boxes, animations, and much more.

Downloading Fast WordPress Themes

How to further decision-making with such a huge variety of responsive products on the market? Here is a fresh video showcasing 10 best-selling products for WP users. Here you can see items for numerous business kinds, including IT, services, beauty industries, etc. All the pieces of fast WordPress themes are top-rated, which promises excellent online performance with all the needed functions in a single pack.

Fast WordPress Themes FAQ

How do I edit my fast WordPress theme?

Depending on the chosen product, you can change its style via a built-in visual builder. Modern fast WordPress themes you can buy these days come with Elementor providing simple customization and plugins with extra easy content creation and editing. The builder has an easy-to-use modular structure with rich opportunities and multiple handy elements, like post styles, carousels, forms, and other pre-styled modules.

How to choose between mobile-optimized WordPress themes?

Please, ensure your product is lightweight and loads rapidly from any gadget. Mobile readiness should cover all theme elements, including blog pages, animations, carousels, sliders, and other scrollable web design pieces. When it comes to eCommerce, we recommend you make sure that these site elements are mobile-ready:

  • Hamburger menu with dropdown.
  • Top products list with animation effects.
  • Cart, logo, wishlist, compare list, etc.
  • Website buttons, call-to-actions, and social media icons.
  • Contact forms.
  • Counters & infographics, etc.

Why do I need WooCommerce performance optimization?

It speeds up the buying process by making the content faster in response to visitors' demands and the market's requirements. WooCommerce-optimized products help business people to enter the global market by offering their goods worldwide. It brings a wider customer base with all the must-have shop features, like ratings, reviews, compare, catalog, top products, etc.

How to improve WordPress performance optimization?

Best WordPress performance optimization templates offer free hosting. The products also contain other features influencing on the site optimization, like impressive losing speed, elements compatibility, floaty design, etc.